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  • J. W. Perkins severely cuts his arm at Az. Lumber Co.'s mill Ja/7 3/1
  • overturning wagon of wood almost costs the driver his life Ja/7 3/2
  • J. Hennings dies from the load of wood that fell on him Ja/14 3/2
  • David Joy, herder, is found frozen to death 25 miles north of Winslow Ja/21 3/1
  • Hugh Anderson, Flagstaff, receives a severe injury from a kick by a horse Ja/21 3/1
  • Connors, Williams, has hand smashed while loading a derrick Ja/21 3/2
  • Morris Walsh takes man to Albuquerque to have his frozen hands amputated Ja/21 3/2
  • Ortiz has both legs broken by an overturning of derrick at Ash Fork Ja/28 3/1
  • John Sterling is brought to Flagstaff from Hell Canon with both feet frozen Ja/28 3/1
  • Miss Fulton, Flagstaff, sustains severe injuries when thrown from her horse Fe/18 3/1
  • T. B. Allison is killed by a falling derrick at the Az. Stone Co. Fe/18 3/2
  • C. S. Smith's son breaks leg in school house scuffle Fe/25 3/1
  • Chas. Reed has three fingers of left hand cut off by circular saw at Az. Lumber Co. Fe/25 3/2
  • boy, age ten, falls from westbound A & P near Coolidge; seriously hurt Ap/28 2/3
  • Fred Westcott has first joint of second finger mangled at Flagstaff Lumber Co.; amputation necessary Ap/28 3/1
  • "Shorty" George Houghton has toes amputated after freezing them in drunken wanderings Ap/28 3/2
  • Geo. W. Hance is seriously injured by a steer in Verde My/5 3/1
  • William Everitt, Tempe, dies from being thrown from a bucking horse My/12 3/1
  • Doanne Merrill, Prescott telegraph operator, is injured in fall from a wagon My/12 3/1
  • correction of accident occurring to George W. Hance; dies My/12 3/3
  • Master Freeley F-ye breaks his arm on the Arizona Mineral Belt track in Flagstaff My/19 3/1
  • L. H. Wilson, P & AC agent, is thrown from his horse in Prescott My/19 3/2
  • Geo. W. Hance did not die and is on the way to recovering My/19 3/3
  • Miss Halford, Doyle's wood camp, breaks leg while jumping from a horse My/19 3/3
  • George Hance recovers My/26 1/5
  • Gus. Becker, Springer, falls from wagon and just manages to twist his head from under the wheel My/26 1/5
  • Mrs. Wm. Carroll, Flagstaff, is injured when dragged by a frisky colt Je/2 3/6
  • George Thomas, Flagstaff, is dragged by a horse he was roping Je/9 3/4
  • Henry Ashurst breaks his arm in two places Je/16 3/2
  • premature explosion at Highland canal, Phoenix, kills two Mexican laborers Je/23 3/1
  • Geo. Thomas does well after being dragged by a horse Je/23 3/1
  • evil feared to have befallen Groves, Boston, and Flagstaff companion who went to Navajo country to prospect Je/30 3/3
  • Dan Maloney, Kingman, bruises foot when the Halsey building falls on it Je/30 3/3
  • Howard Jordan, Flagstaff, is severely bruised about the head and face when controlling a frightened team Je/30 3/3
  • George W. Hance has fully recovered Jy/21 2/3
  • Sol Trescott's, miner, foot is struck by lightning near Tucson; foot injured Ag/4 2/3
  • Master Robbie Black, Flagstaff, breaks arm in two places when his horse falls Ag/4 3/2
  • Master George Turnbrough is injured when a shed falls on him near Prentice Mill Ag/4 3/2
  • Master (?) Bert Davison may lose finger after having it cut off by an ax head Se/1 2/3
  • William Collins recovers from rattlesnake bite; attributes recovery to whiskey Se/1 2/4
  • Col. Thorp's four-year-old, Flagstaff, is hit in the eye by a broken glass tumbler thrown by another small child Se/1 3/5
  • Mrs. F. Whipley dies from exposure and lack of water at Texas Hill Se/8 3/4
  • Monico Villa, Clifton, is run over and killed by a wrecking train Se/29 2/2
  • Roach, Chief of Police of Tucson, is seriously wounded by being thrown from a horse Oc/6 2/4
  • A. W. Callen (Old Grizzly) is laid up with a broken foot from a mine slide Oc/6 2/4
  • Master Frank Beal, Flagstaff, breaks both bones of his left arm in a fall from a barrel No/10 3/1
  • W. H. Groves, Flagstaff, trips on the street and receives cuts about the head No/10 3/1
  • Miss Effie Yancey, Flagstaff, broke her arm Thursday No/17 3/2


  • Herbert Taylor of Clear Creek Canyon is believed drowned in Little Colorado Mr/3 3/2
  • Herbert Taylor may not have drowned but may have taken 3,000 sheep Mr/17 3/2
  • Rafael Andorado is believed drowned in the Salt River Mr/24 1/4
  • Michael Murphy found on an island near Phoenix, drowned during flood Mr/24 1/4
  • Pvt. Philip H. McKiernon drowns while attempting to cross the Gila River near Fort Thomas Ap/14 1/4
  • Master Robbie Hart drowns at Mud Springs in Tonto Basin Ap/21 3/1
  • Master Robbie Campbell drowns at Florence despite mother's attempt at rescue Ap/28 1/3
  • young bootblack, Edward Rowen, drowns in the Colorado River near Yuma Se/1 2/4
  • August Carrington, Supterintendent of Highland Canal, drowns in Salt River near Tempe Se/22 3/3


  • Wee Young is fatally shot at Fairview Station; official verdict is accidental discharge of a revolver Ap/14 3/5
  • Deputies McLane and Fitzgerald shoot an innocent lad, Patricio Romero, at Soran's ranch in the Dragoons Je/9 1/4
  • Romallo Tofallo, Holbrook, accidentally shoots himself breaking his right arm Jy/21 3/2
  • Charles Cook, Charleston, is killed in discharge of shotgun Se/29 2/2
  • teamster shoots at coyote and explodes some giant powder he was sniffing De/8 3/1

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  • pressure of advertising patronage necessitates general condensation Mr/24 3/1
  • Richards places boards one mile apart for 10 miles on all principal roads into Flagstaff Je/2 3/1
  • notice: Az. Cattle Company has the Norman Stallion Je/30 1/2
  • Royal Baking Powder, Royal B. Kingpowder Co., New York Je/30 1/5
  • Buyer's Guide, Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago Je/30 1/6
  • R. W. Tansill & Co., Tansill's punch 5¢, free cigar show case for merchants only Je/30 1/6
  • sterling silver at L. J. Sharick, jewelry Je/30 1/6, 1/6
  • Denny, Rice & Co., Boston, wool on commission Je/30 1/7
  • H. S. Bridge & Co., merchant tailors, San Francisco Je/30 1/7
  • Mrs. Peter Hoke's money arrived safely, Louisiana State Lottery Je/30 2/3
  • free! free! to boys and girls, Trask & Ramsey, Stockton Business College, California Je/30 2/5
  • sateen corsets for 44¢, catalogue, Weinstock, Lubin & Co., Sacramento Je/30 2/5
  • Louisiana State Lottery Company Je/30 2/6
  • "The Capital Tailoring Co." San Francisco, Warren Weaver as agent Je/30 2/7
  • shopping by mail, Hale Bros. & Co., Sacramento Je/30 3/5
  • Christy & Wise, wool commission merchants, San Francisco Je/30 3/6
  • brands Je/30 4/4
  • Arizona Champion is on file at Ayer & Son Advertising Agents, Philadelphia De/15 1/1
  • Philip Hull, Sr., has horses and mares for sale in Challender De/15 1/1
  • Royal Baking Powder, New York De/15 1/2
  • Louisiana State Lottery winner De/15 1/4
  • H. S. Bridge & Co., merchant tailors, San Francisco De/15 1/6
  • Denny, Rice & Co., wool commissioners, Boston De/15 1/6
  • buyer's guide, Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, Illinois De/15 2/5
  • $250 free in five scholarships to those who send in five names, Trask & Ramsey, Business College and Normal Institute, Stockton, California De/15 2/5
  • D. M. Ferry & Co., Detroit seed growers and dealers De/15 3/2
  • holiday goods, "I. C." corsets, Hale Bros. & Co., Sacramento De/15 3/3
  • Louisiana State Lottery De/15 3/5
  • cattle brands De/15 4/3, 4/4, 4/5
  • lands, report on entries, contests, etc., $2.00, Henry N. Copp, Washington De/15 4/5
  • Mustang Liniment for man and for beast De/15 4/6
  • Dwight's soda, Dwight's Cow Brand Soda or Saleratus De/15 4/6


  • Lowenthal & Meyer, importers and jobbers of liquors Je/30 1/7
  • Albuquerque National Bank Je/30 2/7
  • Chas. Zeiger, wholesale liquor dealer Je/30 3/5
  • John D. Torlinas Bazaar, carpets Je/30 4/2
  • Sharick's Silver Palace Jewelry Store Je/30 4/3
  • watches, Arthur Everitt Je/30 4/7
  • Lowenthal & Meyers, importers and jobbers of liquors De/15 1/6
  • watches, Arthur Everitt De/15 4/6


  • Dr. J. M. Marshall, dentist Je/30 1/1
  • T. G. Norris, attorney Je/30 1/1
  • W. L. Van Horn, attorney and notary public Je/30 1/1
  • J. H. Miller, attorney Je/30 1/1
  • Stewart & Doe, attorneys Je/30 1/1
  • Dr. D. J. Brannen, physician and surgeon Je/30 1/1
  • P. G. Cornish, physician and surgeon Je/30 1/1
  • Phoenix Saloon, D. A. Murphy Je/30 1/1
  • Charles Culbreth, carpenter and contractor Je/30 1/2
  • W. G. Stewart, real estate, ranches and ranges with or without stock Je/30 1/2
  • D. J. Brannen & Co.'s drug store has free trial samples of Dr. King's New Discovery Je/30 1/4
  • D. J. Brannen & Co.'s drug store has Electric Bitters for 50¢ a bottle Je/30 1/5
  • Palace Exchange, Jas. Vail, wines, liquors, cigars, beer Je/30 1/5
  • Flagstaff Stables, livery, feed & sale, A. C. Morse Je/30 1/5
  • Az. Central Bank, J. H. Hoskins, Jr., cashier Je/30 1/7
  • Flagstaff Lumber Co. Je/30 1/7
  • Flagstaff Meat Market, Campbell & Francis Je/30 1/7
  • Grand Canon Livery and Feed Stable, E. S. Wilcox Je/30 1/7
  • Az. Wood Company, dealers and shippers of stove wood Je/30 1/7
  • C. A. Keller, fresh eggs, butter, fruits, candies and nuts, tobacco, cigars, stationery Je/30 1/7
  • New Brick Hotel, J. F. Hawks Je/30 1/7
  • David Babbitt, wholesale and retail dealer in doors, sash, hardware, and paints Je/30 1/7
  • D. J. Brannen & Co. sell Bucklens Arnica Salve for 25¢ per box Je/30 2/4
  • Club Rooms, J. J. Donahue Je/30 2/4
  • The "Gem," liquors, beer, cigars, gaming tables, W. G. Henry Je/30 2/4
  • John Sanderson, soda and mineral waters Je/30 2/4
  • Flagstaff Transfer and Commission Co., L. L. Burns, foods stored or transferred to any point Je/30 2/4
  • Thomas Howe, dealer in furniture and bedding Je/30 2/5
  • gentlemen keep cool, ladies white goods, Gorham A. Bray Je/30 2/5
  • stoves at the wholesale warehouse of Az. Lumber Co. Je/30 2/5
  • Bayless Bros., three chair barber shop Je/30 2/6
  • Az. Lime Co., Sparr & Peterson, props. Je/30 2/6
  • Flagstaff Restaurant, M. E. Shepperd, at Grove's old hotel on south side Je/30 2/6
  • Exchange Bank of J. R. Kilpatrick Je/30 2/7
  • Gold Avenue Butcher Shop, David Blair Je/30 2/7
  • J. Salzman, stockmen and ranchers supplies Je/30 2/7
  • Cameron & Lind, political oriented ad for their merchandise store Je/30 2/7
  • Chas. F. Laub, purchases E. Gorton's old store and enlarges it Je/30 2/7
  • swiss cheese at Richards Je/30 3/1
  • house and rooms to rent, I. Chrisman Je/30 3/1
  • "Little Moose" cigars at Salzman's, Queensware, pure comb honey, clothing, butter and eggs, suits, groceries, clothes Je/30 3/1
  • ice cold drinks at San Juan, mixed and fancy drinks, champagne cocktails Je/30 3/1
  • choice candies and nuts at Chas. Laub's, ladies shoes, gents, clothing, boots and shoes Je/30 3/1
  • employment office of G. A. Woods, real estate and intelligence office, buys and sells on commission, rental agent Je/30 3/1
  • oranges and lemons at Richards Je/30 3/1
  • Sanderson's for cool soda water, egg phosphate drink Je/303/1
  • Raywood & Simpson, collectors for Signal Je/30 3/1
  • David Babbitt receives carload of hardware, doors and paints Je/30 3/1
  • Cameron & Lind have Peabody creamery butter Je/30 3/1
  • D. Pentland, dentist, visits Flagstaff about July 15th Je/30 3/1
  • M. E. Shepperd has strawberry ice cream on Sunday Je/30 3/1
  • hey there! Jake, clothes from Chas. Laub Je/30 3/2
  • Chas. Culbreth has sash and door apparatus for sale Je/30 3/2
  • S. Martin, wholesale dealer in liquor and general merchandise Je/30 3/2
  • Richards needs to move to larger quarters Je/30 3/3
  • P. J. Brannen gives some prices Je/30 3/3
  • Pioneer Store, P. J. Brannen Je/30 3/5
  • G. A. Woods, real estate, rental, employment and general commission agent Je/30 3/5
  • Sling Gee On, Chinese and Japanese Bazaar goods, fireworks for the 4th Je/30 3/5
  • S. Martin, wholesale liquor dealer, family groceries Je/30 3/6
  • livery feed and sale stable, Geo. Prime, prop. Je/30 3/6
  • Thompson & Vaiota, carpenters, contractors and builders Je/30 3/7
  • J. E. Burchard, contractor and builder, paper hanging a specialty Je/30 3/7
  • "Little Blue Front," candy factory and fruit market, Robert Richards Je/30 4/-
  • a saloon, restaurant, barber shop and two lodging houses for sale Je/30 4/3
  • Raywood & Simpson, architects, real estate and commission agents Je/30 4/7
  • drugs and medicines, D. J. Brannen & Co. Je/30 4/7
  • San Juan Saloon Je/30 4/7
  • Daggs Bros. & Co., American Merino rams Je/30 4/7
  • Az. Lumber Company Je/30 4/7
  • Cameron & Lind have bandanas for all parties Se/22 3/2
  • Dr. J. M. Marshall, dentist, hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. De/15 1/1
  • Stewart and Doe, attorneys-at-law De/15 1/1
  • Ross & Van Horn, attorneys-at-law De/15 1/1
  • Dr. D. J. Brannen, physician and surgeon De/15 1/1
  • H. J. Miller, attorney-at-law De/15 1/1
  • P. G. Cornish, physician and surgeon De/15 1/1
  • John Hance, guide to Grand Canyon De/15 1/1
  • Arizona Central Bank, J. H. Hoskins, Jr., cashier De/15 1/6
  • C. A. Keller, next door to Az. Central Bank De/15 1/6
  • Daggs Bros. & Co., American Merino rams De/15 1/6
  • Flagstaff Lumber Co., dealers in Pine lumber De/15 1/6
  • drugs and medicines, fancy articles, D. J. Brannen & Co. De/15 1/6
  • Arizona Wood Co., dealers and shippers, four foot, two foot and stove wood De/15 1/6
  • Weekly Champion is published every Saturday, Geo. H. Tinker De/15 2/1
  • Curtis & Cavaness, contractors and builders, in shop formerly owned by Charles Culbreth De/15 2/3
  • wood! stove and kindling, Sam C. Black, leave orders at J. Salzman's De/15 2/3
  • Carter Bros., tonsorial parlor, Railroad Avenue De/15 2/3
  • Grain and Hay Warehouse, Railroad Avenue, J. Sanderson De/15 2/3
  • hard up, Red Store, Gorham A. Bray, telephone number is changed to 1058 De/15 2/4
  • Chas. Thompson, clothing cleaned, repaired and dyed, dealer in second-hand clothing, next door to post office De/15 2/4
  • Citizens Bank, officers and directors given De/15 2/5
  • F. B. Jacobs, surveyor and hydraulic engineer De/15 2/5
  • Liverpool Rock Salt, Az. Lumber Company keeps on hand De/15 2/5
  • Flagstaff Stables, livery, feed & sale, horses for hire, A. C. Morse De/15 2/5
  • Bayless Brothers, three chair barber shop, hot and cold baths De/15 2/5
  • Grand Canyon Livery and Feed Stables, E. S. Wilcox, experienced guides and careful drivers furnished to points of interest De/15 2/5
  • here is to you? merchandise store, J. Salzman, Flagstaff and Williams De/15 2/6
  • G. A. Woods, real estate, rental, collection and general commission agent De/15 2/6
  • Hotel Del Monte, San Francisco Avenue, M. E. Shepperd, formerly occupied by J. Kennedy as a dining room De/15 2/6
  • "Exchange Bank" of J. R. Kilpatrick, interest paid on time deposits De/15 2/6
  • Gold Market, Ackers & Lusf, finest meats, opposite Grand Canyon Stables De/15 2/6
  • Fain & Thompson, City Meat Market, San Francisco Avenue next door south to Babbitt's Hardware Store De/15 2/6
  • Cook & Lee's, diamonds, watches, clocks, silverware, Railroad Avenue De/15 3/
  • chinaware at the post office De/15 3/1
  • mixed and fancy drinks at San Juan De/15 3/1
  • holiday goods at D. J. Brannen & Co.'s De/15 3/1
  • latest novelties in toys at D. J. Brannen & Co.'s in the post office De/15 3/1
  • D. J. Brannen & Co. has large invoice of Christmas goods De/15 3/1
  • dressing cases at D. J. Brannen & Co.'s De/15 3/1
  • cranberries, apples, sweet cider, fine candies and cigars at Babbitt's De/15 3/1
  • Christmas cards at D. J. Brannen & Co.'s De/15 3/1
  • D. J. Brannen & Co. have Peach Blow and silverware De/15 3/1
  • Babbitt receives fancy mixed candies De/15 3/1
  • Babbitt receives Florida oranges De/15 3/1
  • J. Salzman carries largest stock of general merchandise and gents' furnishing goods De/15 3/1
  • San Juan champagne cocktails De/15 3/1
  • Gosney & Vories, Citizens Bank, have taken agency for several insurance companies De/15 3/1
  • D. J. Brannen & Co.'s has holiday goods, Santa Claus has headquarters De/15 3/1
  • Wm. M. Fain of Fain & Thompson goes to Mogollon mountain ranges for holiday beef De/15 3/1
  • fine Sunday dinner at M. E. Shepperd's Hotel de Monte De/15 3/1
  • Champion job office does all kinds of job printing De/15 3/1
  • all kinds of toys at D. J. Brannen & Co. De/15 3/1
  • G. A. Bray's new ad is about going east to find Mrs. Bray De/15 3/2
  • Cameron and Lind sell election hats De/15 3/2
  • toilet and manicure sets at D. J. Brannen & Co. De/15 3/2
  • standard works of authors, toilet sets, clocks, cards at D. J. Brannen & Co. De/15 3/2
  • David Babbitt, wholesale and retail dealer in doors, sash, hardware and paints De/15 3/3
  • Gruner & Dillmann, Flagstaff Brewery De/15 3/3
  • Hawks' Hotel, J. F. Hawks, strictly first-class house De/15 3/3
  • Arizona Lumber Company, Pine lumber De/15 3/3
  • photographs, J. E. Burchard, Railroad Avenue De/15 3/4
  • Frank M. Rumsey, blacksmith shop, Railroad Avenue De/15 3/4
  • J. H. Morse, contractor and builder, south side of railroad track De/15 3/5
  • Club Rooms, Donahue Building, Railroad Avenue, J. J. Donahue De/15 3/5
  • your local paper can do wonders in aiding the prosperity of an area De/15 4/2
  • Bucklens Arnica Salve for sale by D. J. Brannen & Co. De/15 4/2
  • Palace Exchange, Jas. Vail De/15 4/5
  • stockmen attention, ranches and ranges, W. G. Stewart De/15 4/5
  • three room cottage on Church Street to rent De/15 4/5
  • Cameron & Lind, merchants De/15 4/6
  • S. Martin, wholesale liquor dealer De/15 4/6
  • San Juan Saloon, Railroad Avenue De/15 4/6

    Patent Medicine

  • Catarrh and Piles cured, treatment of private diseases a specialty, B. N., P. O. Box 9XX, Flagstaff Je/30 1/1
  • biliousness, Simmons Liver Regulator Je/30 1/2
  • California Positive and Negative Electric Sarsaparilla blood purifier, kidney and liver cure, system builder, Creasinger & Co. of Los Angeles Je/30 1/3
  • a woman's discovery, Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, W. C. Hamrick & Co. of N. C. Je/30 1/4
  • the verdict unanimous, Electric Bitters for liver, kidneys and blood diseases Je/30 1/5
  • a stab in the dark, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, for fever, ague, bilious remittent, debility, nervousness and kidney troubles Je/30 1/5
  • cure of caneer and ulcers, Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Georgia Je/30 1/6
  • a California discovery, Cressinger & Co. Props., Los Angeles Je/30 1/6
  • Tutt's Pills, cure malaria, dumb chills, fever and ague, wind colic, bilious attacks Je/30 1/6
  • I Cure Fits, H. G. Root, M.C., New York Je/30 1/6
  • consumptive use Parker's Ginger Tonic; Hindercorns for corns and bunions; Baker's Vital Regenerator, a nerve tonic Je/30 1/6
  • penny wise and pound foolish, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy Je/30 2/3
  • A Twenty Years' Experience, Allcock's Porous Plasters Je/30 2/3
  • Bucklens Arnica Salve for bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, etc. Je/30 2/4
  • Hood's Sarsaparilla, 100 doses one dollar Je/30 2/4
  • Hood's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood Je/30 3/2
  • Simmons Liver Regulator Je/30 3/4
  • don't fail to read this, California positive and negative electric cough and consumption cure and limiment, Cressinger & Co., Los Angeles Je/30 4/2
  • consumption surely cured, T. A. Slocum, M.D., New York Je/30 4/2
  • mustang liniment for man, for beast Je/30 4/7
  • California discovery, California positive and negative electric . . . Cressinger & Co., Los Angeles De/15 1/2
  • Tutt's Pills for dyspepsia, constipation, sick headache, biliousness De/15 1/2
  • Scott's emulsion of pure cod liver oil and hypophosphites De/15 1/2
  • Allcock's Porous Plasters is vouched for by District Attorney of Westchester Co., New York De/15 1/3
  • poem gives symptoms of individual who needs Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets, prescription cures female weaknesses De/15 1/4
  • wonderful results with Hood's Sarsaparilla, Lowell, Massachusetts De/15 2/3
  • quick work, California positive and negative electric sarsaparillian blood purifier and others, Cressinger & Co., Los Angeles De/15 3/4
  • Hostetter's Almanac, a valuable medical treatise De/15 3/3
  • Electric Bitters is recommended De/15 4/1
  • Simon Liver Regulator is recommended by a minister De/15 4/1
  • California positive and negative electric cough and consumption and others De/15 4/2
  • Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption at D. J. Brannen's drug store De/15 4/2


  • Clark Churchill, attorney Je/30 1/1
  • E. M. Sanford, attorney Je/30 1/1
  • L. F. Eggers, attorney Je/30 1/1
  • Herndon & Hawkins, attorneys Je/30 1/1
  • E. M. Sanford, attorney-at-law De/15 1/1
  • Clark Churchill, attorney-at-law De/15 1/1
  • Herndon & Hawkins, attorneys-at-law De/15 1/1
  • L. F. Eggers, attorney-at-law De/15 1/1


  • Atlantic and Pacific Railroad time table, connections given Je/30 1/2
  • Atlantic and Pacific Railroad (Western Division) connections given De/15 1/2


  • Dr. H. Hardrich, surgeon to the A & P Je/30 1/1
  • Dr. Isabel M. Meador, graduate of Women's Medical College of Chicago Je/30 1/1
  • "Bank Exchange," club rooms and games, restaurant and lodging house, John R. Tabor Je/30 1/1
  • C. E. Boyce, general merchandise, branch store in Challender Je/30 3/5
  • Williams Livery and Feed Stable, S. Rowe Je/30 3/7
  • Dr. H. Hardrich, surgeon De/15 1/1
  • C. E. Boyce, general merchandise, branch store at Chalender De/15 1/6
  • "Bank Exchange," club rooms and games, lodging house, John R. Tabor De/15 2/5

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     See Arizona--Courts;   Crimes and Criminals;   Military; and individual cities.

     See Negroes

     See Economic Conditions

     See also: Economic Conditions;   Forests and Forestry;   Land and Land Tenure;   Livestock;   Lumber and Lumbering;   Ranches and Farms

  • Holbrook expects to become an agricultural and commercial center Ja/21 2/3
  • Holbrook is surrounded by fine agriculture and fruit growing valleys Ja/28 2/4
  • San Carlos Indians plant 500 acres more grain this season Mr/24 1/4
  • rattlesnakes and ripe strawberries are found in Yuma County now Mr/31 1/5
  • Flagstaff receives first strawberries of the season Ap/28 3/1
  • Tombstone man plants two acres of cucumbers My/5 3/2
  • Phoenix ships fruit to Pueblo, Colorado My/19 1/4
  • some splendid specimens of rye are brought in from Verde My/19 3/1
  • August Campbell, New Mexico stockgrower, is amazed at amount of alfalfa in Salt River Valley My/19 4/1
  • large number of potatoes planted south of town Je/9 3/1
  • Yuma Sentinel reports first ripe grapes were picked in J. H. Taggart's garden Je/23 2/3
  • Russian mulberry is planted extensively in southern Arizona Jy/21 2/3
  • some southern Arizona alfalfa fields average 8 tons of hay per acre Jy/21 2/3
  • Indians along the lower Colorado River are cultivating corn, beans, etc. Jy/28 1/4
  • southern Arizona promises to be a heavy producer of opium Jy/28 1/4
  • banana grows rapidly in southern Arizona Jy/28 4/2
  • fruit is shipped from Gila and Salt River Valleys to the East Ag/4 2/3
  • coffee may be raised in southern Arizona Ag/4 2/3
  • advantage of Flagstaff-Phoenix railway connection would be the safe, speedy shipment of fruit Ag/18 1/3
  • Italian wine makers purchase a vineyard in Phoenix and will manufacture wine Ag/18 1/5
  • Jones boys begin to make wine in Mesa City Ag/18 1/5
  • southern Arizona has plentiful fruits, wanted in northern Arizona Ag/18 2/3
  • crops along the Salt and Gila Rivers are good Ag/18 2/4
  • carload of Phoenix grapes brings better prices than California grapes in Chicago Ag/18 2/4
  • John G. Houtum, Verde Valley, brings wagonload of vegetables and fruits to Flagstaff Se/1 3/2
  • finer peaches can't be grown than P. Van Gerin's from the Verde Se/8 3/1
  • Verde Valley watermelons for sale at Jim O'Neil's Se/8 3/1
  • T. G. Norris grows oats in Flagstaff vicinity Se/22 3/2
  • St. Johns has peaches Se/22 3/3
  • northern Arizona stockmen are considering alfalfa ranges in the Salt River Valley for winter fattening Se/22 4/2
  • H. C. Hooker, Sierra Bonita Cattle Company, buys large amount of alfalfa at Tempe Se/22 4/3
  • corn crop will exceed any previous yield Se/29 1/4
  • sweet white corn is grown on the Mohaw Canal from seed found in an olla in the canal Oc/6 3/5
  • Lockett Bros. leave a potato 2 1/2 by 10 inches at the Champion office Oc/20 3/2
  • Jones brothers at Mesa make 8,000 gallons of wine this season Oc/20 3/3
  • San Simon and Sulphur Spring Valley stockmen purchase 4,000 tons of alfalfa hay in the Salt River Valley Oc/20 4/3
  • red corn grown by Thomas on his ranch near the Verde No/3 3/2
  • several sections of land under Arizona Canal near Phoenix are to be set out in grape vines No/3 3/4
  • Phoenix Herald says 10,000 tons of alfalfa hay have been sold No/3 4/2
  • southern California has supplied Arizona with fruit, grain and hay; now Arizona supplies California with beef, hay, early fruit and barley No/10 4/1
  • Yuma County claims the finest oranges and lemons on the Pacific Coast No/24 3/3
  • Phoenix has ripe oranges De/15 2/2
  • Tempe News says stockmen are buying up alfalfa hay for a good price De/15 4/1

     See Employment and Labor

     See also: Lower Agua Fria

  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3


  • "Shorty" Haughton, Bellemont, wanders away after drinking spree; found suffering from exposure Ap/7 3/2
  • James Tate dies at Tombstone hospital from overdose of arsenic My/12 3/2
  • Flagstaff has three or four opium joints in operation Je/23 3/1
  • suggestion for the "Temperance Cause" Jy/7 3/3
  • southern Arizona promises to be a heavy producer of opium Jy/28 1/4
  • Prescott County jail has only one prisoner, charge is drunkenness Jy/28 2/3


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Chinese in the United States;   Mexicans in the United States


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Entertainment

     See also: Livestock;   Pets;   Sports

  • before ostrich farms are established, what's happened to the camel herd? Ja/7 1/3
  • Prescott Courier and Arizona Champion are in favor of paying bounty scalp tax Ja/7 1/3
  • it is not lawful to kill any elk, deer, antelope, mountain sheep, goat, or ibex in Arizona between February and October Fe/11 2/1
  • rattlesnakes and ripe strawberries are found in Yuma County now Mr/31 1/5
  • C. C. Dyer, Flagstaff, loses burro when someone shoots it thinking it is a deer My/5 3/1
  • Supervisor Frank Proctor, Graham County, witnesses a fight between two gopher snakes My/26 1/5
  • several animals have been added to the menagerie at Woodland Park, Phoenix Jy/28 1/4
  • L. O. Kellog shoots an antelope near Tucson then has to lasso the wounded animal Jy/28 4/2
  • Chicago Times says last buffalo herd is being shipped to Kansas to be crossed with cows Jy/28 4/3
  • the Penal Code of the Revised Statutes of Arizona is given on hunting Ag/18 1/4
  • Cochise County Supervisors offer bounty on wildcats, bears and lions Ag/18 1/5
  • Indians trap quail and salt them in Yuma at 40¢ to 50¢ per dozen Ag/18 2/4
  • Yuma Sentinel reports a colony of alligators on a laguna in the Colorado River Se/1 2/4
  • William Collins recovers from rattlesnake bite; attributes recovery to whiskey Se/1 2/4
  • large quantity of game 18 miles southwest of Flagstaff; bear, antelope, deer and turkey Se/1 3/3
  • game laws of Arizona Se/8 2/2
  • Fred Uthmier, Phoenix printer not Flagstaff, is bitten by a centepede Se/22 3/2
  • August Schulz, Phoenix, dies from snake bite Se/22 3/3
  • Uncle Charlie Howard brings a large bear into Flagstaff Oc/6 3/1
  • Supervisor Behan loses number of colts on his Williamson Valley farm to mountain lions and panthers No/3 3/4
  • Indians destroy fish in Gila with giant powder No/3 3/4
  • W. J. Burner sees a strange animal in Miller's Canyon in the Huachucas No/10 4/2
  • annual carp distribution of the U. S. Fish Commission takes place this month No/17 2/1
  • Shell Hutchison, Verde, kills three bears and sixteen quails No/17 3/1
  • Rufe Phillips, a cowboy, is bitten by a skunk No/17 3/2
  • teamster shoots at coyote and explodes some giant powder he was sniffing De/8 3/1
  • Tucson has a bull fight De/8 3/3

     See also: Indians

  • Hemenway Archaelogical Survey, which made discoveries in Salt and Gila Valleys, works in St. Johns and Zuni area this season and around Flagstaff next Je/30 3/3
  • an olla is found in Mohawk Canal containing some good white corn Oc/6 3/5
  • a huge reservoir previously used by "ye ancients" is about one and one-half miles east of Hance's ranch No/10 3/2
  • Frank Cushing consents to write a description of Arizona's ancient ruins for Youth's Companion De/8 3/3

Includes Navajo County until 1895.

  • Board of Supervisors declare $15,000 worth of county warrants forgeries Ja/28 3/1
  • two cases of tampering with grand jurors Ap/28 2/1
  • Holbrook has Champion's sincere wishes for success in becoming the county seat Je/9 2/1

     See Anthropology

     See Building and Buildings

     See Building and Buildings

Includes general information on the Territory of Arizona, the capital, the courts, the governors and the legislatures.
For articles on acts of the legislatures see names of specific subjects.
     See also: Boundaries

  • Phoenix bondsman is called upon to pay $500 shortage of ex-Secretary Gosper's accounts Ja/7 3/2
  • Delegate Marcus A. Smith is on Private Land Claims Committee Ja/14 2/2
  • humorous comment on the "first dawn" of civilization in Arizona Mr/24 2/2
  • Orick Jackson, Hoof and Horn manager, contributes articles on different sections Jy/21 3/2
  • Attorney General Rush believes only two supervisors should be elected in the various counties at the next election Se/1 2/4
  • increases in wealth and population Oc/27 2/3
  • salaries paid territorial officers No/3 1/4
  • figuring from the number of voters on a 3 to 1 ratio, Arizona has about 45,000 population No/17 2/1


  • Tucson Star thinks the capital will move from Prescott to Phoenix Je/9 3/1
  • Phoenix wants the capital De/l 2/1
  • Phoenix raises funds of $10,000 to induce 15th Legislature to move capital De/15 2/1
  • southern papers have already moved capital to Phoenix De/15 2/1
  • Prescott is as cold as H---! and Phoenix is as hot as H---! De/15 2/1

         See also: Crimes and Criminals for information on specific trials;   individual cities for Justice of the Peace Courts.

  • Supreme Court meets at Prescott with a full bench Ja/21 3/1
  • an additional associate justice not granted due to size Fe/18 2/2
  • Flagstaff lawyers prepare for opening of District Courts in Yavapai and Apache Counties Fe/25 3/1
  • Supreme Court in session at Tucson Mr/24 1/4
  • Curtis St. John, Flagstaff, goes to do official reporting at the special term in St. Johns Ap/7 3/3
  • Courier commends withholding part of Chief Justice Wright's salary; Champion disagrees Ap/14 2/2
  • June term of District Court convenes in Prescott first Monday in June My/19 3/2
  • Judge Wright will not convene until the l8th to allow cattlemen to finish their rodeos Je/2 4/2
  • citizens of Flagstaff commence semi-annual kick on coming to Prescott Je/16 2/1
  • Grand Jury reports on 18 cases Je/30 2/4
  • jury renders verdict for damages in Mrs. Clarence Neal against Arizona Mineral Belt for $10,000 Je/30 3/4
  • cost $10,000 to convict the Apaches in the U.S. Court in Phoenix Jy/14 2/2
  • jury awards $2,000 to John Clark in Clark vs. the Mineral Belt Railroad Jy/14 3/2
  • U. S. Attorney Rouse brings suit against ex-Marshal Z. L. Tidball for $23,000 Jy/21 1/4
  • timber land suits will cost territory $350,000 Jy/21 2/3
  • Judge John A. Rush, Prescott, is appointed Attorney General by Zulick Jy/21 3/2
  • Nogales Herald says the law requiring witnesses for the prosecution to pay their own way is a bad one Se/15 4/2
  • Sheriff W. J. Mulvenon hunts jurors in Flagstaff No/17 3/1
  • Webster Street, Phoenix, wants to be a district judge; Nogales Herald against him De/l 2/1
  • adjourns in Prescott until January 21st De/15 3/1


  • Florence Enterprise hints that G. H. Oury will replace C. Meyer Zulick Fe/11 2/1
  • Tucson Star gives 25 questions for Governor Zulick to answer to the president Fe/18 3/1
  • Globe Silver Belt declines to wear the Zulick collar Fe/18 3/1
  • dark tricks referred to by Col. Chas. D. Poston Mr/3 3/2
  • seeks consolation My/19 2/1
  • New Jersey paper comments on Governor Zulick being disliked by his party in Arizona Je/2 2/1
  • Tucson Star suggests that the next territorial conventions should also nominate a choice for governor Je/9 2/2
  • indications are that Arizona will have a new governor Je/16 2/1
  • Washington rumor says Governor Zulick will be replaced by Mark Smith Jy/21 2/3
  • pardoning power of a governor is most sacred and is generally achieved by bribery Jy/21 3/4
  • Governor's annual report to Secretary of the Interior No/3 2/2
  • humorous goodbye to Zulick No/17 2/1
  • Mikado will have to step down No/17 2/1
  • poem on Zulick's going No/24 2/1
  • Tucson Citizen supports Col. Louis Wolfley for governor De/8 3/3
  • there are ten aspirants for governor De/15 2/1


  • new code provides for next session to begin on first Monday in February Oc/20 3/3
  • people of Arizona will look to the 15th Legislature for relief from infamous and unjust laws Oc/27 2/1
  • new code provides for next session to begin first Monday in February Oc/27 3/4
  • if Zulick is governor in January, he will deliver his message to a Republican legislature No/17 2/1
  • newly elected councilmen and assemblymen are given No/17 3/3
  • Council will stand 8 Republicans and 4 Democrats; the House 13 Democrats and 11 Republicans No/24 2/1
  • sends two journalists to the 15th Legislature No/24 2/1
  • next legislators and their parties are given No/24 3/2
  • introduce few bills, let them be good ones and work hard for their enactment De/l 2/1
  • review of occupations of the members in the upper branch De/8 2/1
  • 15th Legislature convenes on third Monday of January De/8 3/3
  • 8 Republicans and 4 Democrats are in Council and 11 Republicans and 13 Democrats in the House De/15 2/1
  • meets first Monday in January for 60 days De/15 2/1
  • list of members De/15 2/3

     See Railroads--Proposed Arizona Roads

     See Education and Schools

     See Fairs--Arizona Industrial Exposition Association

     See Clubs and Organizations

     See Military Service as a Profession

     See Crimes and Criminals--Arson

Includes all non-Indian arts, crafts and hobbies that are not businesses.
     See also: Indians;   Entertainment

  • Jas. H. Morse, Flagstaff, completes ornamental mug rack for Bayless the barber Ap/14 3/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Crimes and Criminals--Assault

     See Tax and Taxation

     See Clubs and Organizations;   Livestock--Associations


  • total eclipse of the moon will be visible in Flagstaff tomorrow midnight Jy/21 3/2
  • total eclipse of the moon Saturday night was supposedly caused by tragedy at Winslow Jy/28 3/2
  • Prescott newspapermen question who is best versed in astronomy Jy/28 3/2
  • 1889 comes in with a total eclipse of the sun De/8 2/1

     See Railroads--Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe

     See Railroads--Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe

     See Sports

     See Sports

     See Railroads--Atlantic & Pacific

     See Law as a Profession

     See Books and Publishers


  • hieroglyphics in the petrified forest Fe/4 4/2


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Entertainment

     See Music

     See Banks and Finance

     See Banks and Finance--Debts

     See also: Economic Conditions;   Education and Schools;   Railroads

  • Probate Judge W. O. O'Neill will publish a list of unsettled estates in Yavapai County Ja/14 3/2
  • Exchange Bank of J. R. Kilpatrick opens in Flagstaff Fe/18 3/4
  • J. R. Kilpatrick has fine correspondents Fe/25 3/2
  • Holbrook, Williams, Kingman and other A & P towns complain of scarcity of money, local banks could help here Mr/3 2/2
  • Albuquerque National Bank considers investments in Flagstaff section Mr/24 3/4
  • H. K. Tweed, Tombstone, assigned for benefit of creditors My/12 3/1
  • Probate Judge O'Neill issues attachments against thirty estates My/12 3/3
  • C. S. Bownan has charge of Arizona Central Bank while Cashier Hoskins is absent My/26 3/2
  • Judge O'Neill advertises twenty-one estates in which no administrator exists My/26 3/5
  • C. E. Boyce sues W. W. Clark for $28.10 Je/16 3/4 leg. annc.
  • $100 ticket in the Louisiana State Lottery is placed in Arizona Central Bank Je/23 3/3
  • article on mortgages Je/23 3/3
  • Cormick E. Boyce sues Thomas S. Bullock for $101 Je/30 3/6 leg. annc.
  • Prescott Journal-Miner notes filing of chattel mortgage on two mules by D. S. Russell Jy/21 3/4
  • E. S. Gosney opens a new bank, Citizens Bank of Flagstaff, in Salzman's store until the stone hotel is finished Ag/18 3/2
  • more details on the new Citizens Bank of Flagstaff Se/1 3/4
  • Arizona Central Bank, Flagstaff, has a lock-out, but the safe was opened Se/8 3/1
  • Citizens Bank of Flagstaff Se/8 3/3
  • Arizona Central Bank, Flagstaff, gets time lock open, finds problem trivial Se/15 3/2
  • R. W. Bell is cashier at Exchange Bank, Flagstaff, while J. R. Kilpatrick is absent Oc/6 3/1
  • Citizens Bank, Flagstaff, moves into new quarters No/24 3/1
  • Citizens Bank, Flagstaff, publishes articles of incorporation No/24 3/3
  • Gosney & Vories, Citizens Bank, Flagstaff, have taken agency for several insurance companies De/15 3/1
  • Citizens Bank, Flagstaff, moves into the large stone Bank Hotel building; counter described De/15 3/4


  • L. H. Tolfree summons Arizona Mineral Belt to court Fe/25 2/2
  • P. D. Berry summons Arizona Mineral Belt to court Fe/25 2/3
  • A. C. Trask takes John R. Fraser to court in Williams over $41.30 Ap/7 3/5
  • Irvin Ammons sues Charles A. Divelbiss for $175 Je/16 2/6 leg. annc.
  • A. T. Bishop sues Charles Tulley for $12.65 Jy/14 2/4
  • A. T. Bishop sues Patrick Conners for $32.90 Jy/14 2/4
  • Herbert Steele secures judgment against Vining & Booth of Frisco Signal Jy/21 3/3
  • Cormick E. Boyce sues Thomas S. Bullock for $101 Ag/4 2/4 summ.
  • A. T. Bishop sues Charles S. Tulley for $12.65 Ag/4 2/5 summ.
  • Frisco Signal building, Flagstaff, to be sold by Deputy Sheriff Francis in judgment against Vining & Booth Ag/18 3/1
  • 23 horses and 27 cattle, of J. P. Williams, Navajo County, are attached by Bell Brothers, replevined by Lesser & Sawyer, Winslow, and are mortgaged by Frank Hicks, Winslow Se/1 3/1
  • John R. Tabor, Williams, sues Phillip Troy for $38.55 No/17 2/3 leg. annc.
  • John R. Tabor, Williams, sues Henry Edmunds for $66.80 No/17 2/3 leg. annc.

     See Sports--Baseball


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Livestock--Cattle


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Animals;   Pets

     See Children; individual parents' names; Women


  • Bisbee Fe/11 3/2

     See Negroes


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Ap/14 2/1

     See Negroes


  • head is in mountains of Apache County Mr/10 3/3


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Education and Schools

     See also: Newspapers

  • brief mention of Vol. XIV of Bancroft's series Fe/4 2/1
  • Mrs. General Lew Wallace publishes "The Land of the Pueblos" Mr/3 2/1
  • Champion compiles a business directory of Flagstaff, Holbrook, Winslow and Williams Ap/21 3/2
  • Sheep Breeder and Wool Grower magazine publishes six columns of "A Land of Sunshine" Ap/28 2/2
  • Charles F. Lummis, writer, has stroke of paralysis and becomes insane My/26 1/5
  • Charles F. Lummis refutes report of insanity My/26 3/4
  • "Brick" Pomeroy issues another book entitled "Reaching for Hearts" Se/1 3/3
  • Thos. Prothero, Kansas City, is canvassing in Flagstaff No/10 3/1
  • Hostetter's Almanac is available De/8 3/3
  • Thos. Prothers canvasses Kingman for books, delivers in Flagstaff about December l7th De/15 3/2

Includes U. S., territory and county boundary disputes.

  • Champion suggests a new county would keep Prescott from bearing law enforcement expenses Fe/4 2/2
  • leading citizens suggest getting new county before getting officials Fe/25 3/1
  • new ticket for Frisco County has two councilmen despite only one being legal Fe/25 3/2
  • Flagstaff is willing for Prescott to have a north-south railroad if Frisco County is organized first Mr/17 2/1
  • Tucson Star believes Flagstaff will be seat of a new county Je/30 3/3
  • Democratic delegates of Flagstaff find the majority of Democrats not in favor of county division at this time Se/1 2/2

     See Sports--Fights


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Livestock--Cattle

     See Livestock


  • contract for new iron bridge across the Colorado for the A & P is awarded De/8 3/3

     See Clubs and Organizations

     See Building and Buildings

Includes construction information, location of building and remodeling.

  • large number of houses are being placed on premption claims near Flagstaff My/12 3/1
  • H. J. Miller's new cottage on Church Street is about completed Ag/4 3/2
  • Hoskins' house is fitted up and ready to move into after being moved Ag/18 3/1


  • stone foundation of the new depot almost done Ja/7 3/1
  • New Mineral Belt Saloon is described Ja/7 3/3
  • James H. Manning and Brothers remodel Fain House Ja/14 3/1
  • J. R. Kilpatrick adds a brick addition to his house on Railroad Avenue, J. W. Sharp is contractor Ja/14 3/1
  • Arizona Wood Company buys the skating rink from Clark & Bell for store rooms and offices Ja/28 3/2
  • Robert Richards' new cottage on Grant Street is almost complete Fe/11 3/1
  • Arizona Wood Company completes their new offices at the warehouse Fe/18 3/4
  • Sawyers Hall on San Francisco Avenue Fe/25 3/1
  • old O. K. Saloon building is being rebuilt and enlarged Mr/3 3/1
  • carpenters work steadily at the new depot Mr/10 3/1
  • Louis Burns moves a mammoth marble slab from depot to Champion office Mr/10 3/2
  • list of structures in process of erection or to be built this spring Mr/10 3/3
  • Manning Brothers build a house on south side of railroad tracks Mr/17 3/1
  • suspended carpenters resume work on new depot Mr/24 3/1
  • J. R. Kilpatrick improves his house with a brick addition and veneering Mr/24 3/1
  • John Kennedy puts up a store building on San Francisco Avenue Mr/24 3/3
  • J. Kennedy's new store building nears completion Mr/31 3/1
  • J. W. Weatherford raises frame for new livery and feed stable on Gold Avenue Mr/31 3/1
  • new depot is enclosed, dingy brown color scarcely harmonizes with mountains Mr/31 3/1
  • Manning Brothers' small house south of the track is a laundry, a drug store will be built later Mr/31 3/1
  • some of the new buildings being erected are to be erected this spring Mr/31 3/3
  • San Juan Saloon remodels Ap/7 3/1
  • W. H. Ashurst builds a house in P. J. Brannen addition Ap/14 3/1
  • Robert Richards sells his house on Grant Street to J. H. Hoskins, Jr. Ap/14 3/1
  • Calder Herring moves two small houses from Church Street to "Goose Flat" Ap/21 3/1
  • Richards builds a 16 foot candy factory Ap/21 3/2
  • Isaac Chrisman builds a frame house next to Kennedy's on San Francisco Avenue Ap/21 3/2
  • sealed proposals are requested for a two-story frame building by Raywood & Simpson, architects Ap/21 3/3
  • P. J. Brannen lays flagstone pavement in front of store Ap/21 3/4
  • Jim Vail paints his place of business Ap/21 3/4
  • J. W. Francis builds next to Dr. Manning's drug store on south side of tracks Ap/28 3/1
  • H. D. Ross buys the Herring residence on Church Street Ap/28 3/2
  • David Babbitt nearly completes addition to house My/5 3/2
  • D. A. Murphy & Bros. renovate and repair their restaurant My/5 3/2
  • J. F. Daggs builds an addition to his house My/12 3/1
  • J. E. Burchard builds new house on south side for a carpenter shop My/12 3/1
  • enjoys boom My/12 3/2
  • J. G. Stewart makes improvement in his store on San Francisco Avenue My/12 3/2
  • George Prime erects stalls at his livery and feed stables on San Francisco My/12 3/2
  • Geo. Hoxworth lays foundation of stone residence My/12 3/2
  • foundation for parsonage addition is laid and T. J. Raywood will build soon My/12 3/2
  • H. J. Miller builds house on Church Street My/19 3/1
  • George Prime builds an addition to his San Francisco house My/19 3/1
  • D. A. Murphy builds house west of Geo. H. Tinker's residence My/19 3/2
  • framework of the new parsonage is up My/26 3/1
  • J. F. Hawks builds a large addition of stone to the north end of his hotel Je/2 3/1
  • E. F. Greenlaw moves his house 20 feet south to avoid line of street cars Je/2 3/1
  • editorial on beauty of painted residences Je/9 2/3
  • Catholic Church's size is given Je/9 3/1
  • Bayless Bros. barber shop has a pair of large glass doors Je/23 3/1
  • doors of the church grained a beautiful crazy quilt shade Je/23 3/2
  • J. H. Hoskins, Jr., moves F. W. Middleton's house to lots near Doyle residence Jy/21 3/2
  • J. J. Donahue rebuilds with stone and James A. Vail and Dan Murphy of brick Jy/28 3/2
  • brick for Catholic Church is burned and construction will soon commence Ag/4 3/2
  • Wash Henry rebuilds on Gem Saloon site Ag/4 3/2
  • burned district almost rebuilt Ag/18 3/3
  • many new buildings, several in brick and stone Se/1 3/2
  • Stewart & Doe, attorneys, erect a building on Railroad Avenue Se/1 3/2
  • P. J. Brannen adds a colored canvas awning in front of his store Se/1 3/2
  • Thomas McMillan contracts with O. P. Harding for the completion of the stone hotel and bank Se/1 3/5
  • Dan A. Murphy's new brick is nearly completed Se/8 3/2
  • R. H. Cameron says new buildings consist mainly of brick and stone and are a better style of architecture Se/15 3/2
  • J. R. Kilpatrick is adding another story to the Arizona Central Bank building Se/22 3/1
  • stone work on new hotel is completed Se/22 3/1
  • P. D. Berry builds brick building next to Arizona Central Bank Se/22 3/2
  • Stewart & Doe have new office painted Oc/6 3/1
  • C. A. Greenlaw builds home on Brannen addition Oc/6 3/1
  • Manning Brothers make improvements on their saloon Oc/27 3/1
  • J. J. Donahue places an awning in front of "Senate" saloon Oc/27 3/1
  • Barney Harmsen, brick builder, goes home to Phoenix Oc/27 3/2
  • new hotel building to be finished January lst Oc/27 3/2
  • Grand Army Hall is to be carpeted and improved De/l 3/1
  • Bank Hotel will have a stone sidewalk De/8 3/1
  • Citizens Bank moves into the large stone Bank Hotel building De/15 3/4


  • rebuilding progresses rapidly Jy/21 3/2


  • has new houses going up Fe/11 3/1
  • J. A. Wilson, contractor and builder Ap/28 3/1


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See also: Advertisements;   Communications;   Agriculture;   Banks and Finance;   Economic Conditions;   Livestock;   Lumber and Lumbering;   Mines and Mining;   Railroads;   Ranches and Farms

  • M. Wright, insurance agent, leaves Flagstaff for Prescott Ja/7 3/2
  • Boyd Clark is agent for E. J. Post & Co., Albuquerque hardware firm Ja/21 3/1
  • Earnest Meyers of Lowenthal & Meyers of Albuquerque is in Flagstaff Fe/4 3/2
  • Az. Chalcedony Co. forms to manufacture petrified wood articles, stockholders given Fe/4 4/2
  • Geo. Meyers of Mandell Bros. of Albuquerque is in Flagstaff Fe/11 3/1
  • W. Weaver of B. Friedlander clothing house of San Francisco Fe/11 3/1
  • Charles Zeiger is in Flagstaff Fe/18 3/1
  • Fred Riely, agent for Gallup Coal Company, visits Flagstaff Fe/18 3/1
  • Joseph Wielar represents Leberman Bros., wholesale clothiers of New York; is in Flagstaff Fe/18 3/1
  • C. C. Hall, Craft Holmes Grocery Company of St. Louis, and J. A. Folger & Company, San Francisco Tea House, are in Flagstaff Mr/24 3/3
  • J. A. Moynihan of San Francisco clothing company is in Flagstaff Mr/31 3/1
  • Tom Davis, H. S. Bridge & Co., San Francisco merchant tailors, is in Flagstaff Mr/31 3/4
  • Tom Davis, H. S. Bridge and Co. clothiers, leaves Flagstaff Ap/7 3/1
  • Albert Eisemann, Eismann Bros. of Albuquerque, is in Flagstaff on wool matters Ap/14 3/1
  • J. S. Templin, pill drummer from San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Ap/21 3/1
  • C. C. Hall, Kraft-Holmes Grocery Co. of St. Louis, is in Flagstaff Ap/21 3/2
  • Taggart & Co., Kingman, receives carload of ice from Flagstaff Ap/28 3/1
  • Earnest Meyers, Lowenthal & Meyers of Albuquerque, is in Flagstaff Ap/28 3/1
  • Felix Mandell, Mandell Bros. & Co. of Albuquerque, is in Flagstaff Ap/28 3/2
  • Gus Hyman, cigar and confectionery drummer from San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Ap/28 3/2
  • Geo. W. Benedict, wool commission house of Denny, Rice & Co., Boston, visits Flagstaff My/19 3/2
  • Chas. Zeiger, Albuquerque wholesale liquor dealer, is in Flagstaff Je/2 3/1
  • Warren Weaver, Capital Tailoring Co. of San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Je/9 3/2
  • C. C. Hall, Kraft Holmes Grocery Co., St. Louis, is in Flagstaff Je/16 3/1
  • Tom Davis, H. S. Bridge & Co., San Francisco, comes to Flagstaff Je/16 3/1
  • Louis F. Fenney, Boston boot and shoe manufacturer, is in Flagstaff Je/23 3/1
  • H. A. O'Neill, hat firm of Prist & Co., New York, is in Flagstaff Je/23 3/1
  • T. Bates, Buckingham Hecht, boot and shoe dealers, San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Je/23 3/1
  • Earnest Meyers is in Flagstaff Je/23 3/2
  • T. S. Dickens, wool house of Christy & Wise, San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Je/23 3/3
  • Tom Davis, H. S. Bridge & Co., San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Je/30 3/1
  • Geo. E. Miller, Krocker Clock Co. and Derby Silver Co. of New York City is in Flagstaff Je/30 3/1
  • Moyna, Levi Straus & Co., San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Je/30 3/1
  • T. S. Dickens, wool house of Christy & Wise, is in Flagstaff Jy/7 3/1
  • Ernest Meyers is in Flagstaff Jy/7 3/2
  • J. Salzman requests all due him Jy/14 3/1
  • D. A. Murphy requests all due him Jy/14 3/4
  • drummers numerous in Flagstaff Jy/28 3/2
  • Winslow receives shipment of weapons from Dave Babbitt of Flagstaff Ag/4 3/5
  • Samuel Dittenhoffer and Charles Hubbell have trading post at Red Lake, west side of Navajo reservation Se/1 3/2
  • Jake Spitts, Son Bros. of San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Se/22 3/1
  • C. C. Hill, Kraft Holmes, is in Flagstaff Se/22 3/1
  • Gus Hyman, San Francisco cigar and confectionery man, is in Flagstaff Oc/6 3/1
  • Ernest Myers of Lowenthal & Myers is in Flagstaff Oc/6 3/1
  • several commercial travelers visit Flagstaff Oc/20 3/1
  • George E. Miller, glassware and crockery firm of San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Oc/20 3/1
  • Ed Price, Schuster & Co. of Kansas City, is in Flagstaff Oc/20 3/1
  • John W. Howard, Palmer & Rey type foundary, visits Flagstaff Oc/20 3/2
  • Shocraft, Missouri, is in Flagstaff Oc/27 3/1
  • Sol Davidson, Rosenthal, Feder & Co. of San Francisco, is in Flagstaff Oc/27 3/1
  • U. S. Supreme Court says taxing commercial travelers from another state is unconstitutional No/17 2/1
  • tanning industry will be important in Arizona due to the growth of tannen bulbs in southern Arizona No/17 2/2
  • Moon, H. E. Bucklin & Co., is in Flagstaff No/17 3/1
  • Charles Quickley, Studebaker Bros., is in Flagstaff No/24 3/1
  • Anthony Stevens, Yale Time Lock Co., visits Flagstaff and overhauls locks De/l 3/1


  • Raywood & Simpson open a general commission office on Railroad Avenue Ja/7 3/1
  • Mrs. L. C. Holly opens new restaurant in J. J. Donahue's new store Ja/7 3/1
  • Arizona Wood Company files articles of association, buying out Foster, Doyle & Co. Ja/7 3/3
  • Jeff Lane leaves San Juan Ja/14 3/1
  • James H. Manning and Brothers turn Fain House into a lodging house Ja/14 3/1
  • A. C. Morse, Flagstaff, receives two cutters from east being used for sleigh riding Ja/14 3/2
  • J. F. Hawks opens his new brick hotel Ja/14 3/2
  • J. R. Kilpatrick sells out to Ralph H. Cameron and John H. Lind Ja/14 3/3
  • J. J. Donahue opens a billiard room on the second story Ja/21 3/1
  • Richards plans to sell ice cream this summer Ja/21 3/1
  • Capt. Wm. Sweeney is in charge of Donahue's new billiard parlor Ja/28 3/1
  • Simpson and Raywood hold a raffle Ja/28 3/1
  • Richards plans to enlarge in the spring Ja/28 3/1
  • Az. Supply Company building is described Ja/28 3/2
  • Arizona Wood Company buys the skating rink for store rooms and offices Ja/28 3/2
  • F. L. Gwyn takes charge of Groves hotel restaurant Fe/4 3/1
  • Flagstaff Transfer and Commission company organizes Fe/4 3/1
  • S. G. Lapan, Arizona Wood Co., establishes a branch office in Los Angeles Fe/4 3/2
  • Richard is too busy to write up his advertising Fe/4 3/2
  • correction, Az. Supply Co. was absorbed by Az. Lumber Co. with H. W. Gibbons as head of supply department Fe/4 3/4
  • Calder Herring of Tantabogus saloon has fine lettering and printing done Fe/11 3/1
  • M. F. J. complains of working too hard at Richards Fe/25 3/2
  • stone hotel purchaser promises to complete building in spring Mr/3 3/2
  • W. S. Gray's saddlery shop is bought by L. E. Hoffman and is open for business Mr/17 3/1
  • Az. Stone Company works large force to fill Los Angeles contract Mr/17 3/1
  • Al. Doyle hires more men for Arizona Wood Company Mr/17 3/1
  • E. G. Hibbens, Arizona Stone Co., general manager, and wife move to Flagstaff Mr/17 3/3
  • Taylor presents a new ad for "Snug" Saloon Mr/24 3/1
  • M. E. Shepherd associates with Frank Gwyn with Link Restaurant Mr/24 3/1
  • Fred Riley takes charge of Arizona Wood Company's commissary department Mr/24 3/3
  • John Kennedy builds merchandise store on San Francisco Avenue Mr/24 3/3
  • G. A. Bray opens a line of dry goods, trimmings and ladies wear Mr/24 3/3
  • A. J. Padgam, president of Arizona Stone Co., purchases machinery to work the quarries Mr/24 3/4
  • W. C. Bayless expands to a five-chair barber shop Mr/24 3/4
  • Manning Bros. build a laundry south of the tracks and plan a drug store later Mr/31 3/1
  • Arizona Stone Co. employs,13 men, new side track will increase employment to 30 Mr/31 3/1
  • J. W. Weatherford raises frame for new livery and feed stable on Gold Avenue Mr/31 3/1
  • comments on Tantabogus Saloon Mr/31 3/3
  • last Saturday was payday at Arizona Stone Co. Mr/31 3/3
  • growth predictions for spring Mr/31 3/3
  • Geo. Hoxworth makes 100 pound capacity cooking pans for manufacture of candies at Richards Ap/7 3/1
  • Carter Bros. opens barber shop in H. J. Miller's building Ap/7 3/1
  • Frank Heisher, Prescott, takes charge of Campbell & Francis' meat market Ap/7 3/1
  • H. J. Miller leases his building on Railroad Avenue to Carter Bros. as a barber shop and bath house Ap/7 3/3
  • "Sandy" Donahue and his brother run Ap/7 3/3
  • Richards invests $500 in candy manufacture Ap/14 3/2
  • J. Kennedy opens his store on San Francisco Avenue Ap/21 3/1
  • David Blair opens a butcher shop on Gold Avenue Ap/21 3/1
  • Raywood & Simpson, architects Ap/21 3/3, 3/4
  • Thompson & Vaioter, contractors Ap/21 3/4
  • L. L. Burns announces Flagstaff Transfer and Commission Company is ready for business Ap/21 3/4
  • W. C. Bayless adds several bath tubs and a furnace to supply hot water My/5 3/1
  • D. A. Murphy & Bro. renovate and repair their restaurant My/5 3/2
  • D. V. McGonigle opens saloon on south side of tracks My/5 3/2
  • Flagstaff Lumber Company opens a commissary adjoining their mill My/5 3/2
  • Richards has a soda fountain on order My/12 3/2
  • Jim O'Neill & Co. secure services of Al. Stout My/12 3/2
  • G. A. Wood retires from A & P and will build or repair My/12 3/2
  • M. E. Sheppard announces free wine and beer with Sunday dinners My/19 3/1
  • Richards makes first ice cream of the season My/19 3/4
  • Prof. Swancey is engaged My/26 3/1
  • Richards editorial on candy making, fruit business and his general business My/26 3/2, 3/2
  • Bayless Bros. new bath rooms are convenient Je/2 3/1
  • J. J. Donahue and brother Tim take hold of saloon formerly occupied by Calder Herring Je/2 3/1
  • David Babbitt receives carload of hardware which is on sale Je/2 3/1
  • E. Gorton sells his merchandise store to C. F. Laub Je/2 3/2
  • Arizona Lime Company partnership dissolves with George Babbitt withdrawing Je/16 3/4
  • J. B. Thomas has a milk wagon in operation Je/23 3/1
  • Robt. Richards considers half-interest in a wholesale candy manufacturing establishment in Kansas City Je/23 3/2
  • Sanders receives soda fountain Je/30 3/1
  • "Dad" Hawks makes extensive improvements on new hotel Je/30 3/1
  • J. Salzman destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Richards destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • W. G. Henry's saloon destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • J. J. Donahue (Sandy) saloon destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Jesse Black's saloon destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Chas. Dennie's lunch counter in Phoenix destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Bayless Bros.' barber shop destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Raywood & Simpson office destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Taylor Saloon destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • D. A. Murphy's saloon, Phoenix, destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3
  • Vail's saloon destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/4
  • Mrs. Holly's restaurant destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/4
  • Jim O'Neill's ice cream and fruit stand destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/4
  • P. D. Berry's San Juan destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/4
  • after the fire, find fresh fruits at Stewart's on San Francisco Avenue Jy/7 3/1
  • J. Salzman asks for all debts to be settled so he can begin rebuilding; temporary store on south side Jy/7 3/1
  • Miss Pameliea Stewart opens an ice cream parlor on San Francisco Avenue Jy/7 3/2
  • nearly all burned out businessmen have secured temporary accommodations; list given Jy/7 3/3
  • J. Salzman opens in Brannen brick-block next week Jy/14 3/1
  • P. D. Berry moves back to old stand, temporary frame building, until new brick is built Jy/14 3/2
  • L. E. Hoffman, saddler, moves to Ed. A. St. Clair's old art gallery Jy/14 3/2
  • Geo. Babbitt opens a fruit and confectionery store in old saddler's building Jy/14 3/2
  • D. A. Murphy will erect a brick building on the site of his old frame one Jy/14 3/2
  • Bayless Bros. have three barber shops, one at San Juan, one at Parlor Exchange, and one at Tantabogus Jy/14 3/2
  • John Sanderson sells his soda place to Carl Reiche and A. T. Cornish Jy/14 3/3
  • Miss Stewart opens an ice cream parlor in her father's (J. G.) store Jy/14 3/3
  • Barney Harmsen returns to Flagstaff to take contracts on brick buildings Jy/14 3/3
  • G. A. Woods builds and fits a real estate office on San Francisco Avenue opposite Charles Laub's Jy/21 3/2
  • T. F. McMillan is now sole owner of the unfinished stone hotel property Jy/21 3/2
  • Geo. Babbitt and M. F. Jennings open a confectionery and general notions store opposite G. A. Bray's on San Francisco Jy/21 3/2
  • Manning Brothers enlarge saloon and restaurant on south side of Railroad Avenue Jy/21 3/2
  • several brickyards spring up to supply material for rebuilding Jy/21 3/2
  • Sandy Donahue recovers from wounds and plans erection of a brick building Jy/21 3/3
  • Gruner & Dillmann advertise their beer Jy/28 3/2
  • J. Salzman stocks recently purchased P. J. Brannen's store Jy/28 3/2
  • Dennie names his new restaurant the Phoenix Ag/4 3/2
  • G. A. Woods opens a fruit and vegetable store with his real estate office Ag/4 3/2
  • near room of the unfinished stone hotel is now a saloon of C. F. Taylor's Ag/4 3/2
  • Wash Henry rebuilds on Gem Saloon site Ag/4 3/2
  • R. Mans sells his shoemaker's business to Asa Clark moves to Jerome Ag/4 3/3
  • Jim O'Neill, Bayless Brothers, Wash Henry, C. A. Kellerand, Al Stout, Donahue, Murphy & Vail almost rebuild burned section Ag/18 3/3
  • Carter Brothers occupy Manning building as a barber shop Se/1 3/2
  • Charley Gang buys the restaurant of Tom Lee on San Francisco Avenue Se/1 3/2
  • C. H. Clark buys mercantile business of C. F. Laub on Gold Avenue Se/1 3/2
  • Blue Grass Exchange, a saloon, opens on Railroad Avenue Se/1 3/5
  • Frank Taylor moves his saloon from stone building next to Bayless Bros. Se/8 3/1
  • Charles Beason opens oyster parlors in Wood's fruit store Se/8 3/2
  • Blue Grass Saloon opening a success Se/8 3/2
  • Bayless Bros. have moved into their new shop on Railroad Avenue Se/8 3/3
  • Frank M. Rumsey and Thomas Tobin dissolve their firm Rumsey & Tobin Se/15 2/3
  • Tom Kee buys restaurant from Charley Gang Se/22 3/2
  • Dan Murphy will open his general merchandise store Se/29 3/1
  • Frank Rumsey leases the blacksmith shop owned by W. C. D. Evans Se/29 3/1
  • J. J. (Sandy) Donahue moves into new brick building Se/29 3/1
  • Wm. Fain and Bud Thompson open a meat market on San Francisco Avenue, next to Babbitt's hardware Se/29 3/1
  • half-interest in a first class paying business for sale Se/29 3/2
  • J. E. Burchard runs photograph gallery on south side of railroad Oc/6 3/1
  • Bayless Brothers receive four dozen mugs Oc/6 3/1
  • J. Salzman opens a branch store in Williams Oc/6 3/1
  • Thomas Howe erects fine furniture store on south side of the railroad Oc/6 3/2
  • J. Kennedy moves his store to Gallup, New Mexico Oc/20 3/1
  • Babbitt receives fresh oysters every other day Oc/20 3/1
  • Carter Brothers receive new shaving mugs Oc/20 3/1
  • J. E. Burchard, first class photographer Oc/20 3/2
  • Charley Keller buys Jim O'Neill's stock and business, now has a lunch counter Oc/20 3/2
  • J. A. Vail orders new furniture for his saloon Oc/27 3/2
  • Charles Thompson opens a cleaning and repair shop on south side of Railroad Avenue Oc/27 3/2
  • M. E. Shepperd leases the Hotel Del Monte on San Francisco and refurnishes it No/10 3/1
  • A. E. Macomber opens an office in the Hotel del Monte No/17 3/1
  • R. Mans, ex-shoemaker, returns to Flagstaff No/17 3/1
  • Jas. A. Vail puts a new bar in his brick building No/17 3/2
  • Fred S. Wiscott runs the boarding house at Mill No. 2 No/24 3/1
  • Chas. Thompson deals in second-hand clothing and does cleaning and repairing No/24 3/1
  • Chas. Culbreth sells out his carpenter shop and leaves for northern territories No/24 3/1
  • Curtis & Cavaness purchase Chas. Culbreth's shop No/24 3/1
  • P. J. Brannen receives carload of coal and quickly disposes of it De/l 3/1
  • J. C. Dennie opens a lunch counter in the saloon of W. G. Henry De/8 3/1
  • Mat and Jesse Black start a skating rink at Sawyer's hall De/8 3/2


  • business continues, several businesses listed Ja/21 2/3


  • P. J. Brannen opens a merchandise store Ag/4 3/3


  • George Briggs is in business Jy/7 3/2


  • Fred Riley, manager of Arizona Wood Company's commissary at Prentice's Spur My/5 3/2
  • H. R. Furlow takes bookkeeper and manager positions at Arizona Lumber Company's commissary Ag/18 3/2


  • W. C. Bashford & Co. is now Bashford & Burmeister Je/9 1/5
  • T. W. Otis, T. C. Bray, L. F. Eggers, Osenburg Bros., and Geo. S. Porter are burned out, and others Jy/7 3/4

    Verde Junction

  • E. H. Witherell starts store My/12 3/1


  • John R. Tabor finishes new dining room and opens soon Ja/21 3/2
  • Humphrey & Trask dissolve their firm My/5 3/4
  • W. J. Murphy runs mercantile establishment at Williams Jy/14 3/2
  • J. Salzman, Flagstaff, opens branch store Oc/6 3/1
  • Will Murphy runs general merchandise store Oc/6 3/1


  • does good trade, several businesses mentioned Ja/21 2/3

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     See Elections and Politics

     See Water and Water Resources--Canals and Irrigation


  • Cane Springs My/5 4/1

     See Prisons and Prisoners


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • non-Arizona Ja/7 2/1, 2/1
  • non-Arizona Fe/18 3/1


  • Rev. Father Gubitossi says mass at the school house Fe/4 3/1
  • ornate stone structure to cost $20,000 is to be built this spring Mr/10 3/3
  • Father Gubtosi holds service at the school house Mr/31 3/4
  • church in process of construction, size given Je/9 3/1
  • Rev. Father Farriar will celebrate mass at 7 a.m. and high mass at 10 a.m. at the school house Je/23 3/2
  • ladies will give a dinner on Brannen addition July 4th for the church Je/30 3/2
  • thank you note from the ladies of Flagstaff who had charge of the 4th of July dinner Jy/14 3/1
  • Father Ferrari reports on Flagstaff Church in Albuquerque Ag/4 3/1
  • brick is burned and construction begins soon Ag/4 3/2
  • Father Fareira holds services at school house Se/22 3/1
  • ladies will hold a Catholic Fair Oc/6 3/1

    Catholic Fair
          See also: Entertainment

  • Rev. Father Farran will hold services at the school house Oc/27 3/1
  • Catholic church goes up slowly No/3 3/1
  • midnight mass at New Catholic Church on Christmas Eve by Father Farrer De/15 3/1

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  • Cave Creek Jy/28 2/2

     See Holidays and Religious Days


  • Patrick Longhlin is buried in village cemetery, Flagstaff Ja/14 3/4
  • I. D. Jenkins is buried in the railroad burying ground at Winslow My/19 3/4
  • Flagstaff has a march to the cemetery on Memorial Day Je/2 3/5

     See also: East Verde;   Lower Verde;   Upper Verde;   Verde

  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Tourist and Tourism--Petrified Forest


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • Charmingdale Jy/14 3/2
  • Charmindale Se/15 3/3


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3


  • Arbor Day Ja/28 4/1
  • ill Fe/4 3/1
  • dies Fe/4 3/3
  • two births Fe/11 2/3
  • two die Fe/18 2/3
  • two die Fe/18 3/1
  • breaks leg Fe/25 3/1
  • two born Fe/25 3/5
  • boy born Mr/3 3/2
  • dies Mr/10 3/1
  • birth Mr/10 3/1
  • death Mr/10 3/1
  • dies Mr/10 3/2
  • birth Ap/21 3/1
  • drowns Ap/21 3/1
  • drowns Ap/28 1/3
  • falls from A & P Ap/28 2/3
  • breaks arm My/19 3/1
  • birthday My/26 3/5
  • birth Je/2 3/6
  • birth Je/9 3/1
  • birth Je/9 3/4
  • children's day Je/16 3/3
  • birth Jy/28 3/4
  • Pima boy of abnormal size Ag/4 1/3
  • drowns Ag/4 2/3
  • accident Ag/4 3/2
  • accident Ag/4 3/2
  • birth Ag/4 3/4
  • ill Ag/18 3/2
  • accident Se/1 2/3
  • drowns Se/1 2/4
  • kindergarten Se/1 3/4
  • accident Se/1 3/5
  • birth Se/8 3/1
  • diphtheria Se/8 3/5
  • birth Se/15 3/1
  • dies Se/29 3/1
  • two baptised Oc/6 3/3
  • birth Oc/6 3/5
  • birth Oc/20 3/1
  • ill Oc/20 3/2
  • birth Oc/20 3/3
  • four births Oc/20 3/4
  • birth Oc/27 3/1
  • birth Oc/27 3/1
  • recovers from illness Oc/27 3/2
  • births Oc/27 3/3
  • accident No/10 3/1
  • birth No/17 3/1
  • accident No/17 3/2
  • birth De/l 3/1
  • births De/l 3/3
  • birth De/15 3/4

     See Holidays and Religious Days


  • new Chinese treaty is ratified by the Senate My/12 2/3
  • Flagstaff businessmen complain about Chinese engaging in business on Main Street Je/23 3/3
  • Quong Sing commits suicide by hanging at Yuma prison Je/23 3/4
  • Senate refuses to reconsider passage of the Chinese bill Se/22 2/1
  • Congress needs to establish strict exclusion regulations along Mexican and Canadian borders Oc/27 2/4
  • editorial on Chinese having no nerves No/17 4/1

     See Holidays and Religious Days


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

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     See Mormons and Mormonism


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

In general only the original article containing the name of a member of the clergy is indexed here.
Full information on a person may be found under the individual's name.
     See also: Mormons and Mormonism

  • Rev. J. B. Brun Ap/28 3/3
  • Rev. Chas. Ferrari, S. J., of Albuquerque My/12 3/2
  • A. H. Gunnett, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • Z. L. Kay, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • J. A. Crouch, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • J. G. Eberhart, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • Rev. G. H. Adams, D. D. Superintendent, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • N. L. Guthrie, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • G. W. Downs, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • N. F. Norton, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • G. L. Person, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • J. H. Gill, Methodist Oc/6 3/2
  • Bishop Bowman, Methodist Oc/6 3/3

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     See Weather


  • Tucson, officers given Ja/14 2/2
  • camp of the Patriotic Sons of America is established at Tempe Fe/25 2/2
  • Tucson and Phoenix have Milk Maids' Convention Mr/31 1/4
  • new officers are given for the Grand Lodge, IOOF Ap/7 3/3
  • Chautaugua Program for May 9th My/5 3/2
  • Grand Lodge of Arizona, Knights of Pythias, meet at Winslow on 23rd, reception and ball My/19 3/2
  • Grand Lodge of Arizona, K of P, ends meeting in Winslow, officers listed, meet in Flagstaff next year My/26 3/4
  • Grand Lodge, K of P, gives a digest of their business in Winslow Je/2 2/3
  • Grand Lodge elects officers for ensuing year, all from Flagstaff Je/2 3/1
  • l3th biennial conclave of the Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias meets in Cincinnati Je/16 2/3
  • Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias at Cincinnati elects officers Je/16 3/4
  • Mogollon Gun Club should find good targets without wasting glass balls Je/23 3/2
  • Alexander Rottenstein, establisher of the United Order of Honor in several Arizona towns, is found to have mismanaged funds Ag/4 2/1
  • Frank Blaney, Yuma, will represent Arizona at the National Convention of Locomotive Engineers Ag/18 2/4
  • four excursion trains pass through Flagstaff with delegates to the Odd Fellows National Encampment Se/15 3/1
  • Chautaugua Circle meets Friday evening of each week Oc/27 3/1
  • Chautaugua Circle meets Wednesday, program given Oc/27 3/5
  • attempt is being made to secure a defensive union among labor unions, especially Knights of Labor and Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers No/3 1/3
  • Mogollon Gun Club will hold a shoot on Thanksgiving No/17 3/1
  • J. E. Burchard and W. J. Hill, both of Flagstaff, attend Masonic Grand Lodge in Prescott No/17 3/1
  • Knights of Labor loses members and is in debt No/24 2/1
  • Mogollon Gun Club holds a glass ball and clay pigeon shoot Thursday No/24 3/1


  • list of regular meetings is on the first page column one of most issues Ja/7 1/1
  • Flagstaff Lodge No.--, K of P Ja/7 1/1
  • TEG Ransom Post, No. 67, GAR Ja/7 1/1
  • Knights of Pythias install officers Ja/7 3/2
  • CLSC program is given for January 18, 1888 Ja/14 3/3
  • CLSC program for January 25th is given Ja/21 2/2
  • K of P meets Ja/21 3/1
  • Knights of Pythias hold meeting Ja/28 3/1
  • "Chautagua Circle" program for February lst Ja/28 3/2
  • Masons receive dispensation for a lodge Ja/28 3/2
  • Chautagua Circle program for February 8th is given Fe/4 3/4
  • CLSC program for February 15th Fe/11 3/3
  • Knights of Pythias draft a resolution of sympathy for J. C. Vining Fe/11 3/3
  • CLSC program for February 29th Fe/25 2/2
  • Odd Fellows lodge may be organized Fe/25 3/1
  • CLSC program for March 7th Mr/3 3/3
  • Lodge No. 8, K of P, has meeting Mr/10 3/1
  • CLSC program for March l4th Mr/10 3/3
  • CLSC program for March 21st Mr/17 2/3
  • CLSC program for March 28th Mr/24 3/5
  • Flagstaff Lodge, U. D., F. and A. M. Mr/31 1/1
  • CLSC program for April l8th Ap/14 3/3
  • Flagstaff Lodge, U. D., F & A. M. confers degree on Charles C. Goven Ap/21 3/1
  • U. D., F. & A. M. meets Monday, April 23rd Ap/21 3/2
  • Flagstaff Lodge, No. 151, United Order of Honor, organizes; is headquarters for district; officers given Ap/21 3/4
  • U. D., F. & A. hold communication Monday My/12 3/1
  • Chautaugua program for May l6th My/12 3/2
  • review of debate at past Chautaugua meeting My/12 3/3
  • debate is set up over tariff at Chataugua Circle My/12 3/4
  • Chautaugua program My/19 3/3
  • Flagstaff Lodge No. 151, U. O. of H. My/26 1/1
  • Chautagua program for May 30th My/26 3/3
  • list of groups in the Memorial Day celebration My/26 3/4
  • Sons of Veterans are requested to meet at the GAR hall Je/9 3/1
  • U. O. H. meets at K of P hall Je/16 3/2
  • semi-annual election of K of P officers is held Je/30 3/2
  • Chataugua Literary Society Circle for July llth Jy/7 2/4
  • Lodge U. D. F. & A. M. calls a meeting for July l6th Jy/14 3/1
  • Knights of Pythias are requested to meet July l7th to install officers Jy/14 3/1
  • Knights of Pythias' new officers installed Jy/21 2/2
  • Chautaugua Circle disbands Jy/21 3/2
  • lodge of the Eastern Star is organized Jy/28 3/2
  • Knights of Pythias have progressive euchre, conversation, ice cream, etc. Jy/28 3/2
  • Mount Frisco Chapter No. 4, Order of Eastern Star Ag/18 1/1
  • TEG Ransom Women's Relief Corps No. 32 Se/1 1/1
  • Camp Grant, No. 1, Sons of Veterans meet at GAR hall Wednesday Se/29 3/1
  • Chatuagua Circle is reorganized Se/29 3/1
  • Sons of Veterans meet and decide to organize a camp Oc/6 3/1
  • Lodge U. D. F. & A. M. meets Monday Oc/6 3/2
  • Lodge No. 8, K of P, meets Oc/20 3/5
  • Chautaugua Circle meets every Wednesday not every Friday No/3 3/2
  • GAR hall is fitted up by Ransom Post members and Women's Relief Corps De/8 3/1
  • Lodge No. 7, F. & A. M., will install officers December l7th De/15 3/2


  • 26 organize a lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars De/8 3/3


  • lodge of United Order of Honor is organized My/19 1/4


  • K of P hold a ball, Flagstaff attenders listed My/26 3/3
  • has a literary society No/17 3/1


  • Society of Arizona Pioneers holds annual meeting in
  • in Wallapai Valley My/5 4/1


  • total expenses were $67,337 Ja/14 2/2
  • A. J. Ritter is suspended as county treasurer for refusing to turn over funds, J. V. Vickers is appointed Ja/21 2/2
  • Judge Barnes decides ex-Treasurer A. J. Ritter must pay $9,800 back to the county; appealed to Supreme Court Fe/18 4/1
  • Tombstone Prospector declares Board of Supervisors corrupt; editor Bagg is jailed for contempt Ag/4 2/2
  • Tombstone Prospector, a Democratic paper, supports a Republican Board of Supervisors to get rid of political shysters Ag/4 4/1
  • Judge Barnes decides Judge Easton was within his rights to claim 25¢ per person registered from the Board of Supervisors Ag/18 1/3
  • Board of Supervisors decides 20¢ is enough for registering a voter Se/8 3/4
  • southern Arizona Se/22 3/4

     See Yavapai County up to 1891; Boundaries for division of Yavapai

     See Refrigeration

     See also: Education and Schools

  • Joe Brannen returns to Flagstaff from college in Los Angeles Je/16 3/2
  • first session of Presbytery of Arizona meets at Phoenix and resolves to build a college No/24 3/3

     See Diseases

     See also: Transportation--Wells Fargo

Postal Service

  • no mail from east for two days and from west for three due to snow storm Ja/7 3/1
  • Flagstaff complains of mail Ja/14 3/1
  • Flagstaff has no eastern mail for three days and western for four Ja/14 3/1
  • the old primitive methods worked under Republican administration, now the service is abominable Ja/28 2/2
  • Kansas representative asks why mail service is so poor in the west Fe/4 2/2
  • part of blame for poor mail service falls on the railroad Fe/4 2/3
  • instead of arming railway postal clerks, appoint clerks who can read and write Fe/18 2/1
  • present mail service needs investigating Mr/10 2/2
  • Journal Miner takes six days to get from Prescott to Flagstaff Ap/28 3/1
  • mail route will be requested from Flagstaff to Kanab, Utah Je/2 3/2
  • tri-weekly mail will be established between Alexandra, Peck District and Bradshaw Basin Je/9 1/5
  • 1,000,000 Knights of Labor demand a postal telegraph Je/16 2/1
  • post office is established at Cave Creek under the name of Edith Jy/28 2/2
  • parcels post system is established between U. S. and Mexico Ag/4 1/3
  • letter boxes will be placed at railway stations Ag/18 1/5
  • new ruling provides that uncalled for letters to be returned in 30 days and advertised to be held two weeks Se/22 1/3
  • Tucson has 13 applicants for postmaster De/l 3/2
  • Postmaster-General Dickinson says service more efficient than ever De/15 2/1


  • A & P completes a new telegraph line to Flagstaff Fe/4 3/1
  • 1,000,000 Knights of Labor demand a postal telegraph Je/16 2/1
  • Western Union Telegraph Company declares 1 1/2% dividend Se/22 1/3

     See Protestants and Protestantism


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Building and Buildings

     See Roads and Streets

     See Diseases


  • M. E. Shepperd of Flagstaff Restaurant has fine pine apple sherbert My/26 3/2
  • M. E. Shepperd will have strawberry ice cream at his restaurant Je/2 3/2
  • uses and nutrition of bananas Jy/28 4/2


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Business

     See Economic Conditions

     See Crimes and Criminals--Counterfeiting and Forgery

     See Arizona--Courts; and individual cities


  • description of W. O. Huson and Miss Florence Groves' wedding in Flagstaff Ja/28 3/3
  • surprise marriage takes place in Flagstaff between H. J. Miller and Miss Lillie Gorton My/12 3/3
  • young man places ad for position as son-in-law in wealthy family Jy/7 3/3
  • dresses of engaged young ladies wear out soonest about the waist Jy/21 1/3
  • marriages are infrequent in Flagstaff, despite leap year Jy/28 3/2


  • Theodore Roosevelt on cowboys Fe/25 1/4
  • cowboy can beat the vaquero Jy/14 1/5
  • difference in the real and the imaginary Se/22 1/5

     See Livestock--Cattle;   Livestock--Dairy Cattle

     See Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies; for Indian crafts see Indians

     See Water and Water Resources

Includes crimes through court convictions after which the articles fall under Prisons and Prisoners.
     See also: Military

  • Editor Mosher, Phoenix Arizonian, is arrested for contempt of court but is promptly discharged Ja/7 3/2
  • Robert Johnson, Flagstaff, reported shot in Needles Ja/14 3/1
  • two A & P brakemen have a fight, cutting Conductor Rang in the arm, and then escaping from custody Ja/21 3/2
  • Lyons, Williams, has his hand cut by a clerk in Williams Ja/21 3/2
  • a small second-class spring fight takes place in Arizona Ja/28 3/1
  • Tucson authorities are called on to get rid of the tramps Fe/25 3/1
  • tramps commit petit larceny, even taking dog chains and collars from dogs Mr/10 3/1
  • half a dozen tramps invade Flagstaff Mr/10 3/2
  • Herbert Taylor may have taken 3,000 sheep instead of drowning as originally thought Mr/17 3/2
  • Scott Matlock and Roy Drake, Flagstaff, are relieved of guns before settling a dispute and so are not charged Mr/31 3/1
  • D'Arcy attempts to decapitate Hop Sing but is stopped when Hop Sing seizes a shotgun Mr/31 3/4
  • George Daves, Tombstone, shoots Pietra Edmunds and then commits suicide; Ms. Edmunds may live Ap/21 3/3
  • Frank Porter killed, Joe Adkins arrested at San Jose for the death of Al Shipman in American Valley Ap/28 3/4
  • three men are caught breaking open cars on the A & P at Prescott Junction My/12 1/3
  • two misdemeanors are tried before Justice Crothers; defendants are ladies of questionable virtue My/12 3/2
  • dentist at Fort Stanton ravishes a young lady under influence of chloroform Je/2 4/2
  • Pete Spence is in fight in Morence, New Mexico; kills Martinez and escapes to Clifton where he gives himself up Je/30 2/3
  • Judge Wright sentences Patrick and Jerome Ford, Samuel Smith, Jerome Edwards, William Downing and Henry McDowell Jy/14 3/3
  • D. S. Russell is held over for grand jury by Justice Crothers, Flagstaff, for attempting to liberate a prisoner Jy/14 3/3
  • U. S. Attorney O. T. Rouse brings suit against several persons for cutting and receiving timber belonging to the U. S. government; list given Jy/14 4/2
  • Sheriff Mulvenon serves papers on Special Timber Agent's victims Jy/28 2/3
  • Sheriff Mulvenon serves papers in Flagstaff Jy/28 3/2
  • J. Mason, special land agent, is in Flagstaff Jy/28 3/4
  • Judge Barnes fines Editor S. C. Bagg $300 or jail term for contempt; Baggs takes jail term Ag/4 2/2
  • Clifton has petty thieves Ag/4 2/3
  • citizens condemn judge and pay Bagg's fine Ag/4 2/3
  • Phoenix has 50 arrests in July, Prescott doesn't make that many in two years Ag/18 3/4
  • Signal asks officers to crack down on offenders of the obscene and profane language in presence of women or children penal code Se/l 2/2
  • A. Baner tried in Tombstone for violating game laws; jury disagrees Se/22 3/3
  • McNeil breaks jail in Phoenix, steals E. F. Kellner's horse, is imprisoned in Globe, breaks jail in Florence, and spends one night in Sheriff Owen's jail Se/22 3/4
  • Apache County indicts J. N. Walker for incest; A. A. DeWitt for exhibiting a deadly weapon; Jose Romero for burglary; L. W. Davis for murder Se/29 2/2
  • J. H. Carlton, near Fort Thomas, is arrested for cutting wood on military reservation Oc/6 2/4
  • Judge J. H. Wright passes sentence in Apache County: Davis--25 years for murder; Walker--10 years for incest; Richards--3 years for grand larceny; Blevins--5 years for assault Oc/6 2/4
  • Wm. Gould is arrested for having a hand in the Pleasant Valley troubles Oc/20 3/2
  • Tim Donahue requests the lamp taken from the lodging house where the polls were be returned No/17 3/2
  • Lee Numan is found guilty of grand larceny; mercy is recommended due to his youth De/l 3/1
  • David Russell is found not guilty in grand larceny case De/8 3/1
  • Phoenix has had 20 holdups in a week De/8 3/3
  • Prescott court sentences G. H. Smith to two years six months for forgery; William Harper to 25 years for murder; Charles Donlan to 18 months for horse stealing; James Henrickson to 18 months for burro stealing; and 5 U. S. prisoners fined $1 and prison for 6 to 9 months for selling liquor to Indians De/8 3/4
  • Phoenix city council orders city marshal to rid town of vagrants De/15 2/2
  • David Russell is acquitted on charge of jail breaking De/15 3/1
  • Judge Wright pronounces sentence on Lee Newman for grand larceny, Thomas Perry for shooting up Williams and assault, Phil McDonnell for assault De/15 3/2


  • Patrick and Jerome Ford are convicted of arson Je/30 1/3
  • incendiary attempt is made in Winslow, Phoenix has suspicious indications too Jy/28 2/3
  • comments of dues of Prescott arsonists Se/22 3/3


  • Leonardo Montayo is seriously beaten at a canal diggers' camp near Phoenix by Arnold and Owens Jy/28 2/3

    Counterfeiting and Forgery

  • John S. Lavery is arrested in Flagstaff for forgery or issuing A & P checks to non-existent men and cashing them; bound over Jy/28 3/3
  • Special Detective Carl F. Holton of A & P and Bruce Tyler look into prosecution of John S. Lavery Jy/28 3/4
  • $1 and $5 counterfeit silver certificates are in circulation in Phoenix Ag/4 2/3


  • Alexander Rothenstein, founder of Arizona United Order of Honor, misappropriates funds Ag/4 2/1

         See Indians--Government Relations


  • T. W. Johnston institutes suit against R. E. Morrison for libel Ja/14 2/2
  • T. W. Johnston is awarded $500 in his suit against Robert E. Morrison; appealed My/5 1/3
  • Signal has wrong information on T. W. Johnson's libel case My/5 2/1
  • another view of the Johnson libel suit My/12 2/1
  • Marion, Courier editor, is acquitted of the charge sworn out by Clark Churchill, M. R. Slater is arrested in his place Se/1 2/3
  • Tucson Star questions Gen. Hise's release and Slater's guilt Se/8 2/2
  • M. R. Slater, Special Agent of the General Land Office, is indicted for criminal libel in Maricopa County No/24 2/1


  • Jeff Wilson, Jim Stott and Jim Scott were lynched in Tonto Basin, suspected of ambushing Ag/18 3/5

         See also: Feuds

  • Jas. E. Miles, who killed a Tip Top man some years ago, is killed in California Ja/28 2/3
  • Martin Duran is given respite from hanging by Acting Governor J. A. Bayard Ja/28 3/1
  • Tascott, a Chicago murderer, is supposed to be in the southwest; $2,000 reward Mr/3 2/3
  • Hill shot while forcing an-entrance to Kitty Blonger's room; "Kid" Fay may have shot Mr/3 3/2
  • Martin Duran hung; crime told Mr/3 3/3
  • Kate Blonger and Kid Fay are charged with murder of Chas. Hill Mr/10 3/1
  • Rudd kills McCaws over a sheep dispute Mr/10 3/3
  • Supt. Cyrus Gribble, Vulture Mine, and two guards are killed and robbed of $12,000 in bullion, $500 reward for murderers Mr/24 3/2
  • reward swells to $6,800 for the murdering robbers of Cyrus Gribble, John Johnson and Charles Doolittle of Vulture Mine Mr/31 1/3
  • T. B. Fox shoots W. A. Levi, gambler and ex-convict at Silver King, Pinal County Mr/31 1/5
  • Mexican is killed with bullion and Gribble's watch; believed to have been involved in two other murders in the area Mr/31 3/2
  • T. A. Fox released on verdict of justifiable homicide in Silver King; details given Mr/31 3/2
  • Kitty Blonger and Kid Fay exonorated in Hill's murder Ap/14 1/3
  • Apache murderer of Wm. Diehl is found in Tucson My/19 1/4
  • Sonora Railway train is robbed 12 miles south of Nogales, two dead and one severely injured My/19 1/4
  • G. Page, Winslow, is reported to be indicted for Johnny Taylor's murder last fall My/19 3/1
  • Bill Smith kills and robs his partner I. D. Jenkins in the Little Colorado Valley My/19 3/4
  • Gregg Page, Winslow, is released on $5,000 bail on the charge of Johnny Taylor's murder My/26 1/5
  • Governor Zulick offers $500 for Bill Smith's arrest and conviction My/26 1/5
  • Governor Zulick offers $500 for arrest and conviction of person or persons who killed Micheal Wahlen near Globe My/26 3/2
  • Captain Jack, an Apache Indian, is found guilty as charged Je/2 4/2
  • Sheriff Gabriel and Joe Phy of Florence have a shoot-out over the pending election Je/9 3/2
  • a list of ten Chiricahua Indians tried for complicity in murder in Phoenix Je/23 1/3
  • Snyder, a fireman, is shot in Winslow by the night watchman Jy/7 2/4
  • Pilar Perez is hung in New Mexico, Constable Odell will be lucky to receive even $500 of the $1,750 reward offered Jy/21 3/4
  • George Stevenson, agent at Glamis station on Southern Pacific, found shot; Mexican man suspected Jy/28 1/4
  • Jake Baker is killed by Green Bush at a ranch near Tombstone Jy/28 2/2
  • Taylor and Rohling are sentenced to be shot for the Mexican train robbery Jy/28 2/2
  • Frederico Jiron probably murdered F. Garcia for money between St. Johns and Holbrook Jy/28 3/4
  • Sheriff Owens receives clue as to Smith's whereabouts, murdered Jenkins Ag/4 1/5
  • Louis Cohn, Nogales, has head smashed in his store Se/1 2/4
  • C. H. Jones, Cochise County rancher, found dead and robbed in Sonora Se/22 3/4
  • Maricopa County Sheriff A. J. Holbert picks up Ramon Sabulo and Girgo Mouneal in Supt. Gribble's murder Se/22 3/4
  • strong evidence of guilt found against Gribble's arrested murderers Oc/6 2/4
  • Robert Kennedy shoots W. H. Flannigan in Holbrook; Flannigan kills Kennedy Oc/6 3/4
  • Pedro Yannes is sentenced to San Quentin for life for the murder of George Stevenson at Clamis Oc/20 1/3
  • William Harper (or Windy Bill) shot Walter Murphy in Jerome Oc/20 3/2
  • Frederick Heron stabs Saladino Chavez in Carthage, also wanted for murder in Flagstaff Oc/20 3/2
  • Ben Harris stabs John Adams at Fenimar Oc/20 3/3
  • William Harper held for grand jury in the shooting of Walter Murphy at Jerome Oc/27 3/2
  • Firimina, Papago Indian, sentenced to hang at Tucson for killing Ford, a prospector Oc/27 3/4
  • Wm. Harper's trial begins No/24 3/1
  • Fiderico Duron is recognized by Taylor as the train robber who shot French and killed Conductor Atkinson No/24 4/2
  • Angel Demara is found guilty in the murder of Cyrus Gribble and guards De/15 2/2

         See also: Crimes and Criminals for robbery ending in a death.

  • Doc Smart found guilty and A. W. Snyder and W. T. Skidmore are acquitted in A & P train robbery Ja/28 3/1
  • Doc Smart attempts suicide after life sentence Fe/4 3/3
  • sneak thieves in Flagstaff are raiding clotheslines now Fe/11 3/2
  • $10 reward for return of lost silver watch Fe/18 2/3
  • Southern Pacific train is robbed near Stiens Pass in southern Arizona Fe/25 2/2
  • McCarty found guilty, Boyle and Boylston innocent of stealing a watch and some tools Mr/3 3/2
  • another scheme to sack an A & P train is frustrated Mr/24 3/4
  • Bill Jackson, James Lipps and Doyle charged with stealing clothing from wood choppers cabin near Prentice Mill, discharged Mr/31 3/3
  • "man who will burglarize the cellar of a private residence needs killing" My/26 3/1
  • tub of butter is stolen from C. A. Greenlaw's cellar in Flagstaff My/26 3/2
  • prominent sheepman is robbed of two watches and some change by a tramp he employed My/26 3/2
  • Schuster Bros. of Holbrook are robbed Je/2 3/6
  • Deputy Sheriff Alvard, Cochise County, fights with three Sonora train robbers in Wheatstone mountains Je/16 1/4
  • cause of Prescott fire was the blowing open of a safe at Otis' store Jy/7 3/4
  • series of petty robberies committed in Flagstaff Sunday night Ag/18 3/4
  • E. F. Odell, Sandy Donahue, Hugh Campbell, and J. W. Francis are on the Bellemont train robbers' trail Se/15 3/1
  • unsuccessful effort is made to rob the safe of Lon Forsee, Wells, Fargo & Company, in Tempe Se/15 3/5
  • train robbers still being sought Se/22 3/1
  • stage for Casa Grande is robbed by two Mexicans at Dry Lake Oc/6 2/4
  • W. T. Buker's, Prescott, home is robbed Oc/6 3/1
  • stage held up between Prescott and Jerome Oc/20 3/2
  • northbound stage is held up on the New River No/10 3/1
  • David Babbitt offers $5 reward for a large leather pocket book he lost No/10 3/3
  • stage is robbed between Bowie and Solomonville No/10 3/3
  • stage between Prescott and Phoenix is held up No/24 3/3
  • another hold up in southern Arizona De/l 3/2
  • robber attempts to rob Eclat saloon, Coon and Mrs. Miller in Phoenix De/l 3/3
  • Sam Art, Flagstaff, has 50 pounds of meat stolen from his restaurant De/8 3/1
  • Deputy Sheriff Francis takes man to Prescott for stealing a saddle from George Prime, Flagstaff De/8 3/2


  • four men arrested for robbing A & P freight cars, three sentenced to 60 days and one bound over for grand jury Ja/21 3/2
  • McNeil, who broke jail in Phoenix, is arrested near Duncan Ja/28 2/3
  • McNeil escapes from Florence jail Fe/4 2/2
  • McNeil escapes while still shackled Fe/4 3/2
  • Deputy Francis and O'Dell take a warrant for Herbert Taylor into Utah Mr/24 3/1
  • Officer Donahue arrests Geo. W. Haile, alias George Barber, on a New Mexico horse stealing charge Mr/24 3/4
  • Nathan Barth reports Herbert Taylor in Nebraska visiting family, Champion reports him in Utah after taking sheep from various owners along Little Colorado Mr/31 3/2
  • two horses stolen from Hash Knife Co., thief escapes after crossing Little Colorado River My/5 4/1
  • Porfirio Quinones is arrested for stealing two horses a year ago from Conkling on the San Pedro My/19 1/4
  • $20 reward for bay pony by D. E. Warfgrd My/19 3/5
  • John Hance finds a light sorrel horse near Grand Canyon Je/23 3/5
  • rustlers give problems in Apache County and eastern Yavapai County Je/23 4/1
  • Wm. Carroll, Milton or Flagstaff, advertises for a lost calf, reward Jy/14 3/1, 3/1
  • Wm. Powell, Flagstaff, has three hogs for owners to claim Jy/14 3/1
  • D. S. Russell and Lee Newman, Flagstaff, are charged by A. J. Hudson with horse stealing Jy/14 3/3
  • two horse thieves are killed near Benson by Constable Woods Ag/4 2/3
  • New Mexico cattlemen should establish a detective service on the TexasArizona Trail near Antelope Springs Ag/4 4/2
  • Edgar Gibson has had 12 horses and mules stolen from mesa back of Old Town Se/1 3/5


  • Deputy Sheriff McKinney, Winslow, has a shooting match while attempting to arrest Lee on a misdemeanor charge; no injuries and no arrest Se/8 3/3
  • Charley Smith, Tombstone customs inspector, is shot by Charley Cunningham Oc/6 2/4
  • Special Officer Frost, Nogales, shoots Antonio, a gambler, while resisting arrest for drunkenness No/24 3/3

     See Crimes and Criminals

     See Tariff and Customs

     See Livestock--Dairy Cattle

     See Entertainment

     See Children;   Women; individual names

     See Banks and Finance--Debts

     See Holidays and Religious Days

     See Elections and Politics

     See Medicine as a Profession

Includes only natural calamities.
     See also: Accidents;   Fires and Fire Prevention;   Railroads--Accidents

  • heavy rain occurs at Peach Springs causing water three feet deep and twenty feet wide to wash through town Jy/28 1/4
  • waterspout near Laguna, New Mexico, may have caused a train wreck Jy/28 2/3
  • severe storm in Tempe topples outhouses and damages roofs Jy/28 2/3
  • earthquake in Tombstone does minor damage Ag/4 1/3
  • recent rains cause numerous washouts on P & AC Ag/4 2/3
  • Yuma reports an earthquake Se/1 2/3
  • slight earthquake at Tucson De/8 3/3

Includes only human diseases and methods used to control their spread. Animal diseases are found under Livestock.

  • small pox reported in San Francisco Ja/7 3/1
  • small pox is epidemic in San Francisco Ja/14 2/2
  • cholera prevalent in Valpariaso Ja/14 2/2
  • four month old Nellie Vining dies of inflamation of the brain in Flagstaff Fe/4 3/3
  • pneumonia in Indiana and winter cholera rages in Minneapolis Fe/18 4/1
  • F. E. Foster, Flagstaff, is ill with pneumonia but recovers Mr/24 3/3
  • several cases of small pox reported in Albuquerque My/12 1/3
  • Wm. Adams, Flagstaff, is sick with pneumonia at E. F. Greenlaw's
    house Je/2 3/2
  • Prescott health officers deny danger of small pox epidemic Je/2 4/2
  • black measles breaks out on Santee River rice plantation Se/1 1/5
  • diphtheria is prevalent among children of St. Johns, is dying out Se/8 3/5
  • J. H. Rumsey, Flagstaff, is confined with rheumatism Oc/20 3/1
  • Philip Hull, Jr. dies from an attack of heart disease No/17 3/3
  • 35 children have died in St. Johns of diphtheria No/24 3/3
  • Flagstaff has quite a number sick De/l 3/1
  • A. P. Gibson, Flagstaff, is still ill with rheumatism De/8 3/1
  • still a large number of cases of diphtheria in St. Johns De/8 3/3

     See Mental Health

     See Medicine as a Profession

     See Pets


  • Dolan Springs My/5 4/1

     See Livestock

     See Water and Water Resources

     See Fads and Fashions

     See Accidents

     See Alcohol and Drugs

     See Alcohol and Drugs

     See Agriculture


  • Dry Lake Se/8 3/3
  • five miles north of Casa Grande Oc/6 2/4


  • Dudleyville Oc/20 1/3

     See Tariff and Customs

     See Disasters

     See also: Central Verde;   Lower Verde;   Upper Verde

  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

Includes prices and cost of living. Transportation advertisements may contain rates at times.
     See also: Banks and Finance

  • J. Salzman has pants from $6 upward and fall dress suits for $20 upward in Flagstaff Mr/24 3/1
  • prosperity of a country is gauged by its financial institutions and Arizona Central Bank shows Flagstaff's Mr/31 3/1
  • prices of photographs at St. Clair's gallery in Flagstaff Ap/7 3/3
  • P. J. Brannen gives Drices for staple and fancy groceries Ap/21 3/2
  • Flagstaff-Milton hack line costs 15¢ Ap/21 3/4
  • J. G. Stewart's list of prices in Flagstaff Ap/28 3/3
  • "if the money in Flagstaff isn't drunk it is awfully tight" Je/9 3/1
  • quail sell for 40¢ to 50¢ per dozen in Yuma Ag/18 2/4
  • fruit and vegetable prices at G. A. Woods', Flagstaff Ag/18 2/4
  • dental prices are given by Dr. Pentland Se/1 1/4
  • Stewart's in Flagstaff sells 10 pounds sugar for $1, California can goods for 25¢ and 16 bars of soap for $1 No/10 3/1


  • originally known as Cave Creek Jy/28 2/2

     See also: Colleges and Universities

  • W. O. O'Neill apportions school funds Ja/14 3/2
  • Strauss bill introduced by Smith in the U. S. Congress is ridiculous Mr/3 2/1
  • C. M. Strauss is in Washington scheming to dispose of school lands in a lump; Smith introduces a bill to that end Mr/10 2/1
  • W. W. Hill, Charles Hudson and Wm. Hines are appointed directors for new district of 50 children in Bellemont Mr/10 3/1
  • Smith introduces bill to promote education by providing for the sale of school lands Mr/10 3/2
  • Judge Wright overrules ex-officio School Superintendent O'Neill in matter of withholding pay from absent teacher Mr/17 2/1
  • regular quarterly examination for teacher's certificate to be held next month My/12 3/1
  • latest puzzle should be on next quarterly examination My/19 2/1
  • T. G. Norris is appointed member of teacher's examining board Je/9 3/1
  • Strauss, Superintendent of Public Instruction, makes arrangement for reduced fares for educators to the National Educational Association Je/9 3/3
  • Journal Miner says no teacher's institute this year due to lack of funds Je/16 2/2
  • Superintendent Strauss gives railroad fares for teachers Je/16 3/3
  • Strauss makes arrangements with the railroads for half fare to the National Educational Association Je/16 4/1
  • School Board of Tucson fixes lady teachers' salaries at $65 for primary and $75 for grammar Jy/21 2/3
  • new school district is formed near Flagstaff, boundaries are given Jy/21 2/3
  • examination for teacher's certificate begin in Prescott September 3rd Ag/18 3/1
  • C. M. Strauss reports the poll taxes collected in the counties Oc/6 3/3
  • Phoenix has average attendance of 330 Oc/27 3/4
  • 246 children are enrolled in the public schools of Tombstone De/15 2/2


  • Flagstaff's apportioned share will provide nine months Ja/14 3/2
  • Yavapai County Superintendent Judge O'Neill may visit Flagstaff schools Ap/7 3/1
  • two girls in primary department are expelled from school for improper conduct My/26 3/1
  • Geo. D. Crothers, principal, retires and Miss Clara Coffin will hold both departments My/26 3/2
  • school trustees election to be held June 30th Je/16 3/2
  • Champion nominates Gorham A. Bray for school trustee to succeed J. R. Kilpatrick Je/23 3/2
  • school closes for the term Je/23 3/3
  • trustees to be elected today, Champion suggests W. A. Switzer Je/30 3/1
  • car containing a delegation of school teachers is side-tracked in Flagstaff Je/30 3/2
  • W. A. Switzer is elected to fill vacancy in the Board of School Trustees Jy/7 3/2
  • eight car excursion train passes through Flagstaff with school teachers from the east Jy/14 2/3
  • School Board elects Miss Flora Weatherford as principal and Miss Clara Coffin as primary teacher Jy/28 3/2
  • Miss Fulton opens a kindergarten in Mrs. Scarborough's house for 3 to 10 year olds, tuition $15 per quarter Se/1 3/4
  • information on the Flagstaff Kindergarten Se/22 3/4
  • Miss Josie Switzer acts as principal during Miss Flora Weatherford's illness Se/29 3/1
  • debate is held at school, water is more destructive than fire, girls have affirmative, boys negative Oc/20 3/2
  • D. F. Hart, Oak Creek, moves family to Flagstaff for children's schooling No/17 3/1
  • public school gives an entertainment on December 28th De/8 3/2

Only the original article containing an educator's name is listed here. For complete information see the individual's name.

  • George D. Crothers, Flagstaff school principal Ja/21 2/2
  • Miss Clara Coffin, Flagstaff school teacher Ja/21 2/2
  • Miss Flora Weatherford, Flagstaff principal Fe/18 3/2
  • W. W. Hill, Bellemont district school director Mr/10 3/1
  • Wm. Hines, Bellemont district school director Mr/10 3/1
  • Charles Hudson, Bellemont district school director Mr/10 3/1
  • C. M. Strauss, Superintendent of Public Instruction Mr/10 2/1
  • Cragin, Superintendent of Navajo Indian School Ap/21 1/4
  • Miss Laura Fulton, Flagstaff kindergarten Je/9 3/2
  • Dr. J. Baldwin, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • Baldwin Sisters, Cora and Mabel, teachers Je/30 3/2
  • Rev. A. Clark, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • Miss Julia Dunlap, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • D. F. Eagleton, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • Miss Mattie Edrington, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • Miss Bessie Gillespie, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • J. T. Moore, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • W. C. Rickard, teacher Je/30 3/2
  • Miss M. Welch, teacher Je/30 3/2


  • delegate nomination for Zulick is lost, strayed, etc. Ap/7 2/1
  • Tucson Star editorial on politicians and newspapers Ap/14 2/2
  • election of Herndon and Berry as National Delegates galls Zulick My/12 2/1
  • "Zulick a Dead Duck" is San Francisco headline My/12 2/1
  • Bro. Marion gives L. C. Hughes, Tucson, labored attention My/19 2/1
  • Justice Tinker has registration blanks My/26 3/1
  • Geo. H. Tinker announces his hours for registering Je/2 3/5
  • Tucson Star suggests that the next territorial conventions should also nominate a choice for governor Je/9 2/2
  • Col. Eggers, Arizona delegate to Chicago, refuses to divulge presidential nominee Je/16 2/1
  • "Old Grizzly," A. W. Callen, runs for sheriff Je/16 3/2, 3/3, 3/4 leg. annc.
  • Billy Stewart will be good representative subsidy or not says Winslow News Je/30 3/3
  • J. C. Herndon is an opponent of M. A. Smith's for district attorney Jy/14 2/3
  • H. D. Ross, Flagstaff, seeks district attorney nomination Jy/21 3/2, 3/7 leg. annc.
  • "Look a Little Out" says Hoof & Horn Jy/21 3/4
  • Phoenix Arizonan comments on number of votes cast by Maricopa Jy/28 1/3
  • Arizonan says Phoenix will cast 2,000 votes Jy/28 1/4
  • Republicans of southern Arizona organize, Democrats are despondent Jy/28 2/1
  • editorial on wool tariff Ag/4 1/5
  • Sandy Donahue reports that politicians are stirring in Prescott Ag/4 3/2
  • Marion of Prescott Courier offers to wager his office over Cleveland being reelected Ag/4 4/1
  • Tombstone Epitaph says John C. Herndon will not fight Mark Smith in the convention Ag/18 1/3
  • Judge Barnes decides Judge Easton was within his rights to claim 250, per person registered from the Cochise Board of Supervisors Ag/18 1/3
  • L. C. Hughes visits Phoenix to fix up political fences Se/1 2/4
  • Clifton Clarion says Democrats outnumbered Republicans in the Civil War; Champion demands official figures Se/8 2/1
  • review of the vote in 1886 for Mark A. Smith and C. C. Bean Se/8 2/3
  • Phoenix campaign opens with L. H. Chalmers severely beating R. T. Jackson with a cane Se/8 2/4
  • Cameron & Lind, Flagstaff, have bandanas for all parties Se/22 3/2
  • St. Johns Herald says don't delay, register, applicable in Yavapai County too Se/22 3/2
  • best Republican news is Democratic endorsement of Cleveland and nomination of Mark Smith Se/29 2/1
  • Clark Churchill bets with C. A. Luke, both of Phoenix, on presidential outcome Se/29 2/2
  • "Uncle Jimmy" More is not a candidate this year Se/29 3/2
  • Flagstaff sheepman will bet 10,000 head on Harrison Oc/6 3/2
  • registration closes October 15th Oc/6 3/2
  • Texas Code is now in force in Arizona, it makes election betting a misdemeanor among other things Oc/6 3/3
  • four truths, 2 on Judge O'Neill, 1 on officials being judged what they do, and 1 on a joint discussion among candidates Oc/20 2/3
  • vote for J. V. Rhoades Oc/20 3/2
  • C. C. Reed and Ben Butler bet $475 on the election Oc/20 3/3
  • George Christ of Nogales bets $5,000 on Harrison Oc/20 3/3
  • Apache, Graham and Gila Counties have independent tickets for county offices Oc/20 3/3
  • J. V. Rhoades visits Prescott Oc/27 3/1
  • only ten days until election Oc/27 3/1
  • T. J. Butler is in Flagstaff Oc/27 3/2
  • Al. Greg and T. C. Donahue have a humorous election bet Oc/27 3/3
  • Maricopa has about 3,121 registered compared to 1,600 in Cochise County Oc/27 3/4
  • vote of T. J. Butler for treasurer No/3 2/1
  • Tuesday is election day, vote for best men, number of candidates in Flagstaff No/3 3/1, 3/1, 3/1
  • Gen. Wilson's Tombstone meeting is a rousing one No/3 3/1
  • John V. Rhoades is in Prescott No/3 3/1
  • saloons will be closed election day No/3 3/1
  • need only good men for legislature No/3 3/2
  • Frank L. Rogers leaves Prescott for home No/3 3/2
  • Mohave Mine deplores indifference of voters in registering No/3 3/4
  • Cameron and Lind, Flagstaff, are selling election hats No/10 3/1
  • Flagstaff sees some heavy betting No/10 3/1
  • J. M. Simpson, Flagstaff, keeps the news on the bulletin board No/10 3/1
  • election passes quietly No/10 3/1
  • J. R. Kilpatrick spends election day in Prescott No/10 3/1
  • Judge O'Neill, Chas. Akers, Ed Horne and Joseph R. Walker spend election day in Flagstaff No/10 3/2
  • Flagstaff polls 220 more votes than two years ago No/17 3/1
  • returns show the vote has fallen off in Mohave, Pinal, Gila and Chocise and increased in Graham, Yavapai and Maricopa Counties No/24 2/2
  • Cameron and Lind, Flagstaff, have election hats for sale No/24 3/1
  • three wheelbarrows in procession, an election bet in Prescott No/24 3/2
  • Albuquerque Citizen says it won the Prescott Courier but if Marion will advocate J. C. Martin he can keep it De/l 2/1
  • all but Arizona, Utah and New Mexico elected Republican Delegates to Congress De/l 2/1
  • Phoenix casts 400 votes more than any other city De/l 3/2
  • in the matter of federal soup Phoenix has put up her ante and passed the buck to Tucson De/8 2/1
  • Marcus A. Smith has 3,821 votes De/8 2/1
  • 11,150 votes were cast in this territory De/15 2/2


  • Geo. H. Tinker reruns for justice of the peace Jy/28 2/3
  • precinct will have larger vote this year with 753 already registered Ag/4 3/2
  • H. M. Gorton runs for justice of the peace Ag/4 3/2
  • H. M. Gorton announces candidacy for justice of the peace Ag/4 3/6 annc.
  • Dr. Brannen observes civil service rule and stays out of politics Ag/18 3/1 E. F. Odell announces himself candidate for constable Se/l 3/6 annc.
  • Hugh Cambell announces candidacy for constable Se/8 3/2, 3/6 annc.
  • William Morris is running for constable Se/22 3/1 J. J. Donahue runs for constable Se/29 3/6 annc.
  • N. G. Layton is candidate for justice of the peace Oc/6 3/1
  • William Morris is candidate for constable Oc/20 3/1
  • Wm. Morris announces his candidacy for constable Oc/20 3/6 annc.
  • N. G. Layton announces his candidacy for justice of the peace Oc/20 3/6 annc.
  • attend rally, Republican meeting tonight, GAR hall Oc/27 3/1, 3/1, 3/1
  • new precinct is established at Milton, A. A. Dutton, inspector, Robert S. Knowls and William Mayflower as judges Oc/27 3/2

    Congressional Delegates

  • Tombstone papers and Prescott Courier want Col. Eggers for delegate to Congress Je/16 2/1
  • M. A. Smith may not be nominated again, J. C. Herndon may be Jy/21 2/1


    Apache County
  • E. S. Stover calls for Apache County Republicans Central Committee to meet at St. Johns to nominate territorial delegates Ap/7 3/3
  • Democratic ticket Oc/20 3/4
  • people's convention ticket Oc/27 3/4

    Cochise County

  • Tombstone Prospector, a Democratic paper, supports a Republican Board of Supervisors Ag/4 4/1
  • Arizona Champion comments on numerous horse thieves and Tombstone Prospector says the comment is a dodge to reduce Democratic majority of Cochise Ag/18 3/2
  • voters are showing an independence of party conducive to good local government Ag/18 4/2
  • Cochise County Board of Supervisors decides $.20 is enough for registering a voter Se/8 3/4
  • Cochise County is residence of the governor and many other Arizona officers but assessor never finds hogs in the county Oc/6 2/4
  • Democratic ticket Oc/6 2/4

    Gila County

  • Republican ticket Se/22 3/3
  • Democratic ticket Oc/20 3/3
  • Gila County has 490 registered Oc/27 3/4
  • both parties in favor of repealing the act creating the office of commissioner of immigration No/3 2/3

    Graham County

  • Tucson Star calls Democratic ticket "the ring ticket" Oc/20 3/3

    Maricopa County

  • Frank Cox, district attorney, is renominated Se/8 3/4
  • Republican ticket is given Se/22 3/3
  • Gray, a Democrat, is elected sheriff in Maricopa County De/15 2/2

    Mohave County

  • Mohave County Republican convention choses delegates to territorial convention and instructs to support Eb Williams Ap/21 1/4
  • Kingman talks of an independent ticket Ag/18 1/5
  • Democratic ticket Se/29 2/2
  • Republican ticket Oc/20 3/3
  • Mohave County register contains 563 names; Pima County contains 2,363 No/3 3/4, 3/4

    Pima County

  • Republican ticket is given Se/22 3/3
  • Democratic ticket Oc/6 2/4

    Pinal County

  • no party candidates, all are independent Se/22 3/3

    Yavapai County

  • call given for a County Republican Convention on April 21st at Prescott to elect delegates for territorial convention Ap/7 3/3
  • J. B. Thomas, Flagstaff, is elected to fill J. N. Berry's vacancy on the County Republican Central Committee Ap/7 3/3
  • call for a Republican County Convention and Primary Election, apportionment of delegation is given Ap/14 2/1
  • Tonto Basin's Republican delegate will not attend the Convention but recommends L. F. Eggers be supported Ap/21 1/4
  • Republican County Convention report Ap/28 2/2
  • Courier thinks minority managed well Ap/28 3/2
  • Democratic County Convention elects delegates and instructs support for J. C. Herndon, Prescott, for National Convention My/5 2/2
  • Democratic Central Committee meets, 12 new primary precincts formed Je/23 2/1
  • Kansas paper comments on "Old Grizzly" running for sheriff Jy/7 2/4
  • call for a Republican County Convention, delegate apportionment given Jy/14 2/1
  • aspirants for county offices are thick as flies Jy/14 2/1
  • towns north of Prescott Junction have not been heard from Jy/14 2/1
  • County Republican Central Committee issues a call for primaries to be held August llth Jy/14 3/2
  • S. C. Reese, Chino Valley, announces himself candidate for sheriff Jy/14 3/3
  • S. C. Reese is a candidate for sheriff Jy/21 3/2, 3/7 leg. annc.
  • Prescott Journal-Miner says Mike Hickey looms as a dark horse for sheriff on Democratic ticket Jy/28 1/4
  • J. F. Horne, county recorder, seeks renomination from the Democrats Jy/28 2/2
  • Joseph P. Dillon announces candidacy for office of county recorder, Democrat Jy/28 3/1 annc.
  • Democrats hold primaries today, Flagstaff's is held in Grand Army hall Jy/28 3/2
  • Joseph P. Dillon runs for county recorder Jy/28 3/3
  • Flagstaff holds convention to nominate primaries slate JY/28 3/5
  • Jos. R. Walker announces himself candidate for sheriff, Republican Jy/28 4/1
  • Republican primaries are over, delegates given Ag/18 2/3
  • Democratic delegates of Flagstaff find the majority of Democrats not in favor of county division Se/1 2/2
  • Democratic convention slate of candidates Se/1 3/4
  • Champion gives a humorous reply to a Tucson Citizen comment on Yavapai County Se/15 2/1
  • Democrats nominate J. F. Daggs for Council and H. D. Ross for district attorney Se/15 2/1
  • ticket at the Republican convention is best ever Se/15 2/1
  • Republican ticket is given Se/15 2/1
  • Prescott Courier says Prescott ring put men on the Republican ticket, Champion chides them on their being a ring Se/15 2/2
  • Journal Miner says delegates from northern precincts a genial and intelligent lot Se/15 2/3
  • newly elected county central committee meets and appoints one per precinct to look after business Se/15 2/3
  • great register closes October 15th Se/15 3/1
  • Flagstaff delegates worked hard for their councilman candidate but give in gracefully Se/15 3/1 J. V. Rhoades, Republican, receives largest vote on first ballot for Assembly candidate Se/15 3/2
  • details of the Republican County Convention Se/15 3/3 a plank in the Republican platform is about the high assessment of the A & P Se/29 3/2
  • Republican ticket is best ever Oc/6 2/2, 2/3
  • Republican legislative ticket is first class Oc/6 3/2
  • 3,315 names on the Yavapai County register Oc/20 3/1
  • Wm. O. O'Neill challenges Joseph Walker to a joint canvass; sheriff candidates Oc/20 3/4
  • 1,000 fail to register in Yavapai County Oc/27 3/4
  • Yavapai County vote is given in detail, tabulated for 25 precincts No/10 2/2
  • election returns for Yavapai County No/17 3/4
  • lots of "sickness" on part of Yavapai County Democrats De/8 2/1


    Democratic Party
  • Champion nominates C. Meyer Zulick as delegate to National Democratic Convention Mr/24 2/1
  • Champion nominates L. C. Hughes, Tucson, for delegate to the Democratic National Convention Mr/31 2/1
  • John H. Marion, Prescott, for delegate to National Democratic Convention Ap/7 2/1
  • C. L. Mosher, Phoenix, is nominated as delegate to the National Democratic Convention Ap/14 2/1
  • John H. Marion is said to be boss but it seems Pete Bolan is Ap/14 2/1 D. J. Brannen, Flagstaff, for delegate to Democratic National Convention Ap/21 2/2
  • selection of Flagstaff delegates to Democratic County Convention is good Ap/28 3/2
  • Democrats of Flagstaff meet to elect delegates, report of meeting given Ap/28 3/3
  • Prescott choses Democratic delegates to Territorial Convention Ap/28 3/3
  • Prescott Courier says L. C. Hughes, Tucson, is not a true Democrat but Champion supports him My/5 2/2
  • Democratic Convention elects J. C. Herndon as national delegate My/12 2/1
  • P. J. Bolan, Chairman of Democratic Territorial Committee, adjourns to take a smile My/19 2/1
  • T. G. Norris has some unique metaphors in his speech nominating J. C. Herndon to National Democratic Convention My/26 2/1
  • Courier understands that Chas. F. Kathrens, Flagstaff, will run for sheriff on Democratic ticket My/26 3/2
  • Charles F. Kathrens is candidate for sheriff subject to Democratic convention Jy/7 3/1
  • H. D. Ross, Flagstaff, submits his name to Democratic Committee for county attorney Jy/7 3/1
  • Jos. R. Walker is a candidate for sheriff on the Democratic ticket Jy/21 3/2 Tucson Star, a Democratic paper, says Democrats have betrayed their trust Jy/28 1/5
  • Champion did not know local office was subject to Democratic convention Jy/28 3/2
  • Tombstone Epitaph says a Democratic convention in Flagstaff is against Mark Smith's interests Ag/4 2/2
  • Prescott Courier welcomes Clark to the Democratic Party Ag/4 3/2
  • Prescott Courier says primaries bring heavy rains Ag/4 3/1
  • Prescott Journal-Miner reports McMillan, Switzer and Thornton of Flagstaff as aspirants to the legislature Ag/4 3/2
  • Prescott polls 62 in the primary, Flagstaff 191 Ag/4 3/2
  • results of primaries for Yavapai County given Ag/4 3/3
  • St. Johns Herald says it was friends of Mark Smith who introduced Flagstaff as the place to hold the Democratic convention Ag/18 1/3
  • P. J. Bolan calls for convention in Tucson on September 3rd to nominate congressional candidate Ag/18 3/3
  • Prescott Journal-Miner retorts to Flagstaff Democrat comment on Flagstaff's primary Ag/18 4/1
  • "Mikado" (Governor) has some of his men as delegates to the convention Se/1 2/1
  • Zulick gains in favor, only lacks three votes to be endorsed Se/8 2/1
  • H. T. Andrews, a Mikado lieutenant, takes three proxies to the convention Se/8 2/1
  • Marcus A. Smith is delegate to Congress nominee and J. H. Hoadley and L. H. Orme are councilmen-at-large nominees Se/8 2/1
  • Democratic Territorial Convention votes down an endorsement of the National and Territorial Administration Se/15 2/1, 2/2
  • Samuel Purdy is teased by D. M. Field Se/15 3/5
  • Mark Smith speaks in Prescott Monday Oc/27 3/1
  • Maricopa County Central Committee awards papers financial encouragement Oc/27 3/4
  • L. H. Orme visits Yuma No/3 2/3
  • Joseph R. Walker is in Flagstaff No/3 3/1
  • J. F. Daggs is home in Flagstaff No/3 3/1
  • E. J. F. Horne is in Flagstaff No/3 3/1

    Republican Party

  • call is issued for territorial Republican Convention, number of representatives per county is given Mr/24 2/3
  • Yavapai County Republican Central Committee meets at Prescott to elect delegates Mr/24 3/1
  • County Republican Central Committee is in session at Phoenix Mr/31 2/2
  • Arizona party has two factions Mr/31 2/3
  • Flagstaff primaries elect delegates and alternates to Republican County Convention Ap/14 3/5
  • Republican Territorial Convention elects three northern Arizonians and one southern as national delegates and alternates Ap/28 3/3
  • Delegate Eggers attends National Republican Convention Je/9 1/5
  • success of the Republicans is vital to industries of the territory Jy/28 2/1
  • Tucson Star says Tom Butler, Prescott, will be nominee as delegate to Congress Ag/18 2/3
  • Territorial Convention meets in Tucson on September l9th Se/15 3/1
  • Tucson organizes a Republican club, officers given Se/22 3/3
  • Territorial Convention meets in Tucson, nominees given Se/22 3/4
  • national, territorial and Yavapai County ticket Se/29 2/1
  • Tucson convention adopts sound platform Se/29 2/1
  • Territorial Central Committee members Se/29 2/2
  • Republican Convention report on nominees Se/29 2/2
  • platform is given Se/29 2/3
  • A. W. Callen (Old Grizzly) states his position for the Republican platform but for the best men regardless of party Oc/6 2/3
  • vote for Gen. Thos. F. Wilson for delegate to Congress Oc/20 3/5
  • T. B. Calkint, Tres Alamos rancher, replaces B. S. Coffman as candidate for Joint Councilman Oc/27 2/1
  • J. R. Kilpatrick visits Yuma Oc/27 2/1
  • good prospects, comments on candidates Oc/27 2/2
  • Bisbee Democrat says the Republican legislative ticket is superior Oc/27 2/4
  • Frank Rogers visits Flagstaff Oc/27 3/1
  • J. W. M. Moore visits Flagstaff Oc/27 3/2
  • Thomas F. Wilso visits Flagstaff and Holbrook No/3 2/3
  • vote for J. R. Kilpatrick No/3 2/4
  • Wm. O. O'Neill is in Flagstaff No/3 3/1
  • Chas. Akers is in Flagstaff No/3 3/1
  • Flagstaff has two enthusiastic Republican rallies, at GAR hall Saturday and Vail's new hall Monday No/3 3/3
  • Kingman reschedules Republican rally due to train hold up, ball given that night, rally held in morning No/3 3/3
  • every territory except Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico elects Republican delegates No/17 2/1
  • Flagstaff holds a ratification meeting Thursday No/17 3/2


  • E. M. Sanford, General Manager of the Jasper Electric Light Company, procures equipment for lights in Flagstaff Ja/28 2/4
  • electric lights are planned for the corners of Gold and San Francisco and Railroad Avenue in Flagstaff Fe/4 3/2
  • contracts for masts, poles etc. for electric lights in Flagstaff are out Fe/11 3/1
  • Flagstaff expenses will be double first expectations Fe/18 3/2
  • Judge E. M. Sandford says Flagstaff lights will be in place in a short time Fe/25 3/2
  • where is company that was to erect lights at once in Flagstaff? Mr/17 3/1
  • electric light is in Phoenix Ap/21 3/2

     See Electricity

     See Educators

     See also: Mormons and Mormonism

  • C. H. King is said to have drawn a large amount of territorial money Ja/7 2/2
  • Cameron H. King leaves Tempe for Yuma, the second county he's had to leave Fe/11 2/1
  • Champion receives request for information almost daily Fe/25 3/2
  • Cameron H. King displays good judgement in selecting newspapers to disseminate Arizona mineral resources Mr/31 2/1
  • Prescott Junction says Ayer Lumber Company and Major D. M. Riordan settle several hundred people in Arizona Ag/4 3/2
  • Salt River Valley expects a large number from East Ag/18 2/4
  • Col. (?) Cameron H. King, Commissioner of Immigration, goes to reside in San Diego on his large salary Se/1 2/1
  • east is attempting to keep immigrants out and the west wants them, Arizona needs them Se/22 2/2
  • 46 Mexicans and their families arrive in Phoenix Se/22 3/3
  • gentlemen visit Phoenix, consider establishing a colony at Tempe Oc/20 3/3
  • both parties in Gila County favor repealing the act creating the office of commissioner of immigration No/3 2/3
  • people should stop in Arizona before rushing to California De/15 1/4

     See also: Business;   Clubs and Organizations;   Mines and Mining;   Railroads

  • typographical union of Phoenix adopts scales of prices for composition Fe/25 3/2
  • Tucson and Phoenix have Milk Maids' Conventions Mr/31 1/4
  • Flagstaff needs stone masons, brick layers and carpenters Mr/31 3/1
  • Singer Man'fg. Co., Tucson, wants a Flagstaff agent Ap/7 3/3
  • eastern dispatchers say engineers, brakemen, quarrymen, and painters are striking for higher wages and decreased hours Ap/7 3/3
  • E. H. Witherell hires freighters for Verde Station-Jerome run Ap/28 3/4
  • Florence Enterprise says canal company can't find enough teams My/12 3/2
  • Walter J. Hill wants six experienced sheepherders My/12 3/4
  • Flagstaff employment office is run by G. A. Woods Je/2 3/2
  • 50 mule or horse teams with drivers wanted by H. B. Dalton for railroad work Je/16 3/3
  • Charles C. Goven advertises for rail splinters Jy/7 3/4
  • advertisement for a girl wishing light work and comfortable employment Oc/27 3/1

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  • Buffalo Bill and his Wild West show visit Arizona in September Jy/21 2/3
  • ball held Tuesday night in Kingman No/3 3/3
  • Phoenix has a grand fireman's ball No/3 3/4
  • three Flagstaffians go to a Winslow dance De/l 3/2
  • Tucson has a bull fight De/8 3/3


  • GAR dance postponed due to weather Ja/7 3/1
  • ladies and gentlemen enjoy sleigh riding Ja/7 3/1
  • Mrs. D. M. Riordan gives a pleasant party and dance at her house Ja/7 3/2
  • dancing school is started Ja/14 3/1
  • dance is given at the GAR hall Ja/14 3/1
  • party a nd dance takes place at J. F. Hawks' hotel Ja/14 3/2
  • leap year ball is held at J. F. Hawks', members in attendance are given Ja/28 2/5
  • surprise party given for Etta and Della Powell at their parents' home Fe/4 3/1
  • Arizona Wood Company gives a dance at their warehouse Fe/11 3/2
  • leap year ball is a success Fe/18 3/2
  • Arizona Wood Company celebrates the completion of their new offices in their warehouse Fe/18 3/4
  • social party takes place at Sawyer's Hall Fe/25 3/1
  • Prof. Walter T. Mills lectures at M E Church Wednesday Fe/25 3/1
  • Chief Justice Wright lectured at M E Church last Thursday and last night Fe/25 3/3
  • private dances have enlivened social circles Mr/3 3/1
  • bal masque on l7th of Ireland promises to be a social success Mr/3 3/1
  • Walter T. Mills lectures Thursday evening Mr/3 3/1
  • snow balling is popular pasttime Mr/3 3/2
  • resolution of thanks is given Chief Justice Wright for his lectures Mr/3 3/3
  • a necktie and apron social is given at Maj. D. M. Riordan's Mr/17 3/1
  • balimasque at Sawyer's hall is grand success Mr/17 3/2
  • ladies of M E Church will give a sociable and candy pull at the church Mr/24 3/4
  • Mrs. Geo. H. Tinker is given a surprise birthday party Mr/24 3/3
  • magic lantern show to be held at Sawyer's hall Ap/14 3/1
  • Rev. Dr. Goodwin delivers lecture on Prohibition at M E Church Ap/14 3/1
  • surprise masquerade party given for Maj. D. M. Riordan at the Arizona Wood Co.'s warehouse Ap/14 3/2
  • M E Church holds a pie social Ap/21 3/1
  • excursion planned for Mormon Dairy by Cornet Bank on the Arizona Mineral Belt Ap/28 3/2, 3/2, 3/2, 3/2
  • Mormon Dairy excursion has rain showers My/5 3/1
  • street fakir does a good business in ring toss My/5 3/3
  • ice cream social at M E Church My/12 3/2
  • Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Bray hold an euchre party My/12 3/3
  • euchre party is given by Mrs. D. M. Riordan My/12 3/4
  • social dance is given at Sawyer's Hall under Chas. Dennie My/19 3/1
  • large party will visit Roger's Lake overnight My/19 3/2
  • excursion to Roger's Lake is a success My/26 3/2
  • Miss Irene Thomas celebrates 9th birthday with 23 girl friends My/26 3/5
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chas. A. Greenlaw gives a pleasant entertainment Je/9 3/1
  • Arizona Wood Co. warehouse becomes theater for local talent to present "Esmeralda" to establish a library Je/9 3/3
  • social dance held at Sawyer's Hall under Chas. Dennie Je/16 3/1
  • "Esmeralda" is rehearsed Je/16 3/2
  • Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Dutton hold a progressive euchre Je/16 3/2
  • Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Dutton hold a progressive euchre Je/23 2/3
  • "Esmeralda" will be presented for the benefit of a public reading room Je/23 2/4
  • report of "Esmeralda" by the Flagstaff Dramatic Company Je/30 3/4
  • good music, pleasant company and a good time on Mormon Dairy excursion Jy/14 3/2
  • tickets are for sale for the excursion to Mormon Dairy on July l7th Jy/14 3/2
  • citizens are informed that the excursion to Mormon Dairy will have grand rodeo and the Flagstaff Band Jy/14 3/3
  • 100 or more go on Mormon Dairy excursion Jy/21 3/2
  • itinerant performer was at Grand Army hall on Saturday Jy/28 3/2
  • six go to Oak Creek to picnic and fish Jy/28 3/4
  • circus performs in Flagstaff and then moves to Winslow, Prescott attenders say it is pretty fair Ag/4 3/2
  • surprise party planned Ag/4 3/2
  • surprise party held for Miss Josie Switzer Ag/4 3/4
  • party held by J. C. Dennie at the skating rink Ag/4 3/5
  • dance may be held at the pavilion next week in honor of Mrs. G. A. Bray Ag/18 3/1
  • Prof. Dutcher, Missouri, speaks on natural science at the Methodist church Ag/18 3/2
  • party from Flagstaff climbs Agassiz peak, dance held at Hart's ranch on their return Ag/18 3/3
  • Cornet Band, George D. Crothers' Sunday school class and others are entertained at the parsonage Ag/18 3/4
  • George Hoxworth entertains Flagstaff Band and all connected with the erection of his new house Se/1 3/2
  • J. F. Hawks gives a reception and party in honor of his daughter, Mrs. Samuel King of Kansas Se/1 3/3
  • Jas. Black holds a social party Se/1 3/4
  • D. A. Murphy's invitations are out to the Flagstaff Cornet Band for a dance Se/15 3/1
  • pleasant card party is held at Maj. & Mrs. D. M. Riordan's Se/22 3/1
  • social is given at M E Church Se/22 3/1
  • social party given in J. J. Donahue's new building by Prof. J. C. Denny Se/22 3/2
  • party at D. A. Murphy's is a success Se/22 3/5
  • ladies plan a Catholic Fair October 29, 30 and 31 in Arizona Wood Company hall Oc/6 3/1, 3/4
  • dancing party held at Lockett & Schulz Oc/6 3/4
  • Catholic Fair to be last three days of this month Oc/20 3/1
  • Mrs. Fred Riley and Miss Ella Hawks canvass for the Catholic Fair Oc/27 3/1
  • dance is given in Jas. A. Vail's new building by Prof. J. C. Dennie Oc/27 3/2
  • New Year's Ball to be held in new hotel building Oc/27 3/2
  • information of the Catholic Fair Oc/27 3/3
  • Catholic Fair is enjoyable affair No/3 3/3
  • grand masquerade ball to be held at Arizona Wood Co.'s hall Tuesday No/17 3/1
  • social gathering to be held at Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Rumsey's No/17 3/2
  • Catholic Fair earns $839.90 No/17 3/2
  • masquerade ball is given at the skating rink Tuesday No/24 3/1
  • party given by Frank Rumsey No/24 3/2
  • Sam Black holds a dance De/l 3/1
  • William C. Manning, one-legged man, performs gymnast feats in Sawyer's hall De/l 3/1
  • number of Winslow and Williams folks attend masquerade De/l 3/1
  • masquerade ball given by Chas. Dennie at the Arizona Wood Company's hall is success despite the bad weather De/l 3/2
  • John V. Rhoades gives a farewell supper to a few friends before a trip to New York De/8 3/2
  • dance at Wood Hall last evening was grand success De/8 3/2


  • has a Leap Year Ball Ja/28 4/1
  • ball is given in honor of Mrs. G. A. Bray, Flagstaff Fe/4 3/1
  • complimentary party is given by Dudes Hose Company to Mrs. G. A. Bray Fe/4 3/3
  • Zamloch the Wizard King plays to a full house at Sawyer's Hall, next engagement in Prescott Mr/10 3/2

     See Diseases

     See Scientists


  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Prisons and Prisoners

     See Protestants and Protestantism

     See Fairs

     See Fairs

     See also: Courtship and Marriage;   Entertainment

  • dresses described which were worn to the Flagstaff Leap Year Ball Fe/18 3/2


    Arizona Industrial Exposition Association
  • will be best exhibition of resources and productions, Yavapai's exhibits given Jy/21 2/3
  • Champion receives premium list for fifth annual exhibition Jy/28 3/1
  • Phoenix Arizonan says 5th annual exhibit has great promise Se/1 2/4
  • Phoenix will hold a cowboy tournament during the fair Se/29 4/2
  • T. J. Butter, Prescott, gives opening address Monday Oc/20 3/3
  • Charley Meadows wins prize in cowboy tournament Oc/27 3/4
  • most successful ever held Oc/27 3/4
  • livestock parade is a credit to Arizona Oc/27 4/3

    New Mexico Exposition

  • 8th annual fair announces its dates, September 24 to 29 Se/1 3/4
  • Dagg Bros. are sending a carload of sheep Se/22 3/1
  • half-rate fare to Albuquerque goes into effect today Se/22 3/1
  • Maj. D. M. Riordan plans fine exhibit Se/22 3/2
  • T. G. Norris sends a specimen of oats from Flagstaff vicinity Se/22 3/2
  • displays may be shipped free over A & P Se/22 3/5

  • has one delegate to Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Livestock

     See Agriculture

     See Agriculture

     See Employment and Labor

     See Agriculture

     See Ranches and Farms

     See Fads and Fashions

     See Education and Schools

     See Holidays and Religious Days

     See also: Crimes and Criminals

  • J. D. Houck, Deputy Sheriff of Apache County, reports trouble between sheepmen and cattlemen in Tonto Basin Ag/18 3/5
  • St. Johns Herald reports trouble between New Mexico sheepherders and cattlemen Ag/18 4/3

     See Diseases

     See Sports--Fights

     See Banks and Finance;   Economic Conditions

     See Accidents--Firearms

     See Fires and Fire Prevention

     See Insurance

     See Fires and Fire Prevention


  • Bisbee's business portion entirely destroyed Ja/7 2/2
  • Tucson's Arivaca Hotel burns Ja/14 3/1
  • Flagstaff should learn from Winslow fire, chemical engine should be charged Mr/3 2/3
  • fire destroys post library and building at Fort Lowell Mr/24 1/4
  • Yuma County jail set afire by Mexican prisoner My/19 3/2
  • fire in Tempe destroys Coon Burtis & Coon property and the Len Forsee building My/26 1/5
  • two fires in Bellemont on Thursday, A. B. Boyle's saloon and house and Parker's mill with seven houses Je/9 3/3
  • Nogales drug store is destroyed Je/16 1/4
  • Holbrook sends thanks for contributions from Flagstaff Je/30 2/2
  • Quartermaster and Commissary store houses burn at Fort Apache Je/30 2/3
  • somebody set fire to Jim Black's corral fence Je/30 3/2
  • Calico, mining town in Mohave County, is burned Jy/21 2/2
  • number of ties at Bellemont owned by George L. Fields burned Jy/21 3/2
  • store house and school building at Sacaton Indian Agency in Pinal County are destroyed by fire De/8 3/3


  • house and stable of Stout and Wilbur burn Fe/11 3/1
  • at half past three o'clock the immense coal oil illuminator at Sawyer's Hall is found on fire, conflagration averted Mr/17 3/2
  • Az. Lumber Co. has built preventive methods into its new plant Je/2 2/2
  • new water tower and pipes will give sufficient pressure to throw water over any building Je/30 3/2
  • precautions for people to take on the 4th, humorous and serious Je/30 3/2
  • on Monday morning Railroad Avenue was destroyed by fire, details given as is a list of losses Jy/7 1/3
  • Flagstaff thanks sister towns for their aid and sympathy Jy/7 2/1
  • T. C. Bray thanks Prescott people with the words "saved four store keys, and three books" Jy/7 3/1
  • unconfirmed report is out that a drunken man perished in the basement of Donahue's Jy/7 3/2
  • Maj. D. M. Riordan sends sympathy to those burned out Jy/7 3/4
  • repeat of article on the "Big Blaze" with three additional losses in column 5 Jy/14 1/3
  • nearly all businessmen have made contracts to rebuild Jy/14 2/1
  • Asa Clark's house on Church Street catches fire, little damage done Jy/28 3/4
  • location of the keys of the 5 plugs to water mains are given Se/29 3/3Kingman
  • people of Flagstaff extend sympathy to sufferers Je/23 3/3
  • entire block is destroyed as well as four others Je/23 3/4
  • Az. Lumber Company expresses sympathy to J. R. Halsey for his losses Je/30 3/3
  • two rebuilt buildings burn down, Palace restaurant and a dwelling Jy/21 3/3


  • has $1,000 fire on the 4th Jy/21 1/4
  • Thomas Brown's home burns Ag/18 1/5 Prescott
  • sampling works almost destroyed by fire Je/9 1/5
  • fire destroys entire block except for Bank of Arizona, details given Jy/7 3/4
  • E. M. Tackett's home and furniture burn Jy/28 2/3
  • Hang Lee's wash house burns on Granite Street, owned by Mrs. Moeller Ag/18 1/5
  • house and corral of Frank Rosilda on the black mesa is destroyed by arsonist Se/22 3/3


  • fire destroys $5,000 worth of property Je/16 3/2
  • Occidental Hotel is destroyed on September l4th Se/22 3/3


  • four businesses burn when fire starts in Chinese wash house Mr/3 3/3
  • arson attempted behind Breed's store, extinguished Jy/28 2/3

     See Animals

     See also: Transportation--Local

  • citizens meet for second time to open Sec 16, Tp 21 for Flagstaff townsite Ja/28 2/5
    (See Land and Land Tenure for further information)
  • believes 1888 will see great activity in building Fe/11 2/1
  • spring fights begin in Flagstaff Fe/11 3/1
  • two years ago not a business was left standing and now it is four times its original size Fe/18 2/2
  • active building operations and lively times will give spring boom Mr/3 3/1
  • six mule teams of Az. Lumber Company clear the thoroughfares of snow Thursday Mr/3 3/2
  • needs forty-room hotel Mr/3 3/2
  • needs a hotel Mr/10 3/1
  • more strangers in town give a foretaste of lively springtime Mr/17 3/1
  • half a dozen tents on the south side of the tracks give appearance of boom mining camp Mr/17 3/1
  • dangerous holes in Railroad Avenue sidewalk call for attention Mr/24 3/1
  • movement to grade and improve Railroad Avenue and construct a sidewalk on the south side Mr/24 3/4
  • Judge Crothers moves his Justice Court into basement of the Donahue building Mr/31 3/1
  • prospects of spring Mr/31 3/3
  • Flagstaff's Vining and Marion have a difference of opinion Ap/7 2/1
  • saloon for sale, also restaurant, barber shop and two lodging houses Ap/7 3/3
  • has seven delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • General Manager of A & P, A. A. Gaddis, says A & P intends to pursue a more liberal policy Ap/14 3/2
  • has good signs of prosperous times ahead Ap/21 2/2
  • Champion disagrees with Gallup Register on whether Gallup or Flagstaff exports more value Ap/21 2/2
  • new addition on flat south of the stock yards is called "Goose Flat" Ap/21 3/1
  • demand for real estate is apparent Ap/21 3/1
  • two furnished rooms for rent Ap/21 3/1
  • H. J. Miller buys three lots from J. Salzman in western portion of town this week Ap/28 3/1
  • Thos. F. McMillan buys six lots from Ralph H. Cameron for $16,300 My/5 3/1
  • J. C. Martin of Journal-Miner publishes a letter about Flagstaff, not reprinted My/5 3/2
  • grows My/12 3/1
  • will match register of weddings and births for past five months with any other town My/12 3/2
  • runaway team is averted from wrecking a stable full of carriages and horses but does wreck the buggy My/19 3/4
  • three-room cottage is for rent on Church Street My/26 3/4
  • southern California real estate for exchange for Flagstaff property Jy/7 3/2
  • has eight delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • J. R. Kilpatrick builds a fine stone pavement in front of his store and the Arizona Central Bank Jy/14 3/2
  • house, four lots and a well for sale Jy/21 3/2
  • J. B. Crocker, Missouri, praises Flagstaff but notes saloons are numerous Jy/28 3/2
  • is healthiest town in Arizona or continent Jy/28 3/2
  • two real estate transfers are filed at Prescott Jy/28 3/3
  • improves, builds and recovers from fire Se/8 3/1
  • will have a metropolitan appearance when building boom is over and rubbish is cleared Se/8 3/1
  • letter from J. H. Fourger of Norwich, Connecticut, saying he was one of three who placed the flagpole in April 1876 Se/8 3/4
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3
  • hob-nobs among the unterrified at Flagstaff Se/22 3/2
  • has number of strangers visiting Se/22 3/2
  • Andrews, Prescott, says Flagstaff and Williams grow fast Se/29 3/1
  • infant in industries are advancing rapidly in Flagstaff, and will soon be able to hold Prescott level Oc/6 3/1
  • has number of tramps and peddlars Oc/20 3/1
  • Ed Price came through Flagstaff before there was any Flagstaff Oc/20 3/1
  • number of strangers in town Oc/27 3/1
  • Flagstaff is depopulated due to court in Prescott No/24 3/1
  • Flagstaff has quite a number sick De/l 3/1
  • number of citizens consider going to Needles for winter, many have gone to Phoenix De/8 3/1
  • Bank Hotel will have a stone sidewalk De/8 3/1
  • and surrounding country expects a boon next spring De/8 3/2

     See Disasters

     See also: Agriculture

  • nigger-head cactus, about the size of a cabbage, makes good dairy feed Fe/4 1/4
  • bouquets presented to Flagstaff actors and actresses Je/30 3/4
  • sotal plant or cat-claw is quite useful Ag/18 1/5
  • fungus known as vegetable beefsteak found on old oak trees is nutritious and wholesome Se/22 4/3

     See also: Courtship and Marriage

  • tenderfoot writes about crossing desert plains of Arizona Ja/7 3/2
  • Johnny Foren, Flagstaff, interviews originator of an earthquake which shook the San Juan Ja/28 3/2
  • five Flagstaff practical jokers scare people with a mock lynching Mr/24 3/2
  • benevolent resident of Arizona comes upon a necktie social Ap/14 1/4
  • Tucson Citizen tells a snake story Ap/21 1/3
  • Secretary Bayard gets into a scrape over using the women's dressing room as a baby laundry Ap/28 3/2
  • an Arizonian receives a credit rating from a San Francisco reference My/5 1/4
  • Supervisor Frank Proctor, Graham County, witnesses a fight between two gopher snakes My/26 1/5
  • G. A. Bray, Flagstaff, needs to increase his sales to support a Newfoundland dog Je/16 2/5
  • fictitious comments on "Esmeralda," a play presented in Flagstaff Je/30 3/4
  • Marion, Courier editor, claims to be ruler of all northern Arizona including the clouds Jy/21 2/3
  • merry cowboys are on spring round-up with a piano Jy/21 4/1
  • total eclipse of the moon Saturday night was supposedly caused by tragedy at Winslow Jy/28 3/2
  • Needles correspondent, Kingman Miner, gives a fishing story Ag/4 1/5
  • poem about Grover [Cleveland] Ag/18 2/3
  • western range girls are business-minded about courting, marrying, roundingup or being rounded-up Se/1 1/4
  • Arizona Kicker article on meat market Se/1 2/4
  • Willcox Stockman requests the boy to bring his burro around to have a bar attached to his tail Se/8 4/2
  • Winslow cowboy explains to eastern excursionists that cattle and sheep subsist on ranges in the area due to strong pairs of magnifying spectacles Se/22 4/2
  • Tempe grocery order says wife had a baby Oc/6 2/4
  • school student of Thatcher, Graham County, writes "our oldest inhabitant is . . . . He is now dead." Oc/20 3/3
  • a poem, "The Way Arizona Girls Kiss" Oc/20 4/2
  • New York Tribune says Miss Clam of Bad Man's Gulch, A. T., marries Mr. Fritter and has her cards printed "Mrs. Clam-Fritter" No/3 3/4
  • Walter Fife takes the ear marking of his derby hat goodnaturedly and then charges a cowboy hat to the markers No/3 4/3
  • W. J. Burner sees a strange animal in Miller's Canyon in the Huachucas, Mexicans have a story about its existence No/10 4/2
  • cowboys bury a loved one No/10 4/3
  • election is over but there is still baseball to talk about No/24 4/1

     See Agriculture;   Cookery;   Economic Conditions

     See also: Lumber and Lumbering

  • Tucson has an arbor day, J. S. Mansfield promises $100 to child who plants and keeps alive largest number of trees Ja/28 4/1
  • U. S. Attorney O. T. Rouse brings suit against several persons for cutting and receiving timber belonging to the U. S. government, list given Jy/14 4/2
  • Arizona forest area is estimated at 10,000,000 acres Oc/27 3/4
  • L. Ronsse, Kansas, visits Flagstaff to obtain some timber land for capitalists No/17 3/1
  • Arizona has 10,000,000 acres De/15 2/1

     See Crimes and Criminals--Counterfeiting and Forgery


  • ordered abandoned Se/1 2/4

     See Holidays and Religious Days

     See Crimes and Criminals--Fraud


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Agriculture

     See Animals

     See Flowers and Gardening


  • San Andreas mountains mentioned Je/23 4/1


  • townsite company formed, incorporated Mr/24 1/4


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Livestock

     See Flagstaff

     See Arizona;   Indians--Government Relations

     See Arizona--Governors


  • receives $1,410 for liquor and gambling licenses in April My/26 1/5

     See Agriculture


  • Flagstaff party goes My/19 3/1
  • railroadmen will visit My/19 3/2
  • two parties will arrive in Flagstaff to see the Grand Canyon My/26 3/2
  • Flagstaff party returns My/26 3/3
  • forty excursionists from California visit Grand Canyon in charge of E. J. Carsen Je/2 3/1
  • Flagstaff party of three goes Je/2 3/1
  • party of five escorted by a detachment of colored soldiers visit Je/16 2/3
  • excursionists return Je/16 3/2
  • Dr. C. A. Kersey, Indiana physician, visits Je/23 3/1
  • three visit Je/23 3/2
  • visit Jy/14 3/3
  • number of Phoenix citizens arrange a trip via Flagstaff Jy/21
  • three visit Jy/28 3/4
  • visit Jy/28 3/4
  • Flagstaffians go Oc/6 3/2
  • two Flagstaffians return Oc/27 3/1
  • party of eleven returns Oc/27 3/2
  • article on the Grand Canyon as a tourist attraction No/10 3/2
  • Chas. Kathrens and Ed Whipple plan a trip on the river in Grand Canyon De/8 3/1

     See Business


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Accidents--Firearms


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Medicine

     See Livestock--Cattle


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Arts, Crafts and Hobbies


  • reports due to absence of its own newspaper Ja/21 2/3
  • report Ja/28 2/4

     See also: Entertainment

  • next Sunday is San Juan's Day, fittingly observed by Mexicans in Flagstaff Je/23 3/2
  • persons with claim against committee on arrangement in Flagstaff need to submit Jy/7 3/1
  • Mexican citizens of Florence arrange to celebrate their national holiday Se/1 1/5
  • Flagstaff Mexicans will celebrate their national independence with festivities and a ball on September 17th Se/15 3/2
  • Mexican citizens of Flagstaff hold a well-attended dance Se/22 3/2

    Children's Day

  • observed at M E Church in Flagstaff Je/16 3/3

    Chinese New Year

  • begins on the 11th; Flagstaff Chinamen lay in fireworks Fe/4 3/1
  • Flagstaff Celestials celebrate Fe/11 3/2


  • is coming De/8 3/1
  • stores begin to wear holiday attire in Flagstaff De/8 3/2
  • will be a dance Christmas Eve in Flagstaff De/8 3/2
  • Sawyer's hall Christmas Eve dance promises to be best attended De/15 3/1
  • M E Church will put on a Christmas tree for the children Christmas Eve De/15 3/2

    Fourth of July

  • Prescott discusses propriety of celebration; Champion says people fear subsidized air line My/12 3/2
  • need to begin planning in Flagstaff My/26 3/3
  • citizens meeting is to be held in Flagstaff on June 4th to plan Je/2 2/3
  • Flagstaff will have grand celebration Je/9 3/1
  • Jim Simpson, chairman of finance committee in Flagstaff Je/9 3/1
  • committees appointed in Flagstaff Je/9 3/2
  • Flagstaff Cornet Band will play Je/16 3/1
  • Gallup and Flagstaff will play baseball Je/16 3/1
  • Flagstaff committee of arrangements and finance meets Je/16 3/2
  • H. D. Ross will read the Declaration of Independence in Flagstaff Je/16 3/2
  • arrangements nearly complete for Flagstaff celebration; half fare on railroads, committees given Je/16 3/3
  • Globe will celebrate Je/23 3/1
  • Phoenix will celebrate Je/23 3/1
  • Prescott will celebrate on the lst, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Je/23 3/1
  • Flagstaff committee on arrangements meets Je/23 3/3
  • Flagstaff committee on finance asks for amounts subscribed Je/23 3/3
  • get burros in shape for Flagstaff races Je/30 3/2
  • appointed committees are expected to do their duty Je/30 3/2
  • all interested parties are requested to join the Flagstaff procession Je/30 3/2
  • despite fire, Flagstaff's celebration was held; details given Jy/7 2/3

    Memorial Day

  • extensive preparations are being made in Flagstaff My/26 2/1
  • Flagstaff to have impressive memorial services My/26 3/4
  • Flagstaff observes the day most appropriately; Henry J. Miller's address given Je/2 3/3
  • Col. Eggers delivers Tombstone memorial address Je/2 4/2

    New Year's Day

  • Flagstaff celebration Ja/7 2/3
  • Foster, Sommers and Lapham, Flagstaff, give a New Year's dinner at their bachelors club Ja/7 3/1

    St. Patrick's Day

  • is being celebrated in Flagstaff Mr/17 3/1


  • C. Meyer Zulick proclaims November 29th as Thanksgiving No/10 2/1
  • ladies of M E Church will give dinner at Arizona Wood Company's hall No/24 3/2
  • dinner given by ladies of M E Church is a success De/l 3/1
  • passed quietly in Flagstaff De/l 3/1


  • Flagstaff post office is busy, comment on the day Fe/18 2/2

     See Land and Land Tenure

     See Sports--Horse Racing

     See Livestock--Horses

     See Medical Institutions;   Mental Health

     See Business


  • in Pleasant Valley Ag/18 3/5


  • Maj. Schwartz has an olla decorated with letters and words taken from a baking powder box No/3 3/4

     See Building and Buildings

     See Folklore and Humor

     See Sports

     See Refrigeration

     See Diseases

     See Emigration and Immigration

     See Banks and Finance--Debts

Only the original article containing the name of an agent is indexed here. For more information see the individual's name.

  • Major S. S. Patterson, U. S. Indian agent at Fort Defiance Fe/4 3/1
  • Claude M. Johnson, Kentucky, is appointed Pima Indian Agent Ap/28 1/3


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1

     See Educators

Southwestern Indians in and around Arizona are included. General articles may pertain to other North American Indians, and if so will have North American Indians noted by "N A Indians." The articles are subdivided by Government (U.S.) Relations, and individual Tribes.

  • folklore story My/17 1/3
  • information on Flagstaff justice of the peace who registers Indians can be obtained from J. M. Simpson Je/16 3/1
  • New Mexico and Arizona citizens have lost over $2,000,000 from Indian depredations Jy/28 1/4
  • corn, beans, etc. are being cultivated along lower Colorado River Jy/28 1/4
  • Judge J. M. Sanford, Williams, is authority on Indian language and its derivation and conversant with their lore Ag/4 3/4
  • trap quail and sell them in Yuma at 40¢ to 50¢ per dozen Ag/18 2/4
  • report of Indians on the warpath in Tonto Basin is untrue Ag/18 3/1
  • Geronimo and his braves are likely to be attacked by yellow fever at their quarters in Alabama Oc/6 2/4
  • Gen. Miles says the last of the Indians implicated in Jones' murder near Dudleyville are captured Oc/20 1/3
  • deliver hay and wood to military at San Carlos Oc/20 3/3
  • five Indians who killed Jones on the San Pedro are all in jail at San Carlos Oc/27 3/4
  • destroy fish in Gila with giant powder No/3 3/4
  • store house and school building at Sacaton Indian Agency in Pinal County is destroyed by fire De/8 3/3

    Government Relations

  • Indian Commissioner Atkins needs to explain why so many Indian traderships are in the hands of his friends and relatives Ap/7 2/1
  • Maj. S. S. Patterson, Navajo Indian agent, is called to Washington to account for his poor stewardship Ap/21 1/4
  • S. S. Patterson is removed as Navajo Indian agent My/12 2/2
  • Courier calls resigning Gen. Atkins the best Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and Champion strongly disagrees My/26 2/2
  • Albuquerque Citizen agrees Cleveland should accept Indian Commissioner Atkins' resignation Je/23 2/2
  • Mark Smith writes saying President will not send Chiricahua back to Arizona from Alabama Oc/6 2/4
  • ones pardoned by President will be tried for murder at Tucson De/8 3/3
  • President's message protests against return of Apaches to Arizona De/15 2/1


  • murderer of Wm. Diehl is found in Tucson My/19 1/4
  • seven Apaches who escaped at Geronimo's surrender kill two Mexicans and drink the mescal they carried Je/30 1/3
  • cost $10,000 to convict the Apaches in the U. S. Court in Phoenix Jy/14 2/2
  • Gon Shayee, under death sentence, wishes to see his family from San Carlos Ag/4 2/3
  • a man was reported murdered and mutilated by five Apaches on Cook's ranch Oc/6 2/4
  • Guy W. Butler brings "Josh" in for killings on White Mountain reservation Oc/20 3/3
  • last of Geronimo's gang is captured in Sierra Madre mountains Oc/20 3/3
  • Captain Jack, prisoner, becomes excited when fireworks are set off No/3 1/6
  • renegades who killed Mike Grace near Crittenden have been released from Alcatraz and may now be tried in civil court No/17 3/2


  • a list of ten Indians tried and complicated in murder, sentences given Je/23 1/3

    Apache--San Carlos

  • five enlisted scouts are sentenced to 2, 10, 15 and 20 years at hard labor at Fort Leavenworth Ja/7 2/1
  • plant 500 acres more grain this season Mr/24 1/4
  • John H. Norton, Wilcox, is awarded beef contract Je/9 4/2
  • John H. Norton, Wilcox, is awarded beef contract Je/16 3/1
  • two of the nine who resisted arrest have come into the agency and the other seven were never off reservation Ag/18 1/4
  • present Indian outbreak may be nothing but settlers should beware Ag/18 2/3
  • 183 steers are being delivered Oc/20 3/3


  • squaw is proud possessor of twin boys Oc/20 3/3


  • Secretary of the Interior orders Navajo Indians to stay on their reservation Ap/14 2/2
  • Navajo sheep still in Utah Ap/28 4/1
  • Albuquerque Citizen publishes a column on the administration of Maj. S. S. Patterson Je/9 2/3
  • G. W. Wells has seven head of stock, five horses and colts taken from his ranch near Gallup, recovered Je/16 2/3
  • raid Rawson's store in Chaco, New Mexico Je/16 2/3
  • steals transient's horse in Gallup Jy/7 3/1
  • petition is sent to agent to keep Indians off the Coconino Forest where they have stolen a great deal of stock Se/8 3/3


  • Firimina is convicted of murdering Ford, a prospector Oc/27 3/4


  • Claude M. Johnson, Kentucky, is appointed Pima Indian Agent Ap/28 1/3
  • 14 year old boy weighs 285 pounds Ag/4 1/3

         See Hualapai


  • cremate their dead like the Romans of old Jy/21 2/3
  • ingenuity is needed to count them due to their superstition Ag/18 214
  • San Pedro Pilot says a Yuma squaw and a Chinese have married in San Bernardino Oc/20 1/3
  • Ouche and wife weigh 438 pounds Oc/27 3/4

     See Fairs

     See Business

     See Mental Health

     See Animals


  • Arivaca Hotel, Tucson, has $7,000 worth of fire damage and is covered for $5,000 Ja/14 3/1
  • no insurance in $3,500 fire at Winslow Mr/3 3/3
  • H. Bruckmann, Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, is in Flagstaff Ap/14 3/2
  • Beecher & Co., Kingman, lose $40,000 in the fire, partially insured Je/23 3/4
  • some of Flagstaff businesses were insured but not all Jy/7 1/3
  • E. M. Tackett, Flagstaff, has no insurance on his burned home or furniture Jy/28 2/3
  • Thomas Brown's burned home, Phoenix, insured for $11,000 Ag/18 1/5
  • Occidental Hotel at Tombstone was $25,000 loss, $10,000 insurance Se/22 3/3


  • near Prescott Se/1 3/1

     See Water and Water Resources--Canals and Irrigation

     See Prisons and Prisoners

     See also: Mines and Mining--Mining Companies and Areas

  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Employment and Labor


  • Johnson's Cañon Ja/21 3/2
  • west of Williams Jy/21 3/2

     See Newspapers;   Periodicals

     See Law as a Profession

     See Arizona--Courts;   Crimes and Criminals;   Prisons and Prisoners;   individual cities


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See also: Ranches and Farms

  • Alfred D. Young sells 160 acres near Flagstaff to Frank Hart & W. H. Campbell Ja/7 3/1
  • Robert Richards buys two lots from Geo. Hoxworth on the corner of Grant and Church Street Ja/7 3/2
  • Probate Judge W. O. O'Neill will publish a list of unsettled estates in Yavapai County Ja/14 3/2
  • nearly 100 homestead notices filed in two days at Prescott Ja/21 2/1
  • Flagstaff citizens meet for second time to open Sec. 16, Tp. 21 for Flagstaff townsite Ja/28 2/5
  • Henry N. Copp addresses settlers on school sections Fe/4 2/1
  • petition to land office to set aside Sec. 16 for a townsite receives signatures in Flagstaff Fe/4 3/1
  • list of unsettled estates dating back to June 1865 that need to be settled by February 1888 Fe/4 3/5
  • House committee on private land claims reports a bill establishing a court for settling claims in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado Mr/3 2/1
  • suits for trespass on government lands are brought against Ayer Lumber Co. and Az. Lumber Co. Mr/3 2/2
  • 12,000,000 acres remain unsurveyed in Arizona Mr/10 2/1
  • townsite companies are formed at Gila Bend and Texas Hill, both incorporated Mr/24 1/4
  • 80 acres of farming land sold near Phoenix Mr/24 1/4
  • House Committee on Public Lands formulates annual bill to forfeit unearned land grants Mr/24 1/4
  • lot jumping case creates some excitement Mr/24 3/1
  • Commissioner Stockslager refuses to direct survey of the Peralta grant Ap/28 1/3
  • government land settlers in southern Arizona pay $1.25 per acre My/5 4/1
  • Probate Judge O'Neill issues attachments against thirty estates My/12 3/3
  • Florence Canal Co. locates and lays out a townsite five miles east of Case Grande My/26 1/5
  • Judge O'Neill advertises 21 estates in which no administrator exists My/26 3/5
  • James M. Sanford claims pre-emption proof for estate of Jane A. Scott for her four children My/26 3/5 leg. annc.
  • James M. Sanford files homestead proof My/26 3/5 leg. annc.
  • Tucson Citizen volunteers an "expose" of L. C. Hughes selling himself to James Reavis of Peralta Grant fame, a bust Je/9 2/3
  • Col. Beavans, Special Agent, General Land Office, leaves Prescott for Salt Lake Je/16 1/4
  • J. J. Donahue sells three lots in Flagstaff to W. C. Bayless Je/30 3/1
  • Copp's Land Review gives women's rights under the pre-emption and other land laws Jy/21 1/5
  • Secretary of the Interior decides pre-emption filing before land becomes railroad grant removes it from the grant Jy/21 3/4
  • U. S. House considers a bill to provide for the judicial investigation and settlement of private land claims Jy/28 2/2
  • Col. Paisly, inspector of the U. S. land office, may cause sensation over Arizona offices Jy/28 2/3
  • settlers are agitated by question of who owns the property, the government or its special agents Jy/28 2/3
  • Lammert Baugmann files pre-emption claim jy/28 3/4 leg. annc.
  • Lammert Baugmann registers pre-emption Ag/4 3/6 leg. annc.
  • excerpts from St. Johns Herald on Special Land Agent Bevans causing honest settlers trouble on trumped-up charges Ag/18 1/3
  • U. S. Land Office determines what parts of public domain is mineral land Ag/18 1/5
  • L. C. Goven sells 40 acres near Flagstaff to John C. DeVergne Se/8 3/1
  • J. M. Slater, U. S. Land Office investigator, goes to Huachuca Mountains on illegal timber cutting violations Se/15 3/5
  • more and better government land is available in Arizona than any other part of the west Se/22 2/2
  • Henry N. Copp reviews a case of pre-emption being accepted on intent Se/22 2/4
  • Copp reviews new Homestead Law for those who failed to prove the first time Oc/20 1/6
  • Journal-Miner editorial on the government timber and land spies Oc/20 2/2
  • annual report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office recommends that pre-emption and timber-culture laws be repealed Oc/27 1/5
  • Copp writes on the necessity for extension of surveys No/3 1/5
  • Governor's annual report No/3 2/2
  • Globe Silver Belt reports their ranges in very poor condition with no water No/3 4/3
  • act allowing persons to make another entry fails to pass but will in next Congress No/17 1/5
  • 200 letters are received by Salt River Valley settlers from J. Addison Reavis offering to compromise over the land No/17 3/2
  • publication of final proof notices needed in homestead and preemption entries No/24 1/5
  • M. R. Slater, special agent of the General Land Office, is indicted for criminal libel in Maricopa County No/24 2/1
  • F. L. Beck sells three lots in Flagstaff to A. J. Hudson No/24 3/1
  • Chas. Culbreth sells three lots in Flagstaff to Curtis & Davaness No/24 3/2
  • over 30 persons were indicted by U. S. District Court at Prescott on information from Bevans De/15 3/2


  • Maj. J. W. Donnelly, A & P, visits various towns to arrange titles and sell railroad property Mr/3 3/1
  • A & P's new map of Flagstaff townsite shows the Powell quarter section for sale as lots Mr/10 3/1
  • prices are placed on railroad lots at Flagstaff Mr/10 3/1
  • someone fences in a surveyed street on south side of tracks in Flagstaff Mr/17 3/3
  • A & P will place grant lands on market in lots of 160 acres or more Ap/28 3/2
  • Harry Fulton buys Flagstaff lots for $75 from A & P My/19 3/2
  • these great pioneers cannot complain when land grants are returned to the public Je/9 2/1
  • Maj. J. W. Donnelly, A & P, sells Dorsey 20,000 acres in Hualapai Valley near Kingman Je/30 4/1
  • A & P builds new depot west of Holbrook to facilitate selling of lots Ag/4 1/3
  • trust deed from A & P to H. C. Nutt for Williams townsite is filed Ag/18 1/5
  • A & P sells 39 lots in their addition to town De/l 3/2

     See Land and Land Tenure


  • Judge J. M. Sanford, Williams, is authority on Indian language Ag/4 3/4

Only the original article or advertisement is entered here. Additional articles will be indexed under the individual's name.

  • T. S. Bunch, Holbrook attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • Clark Churchill, Prescott attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • Ed. M. Doe, Flagstaff attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • L. F. Eggers, Prescott attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • Judge John J. Hawkins, Prescott attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • J. C. Herndon, Prescott attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • Herndon & Hawkins, Prescott attorneys Ja/7 1/1
  • H. J. Miller, Flagstaff attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • T. G. Norris, Flagstaff attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • Judge Porter, Arizona Supreme Court Judge Ja/7 3/2
  • Wm. O. O'Neill, Prescott probate judge Ja/7 3/3
  • W. G. Stewart, Flagstaff attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • W. L. Van Horn, Flagstaff attorney Ja/7 1/1
  • Baldwin, district attorney, Apache County? Ja/14 2/2
  • John L. Davis, Williams justice of the peace Ja/14 2/3
  • Judge J. Y. Crothers, Flagstaff justice of the peace Ja/14 3/1
  • T. W. Johnston, St. Johns attorney Ja/14 2/2
  • Robert E. Morrison, Apache County probate judge Ja/14 2/2
  • Judge Barnes, Arizona Supreme Court Judge Ja/21 3/1
  • Judge J. H. Wright, Chief Justice Ja/21 3/1
  • H. D. Ross, Flagstaff attorney Ja/28 3/2
  • Col. J. F. Wilson, Prescott attorney Fe/25 3/2
  • James M. Sanford, Williams justice of the peace Ap/7 3/5
  • H. D. Ross is admitted to the law firm of Wilson & Norris Je/16 3/2
  • Wilson & Norris, Flagstaff attorneys Je/16 3/2
  • T. W. Wood, Phoenix justice of the peace Je/23 3/3
  • G. A. Ringwald, judge Je/23 3/4
  • H. W. Gordon, Flagstaff attorney Je/30 3/1
  • Briggs Goodrich, attorney general Je/30 3/2
  • W. C. Hazeldine, A & P attorney Jy/7 3/2
  • Norris & Ross, Flagstaff attorneys Jy/14 3/3
  • O. T. Rouse, U. S. District Attorney Jy/14 4/2
  • Henry C. Sommers, New York attorney Jy/14 3/3
  • H. M. Gorton, Flagstaff attorney Jy/21 3/2
  • Judge John A. Rush, Prescott attorney general Jy/21 3/2
  • Attorney Wilson Ag/18 2/2
  • Frank Cox, Maricopa district attorney Se/8 3/4
  • Ross & Van Horn, Flagstaff attorneys Se/15 3/2
  • Thomas F. Wilson, Tucson attorney Se/22 3/4
  • Sloan, Pima County attorney De/8 2/2

     See also: Crimes and Criminals;   Prisons and Prisoners

  • Marshal Meade and posse report indignities suffered at the hands of Mexican officials Ap/7 3/1
  • Deputies McLane and Fitzgerald shoot an innocent lad, Patricio Romero, at Sorans' ranch in the Dragoons Je/9 1/4

In general only the original article is entered here. Additional articles will be entered under the individual's name.

  • W. J. Mulvenon, Yavapai County Sheriff Ja/7 3/1
  • J. M. Dodson, Prescott Chief of Police Ja/14 3/2
  • Judge Cate, Winslow Police Magistrate Ja/21 2/3
  • Judge Levy, Winslow Police Magistrate Ja/21 2/3
  • Deputy Constable Tom Wagner, Deputy Sheriff Bob Carr, Deputy Sheriff George McKean, Constable McCraken Ja/21 3/2
  • Thomas, Florence Deputy Sheriff Ja/28 2/3
  • Murphy, Phoenix Deputy Sheriff Mr/24 3/2
  • E. F. O'Dell, Flagstaff Constable Mr/24 3/1
  • Will Smith, U. S. Marshal Mr/31 1/3
  • George Munro, ex-Mohave County Deputy Sheriff, dies from wounds received a year ago My/12 3/1
  • Sheriff Slaughter My/19 1/4
  • Burt Alvord, Cochise County Deputy Sheriff My/19 1/4
  • Deputy Fitzgerald Je/9 1/4
  • Gabriel, Florence Sheriff Je/9 3/2
  • E. F. Odell collects large sum of money from Grant County for securing a criminal Je/16 3/2
  • S. C. Reese, Chino Valley Sheriff Jy/14 3/3
  • Tom Hall, Silver City Deputy Sheriff Jy/21 3/4
  • Constable Woods, Benson Ag/4 2/3
  • J. D. Houck, Apache County Deputy Sheriff Ag/18 3/5
  • McKinney, Winslow Deputy Sheriff Se/8 3/3
  • Nogales Herald says the law requiring witnesses for the prosecution to pay their own way is a bad one Se/15 4/2
  • A. J. Halbert, Maricopa County Sheriff Se/22 3/4
  • Roach, Tucson Chief of Police Oc/6 2/4
  • Guy W. Butler, U. S. Marshal Oc/20 3/3
  • Gray was elected Sheriff in Maricopa County De/15 2/2

     See Law as a Profession

     See Law as a Profession

     See Arizona--Legislature

     See Crimes and Criminals--Libel


  • in Tombstone the Copper Queen Mining Company builds a hall with a library, games and other attractions for their workers Fe/11 3/2
  • Fort Lowell library destroyed by fire Mr/24 1/4
  • Stewart & Doe make additions to their law library Je/9 3/1
  • proceeds of amateur play will be devoted to a public library in Flagstaff Je/9 3/3
  • play in Flagstaff nets $150 for the public reading room Je/30 3/4

     See Electricity

     See Alcohol and Drugs

     See also: Sports--Horse Racing

  • prices bound up when arrivals fall off Ja/14 1/3
  • 1888 has every prospect of being a "breezy year" Ja/14 1/3
  • four beef buyers in Wilcox but prices are still low Ja/21 1/3
  • cattle sell for 6¢ and sheep for 4¢at San Bernardino Ja/21 1/3
  • E. K. Davis, Rosebud, says ranges are in excellent shape Fe/4 1/4
  • inquiries are being made already for cattle and ranches in the Arizona area Fe/11 2/1
  • livestock report from Kansas City Fe/11 3/3
  • a good season and sound judgement will see industry on a better basis than ever before Fe/18 2/1
  • Congress should be urged to pass the bill on disease Fe/18 2/2
  • Kansas City report Fe/18 3/4
  • winter range reports are good Mr/3 2/1
  • wild escapade of a team of John Tyman's on Railroad Avenue in Flagstaff Mr/24 3/4
  • market report from Chicago and Kansas City Mr/24 3/5
  • winter constipation has rendered livestock more liable to enervating purgings Mr/24 4/1
  • C. C. Dyer, Flagstaff, loses burro when someone shoots it thinking it is a deer My/5 3/1
  • C. C. Goven, Az. Cattle Co., says northern Arizona in excellent condition My/5 3/2
  • eastern New Mexico needs rain but Arizona is safely beyond probability of scarcity this year My/5 4/1
  • Gen. Williamson says stock, crops and grass in good condition My/12 1/3
  • W. E. Clanton starts an ostrich farm near Phoenix Je/23 2/3
  • Chicago receipts of livestock show increase from 1887 Jy/14 4/1
  • Kansas has an experiment to cross buffalo with cows Jy/28 4/3
  • prices quoted in Kansas City Se/1 3/2
  • Barth's livestock in Apache County is sold at sheriff's sale very low Se/1 4/3
  • receipts of Chicago's Union Stock-Yards Se/1 4/3
  • veterinary Smith saves horse from strychnine poisoning Se/8 3/4
  • D. H. Jones will have charge of the "Chuck Wagon" at the Mogollon Mountains rodeo, 75¢ per day charge Se/15 3/2
  • party of Arizona stockraisers consider a wholesale slaughtering establishment in Los Angeles Se/22 3/3
  • J. Q. Adamson, Los Angeles, wishes to buy some cattle and sheep in Flagstaff area Se/29 3/1
  • Kansas City report Se/29 3/2
  • Yavapai and Cochise Counties call upon Salt River Valley to fatten cattle Se/29 4/2
  • improved stock cars gain in general use in the West Se/29 4/2
  • Bureau of Animal Industry has large sum of money but we probably won't know any more about hog cholera or Texas fever Oc/6 4/2
  • livestock parade at the Arizona fair is a credit to the Territory Oc/27 4/3
  • packing town begins in Kansas No/3 4/2
  • fat of the ox is now used as oleomargarine just as the fat of the hog No/10 3/2
  • Gila County rain comes too late to produce a growth of grass No/10 3/3
  • John Lang, Los Angeles buyer, ships three carloads from Williams De/15 3/1
  • Kansas City receipts compared with last year De/15 4/1


  • Tonto Basin stockmen organize Ja/28 1/3
  • Champion sees no benefit in the International Range Association but gives the call for meeting in Denver on March 28th Fe/18 1/3
  • Tonto Basin has two organizations, one at Pine Creek and one at Payson Fe/18 1/4
  • International Range Association is attached Fe/18 3/2
  • Tonto Basin Association members given Mr/3 4/1
  • annual meeting of the International Range Association begins in Denver Mr/24 4/1
  • Denver people raise $10,000 to entertain National Association on the 28th Ap/7 4/1
  • Yavapai Central Stock Association organizes Ap/21 4/1
  • annual election of the Apache County Stock Association takes place on 21st My/5 4/1
  • protection of herds is in stockmen's arms Jy/14 2/1
  • Mohave County stockmen have perfected an organization last week Ag/18 4/3
  • Tombstone meeting of the General Stock Growers' Association returns money for a northern cattle trail Se/8 3/5
  • executive committee of the Territorial Live Stock Association meets in Benson, November 30th No/24 1/3
  • report from the Cattle Men De/l 1/5


  • stock drifts badly during the blizzard Ja/7 1/3
  • cattle cannot be sold even cheap Ja/7 1/4
  • J. M. Jones ships a trainload of cattle from Wilcox Ja/7 1/4
  • Marcus A. Smith has an interview about Arizona as a cattle region Ja/7 1/4
  • petition is made to the A & P to build a larger stock yard further from Flagstaff Ja/7 2/2
  • 146 head are shipped to San Diego from Flagstaff Ja/7 3/2
  • J. H. Lee takes two carloads to San Diego Ja/7 3/2
  • brands Ja/7 4/-
  • cattle growers' bill to suppress contagious diseases is introduced to U. S. Senate Ja/14 1/3
  • stockmen go to hunt drifted cattle in Wilcox area Ja/14 1/3
  • Yavapai County Assessor Carrier feels the interest will boom Ja/21 1/3
  • when supply runs out in New Mexico, Montana can look to Arizona Ja/21 2/1
  • Sierra Bonta Land and Stock Company receive two cars of bulls Ja/28 1/3
  • California buyers are beginning to bid against each other Ja/28 2/1
  • Arizona shipping to California has created a demand Ja/28 2/1
  • reputing a Nevada paper's comment that Arizona beef is tough Ja/28 2/2
  • Sierra Bonita Land and Stock Company ships 11 cars to Los Angeles Fe/4 1/4
  • one eastern railroad decides to haul cattle in patent cars at same rate as old cars Fe/4 2/1
  • Chas. Goven, Az. Cattle Co., gathers 300 head to ship to California Fe/4 3/1
  • 42 bulls belonging to Thorough Bred Cattle Co. burn to death on the train Fe/4 3/3
  • need to work to make next year big Fe/11 1/3
  • 442 head are shipped from Wilcox for 5¢net Fe/11 1/3
  • 12 carloads are shipped from Phoenix to southern California Fe/11 1/3
  • Tucson Citizen sighs for cattleman who sold for 2¢ and now could sell for 5¢ Fe/11 1/3
  • February and still no losses reported Fe/11 2/1
  • bill now before Congress to surpress contagious diseases Fe/11 2/1
  • Campbell & Francis buy beef from Aztec Cattle Co. for their market Fe/11 3/1
  • E. H. Witherell ships 700 head on P & AC to California Fe/11 3/2
  • J. C. Pursley reports on the company's steer range on Eagle and Bonita Creeks and Judge Blake on the Chiricahua Company's farms Fe/18 1/4
  • price is advancing and Flagstaff stockmen will realize handsomely in a few months Fe/18 2/1
  • Flagstaff attracts cattle buyers Fe/18 2/1
  • 17 carloads are shipped from Flagstaff to Los Angeles Fe/18 3/4
  • Jerry Sullivan, northern Arizona beef buyer, returns from Tonto Basin after buying 1,000 head Fe/25 1/3
  • cattlemen have reason to feel good over condition of the range and their herds Fe/25 2/1
  • Jas. Oneal, Date Creek, sells 300 head to T. L. Bacon of Prescott Fe/25 3/1
  • J. W. Sullivan ships 13 carloads to California Fe/25 3/1
  • Fort Worth, Texas prices Mr/3 2/2
  • W. H. Ashurst and John Marshall bring in a bunch of beef cattle for California Mr/3 3/1
  • C. A. Ruthbun reports available beef crop of Arizona has gone to California market Mr/3 4/1
  • eastern markets enter into competition with Arizona and New Mexico for California markets Mr/3 4/1
  • William Himmelspeck of Maier & Co, Los Angeles, buys 10 carloads of beef in Flagstaff Mr/10 3/2
  • predictions of beef demands Mr/10 4/1
  • efforts should be made to secure reduction of cattle rates to the north and east Mr/17 3/4
  • less pleuro-pneumonia but more acute Mr/17 4/1
  • W. Himmelspeck, Los Angeles, is in Flagstaff looking for beeves Mr/24 3/4
  • eastern breeders are anxious to sell bulls Mr/24 4/1
  • Southern Pacific Railroad carried 20,000 head out of southern Arizona last year Mr/31 1/5
  • it's been more than a quarter of a century since prices have been as low as 1887 Mr/31 4/1
  • southern Texas cattle raisers are enthusiastic over prickly pear as a feed Mr/31 4/1
  • 20,000 head taken from Arizona by Southern Pacific Railroad, almost all going to California Mr/31 4/1
  • Range Journal reports new method of branding Mr/31 4/1
  • Verde Valley Rodeo begins May lst, Mountain Rodeo on June 5th Ap/7 3/2
  • W. H. Ashurst sells bunch to Campbell & Francis at 3¢ per pound Ap/14 3/1
  • Wilcox round-up organized and spring rodeo set for April l6th Ap/14 4/1
  • beef market prices in California are stronger Ap/14 4/1
  • hides are low but leather is the same price as three years ago Ap/14 4/1
  • statutory provisions relating to rodeos Ap/14 4/1
  • stockmen complain that A & P employees burn carcasses causing men to lose damage claim Ap/21 2/1
  • Harry Fulton has a dozen men engaged in shearing at Canon Diablo Ap/21 3/4
  • finest and fattest ever will be shipped from Yavapai County Ap/21 4/1
  • Arizona cattlemen express encouragement over present outlook Ap/21 4/1
  • 20 cars are shipped to California from Banghart's Station on P & AC Ap/21 4/1
  • dehorning gains in popularity Ap/21 4/1
  • Garland & Bros. offer to sell yearling heifers for $13.50 a head Ap/21 4/1
  • northern Arizona combines in saying entire area looks greener than ever AP/21 4/1
  • Phoenix Gazette says Southern Pacific carries 20,000 head from Arizona to California Ap/28 4/1
  • Wm. M. Munds finds market in California good despite dressed beef shipments My/5 3/1
  • rodeo begins in northern part of Sacramento Valley on May 5th My/5 4/1
  • stockmen of northern Arizona view cheering prospects My/12 2/2
  • industry in this county is in fine condition My/12 4/1
  • G. L. Brooks, Albuquerque, receives 15 cars from Antelope Springs ranch for Datil Mountain ranch My/12 4/1
  • J. H. Hicks disposes of a carload of work cattle in California My/19 3/1
  • stockmen in five states say range looks best it has in years My/19 4/1
  • Patrick Hamilton feels southern California can handle all the cattle of Arizona My/19 4/1
  • report of Denver market My/19 4/1
  • report from Chicago My/19 4/1
  • Maxwell Cattle Co. buys more cattle than ever before My/26 1/3
  • Texas cattle drive southeastern New Mexico cattle and cattlemen to Arizona My/26 1/3
  • Wm. Horne speaks against dehorning Je/2 1/3
  • California beef buyers say Arizona mountain cattle are better than ones raised on corn or alfalfa Je/2 1/3
  • John H. Norton, Wilcox, is awarded contract to deliver beef to San Carlos Indian Agency Je/9 4/2
  • J. D. Cook delivers 100 head to Chino Valley for shipment Je/9 4/2
  • Pittman Valley round-up ends, Williams-Cataract begins, then Red Lake, Spring Valley and then to A-1 range Je/16 2/3
  • John H. Norton, Wilcox, is awarded beef contract for San Carlos Agency Je/16 3/1
  • a bull is shot near the drying shed of the Az. Lumber Co. Je/16 3/2
  • Jeff Shipp reports several thousand head shipped from Mohave County to southern California Je/23 3/2
  • western railroads will give livestock the same rate as Burlington Co. Je/23 4/1
  • 650 steers of Chiricahua Cattle Co. are driven from Sulphur Valley to Graham County Je/23 4/1
  • J. C. Hill, superintendent of Stephen W. Dorsey's ranch, ships 20,000 to 25,000 head to Mohave County Je/23 4/1
  • Arizona beef for 1888 is bound to be on the top shelf Je/23 4/1
  • rain is needed in northern Arizona Je/23 4/1
  • cattlemen should hold a little longer and not get too elated over recent prices Je/30 4/2
  • W. G. Stewart believes a revival in cattle prices is imminent Jy/7 3/1
  • Pima County is one of the largest stock counties, nine large stock owners listed Jy/7 4/1
  • $2,000 bull killed by the New Mexico and Arizona Railroad train near Benson Jy/7 4/1
  • herd owners should not be discouraged by the late decline in the market Jy/14 2/2
  • large percentage of calves are being branded this year Jy/14 4/1
  • Henry Lambert, Walnut Creek ranch, receives 19 bulls from Sullivan ranch, Yavapai County Jy/14 4/1
  • McKeon cattle are sold at sheriff's sale to Goldman & Co., Phoenix, who sell them to Ben Parks for his Dos Cabezas Mountains ranch Jy/14 4/1
  • reports on calf crop and general cattle outlook are good Jy/21 2/1
  • Joe Marr says eastern part of Arizona is in flourishing condition Jy/21 2/3
  • 300 cows of William Slaughter are shipped to Holbrook Jy/21 4/1
  • number of Arizona and New Mexico cattle going through Chicago in 1887 Jy/21 4/1
  • Taking a Rest--report on cattle market Jy/21 4/1
  • price of beef increases in eastern and California markets Jy/28 2/2
  • present is time to invest Jy/28 4/1
  • range cattle are in excellent shape Jy/28 4/3
  • Jerry Sullivan prepares to ship to southern California Ag/18 1/5
  • Jim Tucker brings 120 head of D. L. Murray's stock to Phoenix to fatten on alfalfa Ag/18 2/4
  • cattle about the Owl Heads are in prime condition Ag/18 4/3
  • disposition grows to hold for better prices Ag/18 4/3
  • Dr. Chandler, Arizona veterinary surgeon, says Texas cattle won't be admitted after December lst Se/1 4/3
  • E. J. Simpson, Aztec Cattle Company, drives 2,000 from Texas to Holbrook Se/1 4/3
  • Henry Warren, former Aztec Cattle Company manager, says it is a matter of feeding Se/1 4/3
  • all reports say cattle in best condition ever Se/8 2/4
  • beef market is slowly increasing Se/8 3/1
  • fall rodeo begins on Az. Cattle Co.'s range September 20th Se/8 3/2
  • John V. Rhoades, Az. Cattle Company, says stock summered well and large amount has been sold Se/15 3/2
  • Murray McInernay, Verde Valley, says unusually large amount of beef is marketed in his section Se/15 3/2
  • Texas fever test shows disease spreads if stock is together on grass but not on dry food Se/15 4/3
  • Lange of Los Angeles buys two carloads from Wm. Fain Se/22 3/1
  • rodeo of Mogollon Mountains begins the 20th and on Bill Williams Mountain the 24th Se/22 3/2
  • two Texas outfits have driven 200 cattle into Pleasant Valley and Spring Creek country Se/29 4/2
  • two briefs on markets Se/29 4/2
  • southern California buyers visit Phoenix valley but buy little due to low prices Se/29 4/2
  • P & AC continues to carry shipments to California market Oc/6 4/2
  • cavalry horses continue to come in Oc/6 4/2
  • Barbacomari Cattle Company sells all of their cattle to Vicker & Hine of Los Angeles Oc/6 4/2
  • Jno. Lang, Los Angeles, ships three carloads from Flagstaff Oc/20 3/1
  • Chiricahua Cattle Company ships six or seven carloads to San Diego meat establishment Oc/20 3/3
  • 183 steers from Tonto and Salt River range are being delivered to San Carlos Oc/20 3/3
  • 300 head of T. J. Eaman's are shipped to Mier & Co. of Los Angeles Oc/20 3/4
  • J. H. Lee reports only a 50% calf crop found in Kirkland Valley Oc/20 4/3
  • D. Levy says J. Q. Stephens, Los Angeles butcher, buys 2,000 from Garland & Ross Oc/20 4/3
  • fine beeves for sale in Agua Fria Valley No/3 3/1
  • H. C. Hooker & A. Churchill pass through Florence with 1,000 head headed for Phoenix No/3 3/4
  • Chiricahua Cattle Co. ships 130 to San Diego from Sulphur Valley range No/3 4/2
  • officer of government fears disease outbreak in southern Arizona due to importation of Mexican cattle No/3 4/2
  • E. T. Ijams has some fine blooded cattle No/3 4/2
  • Tombstone Epitaph sees letter saying a quarantine will be established against Arizona cattle coming to California No/10 3/3
  • Erie Cattle Company and other ranchmen around Bisbee will spray old cows this season No/10 4/2
  • Brewster Cameron believes improved cattle cars are an important factor in range cattle industry No/17 2/2
  • Jno. Lang, Los Angeles buyer, ships three carloads from Flagstaff No/17 3/1
  • New Mexico Stock Grower is misinformed on southern Arizona beef; it is in good condition No/17 4/2
  • Geo. E. Brown, Mayer, reports on stock in northern Arizona No/17 4/2
  • southern California will find a market for all beef Arizona can supply for six months No/17 4/2
  • southern Arizona cattle are lower in price than ever No/24 1/3
  • Chiricahua Cattle Co. ships six cars to San Diego every ten days; Tevis Perin, Land & Co. ship to Los Angeles every ten days No/24 1/3
  • cry raised by Armour that Texas fever is killing off Arizona cattle is an outrageous lie De/l 1/3
  • stock growing in Arizona has a larger margin of profit than other regions De/l 2/2
  • stockmen are beginning to realize that ranges are being overstocked De/l 2/2
  • Aztec Cattle Co. ships three carloads from Winslow De/l 3/2
  • Jack Howell receives 2,000 head from New Mexico to be driven to Tonto Creek range De/8 4/1
  • 20 cars are shipped from St. Johns and 40 more to go, Holbrook also ships large number De/8 4/1
  • large number of Yavapai County cattle are being driven to Phoenix vicinity for winter De/8 4/1
  • W. G. Stewart sells 20 Polled Angus bulls to John Hicks De/15 3/1
  • bill should be passed by 15th Legislature preventing Armour from selling his dressed meats in Arizona De/15 3/2
  • of Arizona and New Mexico are in excellent condition De/15 4/1
  • Yuma cattlemen ask Mark A. Smith to get the order rescinded requiring cattle at their port to be inspected De/15 4/1
  • D. J. Marr, Verde, claims 5,000 head will be sent to Los Angeles this winter De/15 4/1
  • Powell, southern California buyer, contracts for large number from Phoenix area De/15 4/1

    Dairy Cattle

  • Tom Holson, Lone Mountain, discovers nigger-head cactus good feed Fe/4 1/4
  • R. T. Richards, Flagstaff, wishes to buy three fresh milch cows Mr/31 3/4
  • J. B. Thomas goes to gather up forty milch cows to add to his 20+ Ap/14 3/1


  • S. C. Rogers, Walnut Creek, shears a ton and a half of wool from his Angora goats Mr/31 4/1


  • Az. Cattle Co. advertises thoroughbred stallions Ap/7 3/3
  • Wm. Billups visits Daggs Bros. and may establish a thoroughbred breeding industry here Ap/21 3/1
  • "Lucky Baldwin" takes 30 thoroughbreds through Flagstaff to Nashville Ap/21 3/2
  • horse killed by lightning last Sunday Ap/28 3/1
  • Chief Quartermaster, Department of Arizona, advertises for bids for 177 cavalry horses My/5 4/1
  • J. H. Breed buys a blooded stallion from Head & Ackers of Verde My/12 4/1
  • Philip Hull, Sr., has horses and mares for sale Je/23 3/5
  • Ira Moore, Walnut Grove ranch, receives yearling stallion from Kentucky Jy/14 4/1
  • Philip Hull, Sr. has horses for sale Jy/21 3/6
  • warning about the danger of handling a horse with glanders Jy/28 4/3
  • Tempe farmer finds a large stone in his horse's jaw Ag/4 2/3
  • several have glanders in South Butte Se/1 4/3
  • several have glanders in Los Angeles Se/1 4/3
  • Fredericks Brothers saved one of their gray horses from death by treating it for strychnine poisoning Se/8 3/4
  • midsummer quietness at market still prevails Se/22 3/5
  • J. Salzman's horse breaks his neck when tangled in a rope Oc/20 3/1
  • Supervisor Behan loses number of colts on his Williamson Valley farm to mountain lions and panthers No/3 3/4
  • Los Angeles has a glanders scare No/24 1/3


  • Country Gentleman gives the virtues of the mule De/15 1/5


  • part of a carload of Kansas chickens sold in Flagstaff, rest will be sold westward Ag/18 3/1


  • small flocks pay big dividends Ja/7 1/3
  • attempt will be made to have the duty on sheep dip repealed Ja/7 2/1
  • woolen manufacturers want the tariff removed from wool but not woolen goods Ja/7 2/1
  • wool sales in Boston Ja/7 3/2
  • brands Ja/7 4/
  • National Wool Growers Association's appeal to wool growers Ja/7 4/1
  • information on raising sheep Ja/21 1/4
  • Utah wool growers meet to pass resolutions against a reduction of the tariff Ja/21 2/1
  • Wm. M. Munds ships $1,500 worth of mutton to California Ja/21 3/1
  • J. B. Tappan ships 350 head to California Ja/28 3/1
  • early lambs bring $8 in Chicago market Mr/3 2/1
  • mutton breeds of sheep have been improved in the last thirty years Mr/10 4/1
  • Harry Milbourne reports Little Colorado River range sheep in fine condition Mr/17 3/1
  • best sheep to have is one weighing 110-120 pounds Mr/24 4/1
  • Republican tariff bill gives protection to wool growers but Mr/31 2/2
  • sarcastic comment on Democratic Party and wool growing Mr/31 2/2
  • wool sales reported Ap/7 3/4
  • H. R. Wilson buys wool in Manuelito, New Mexico Ap/21 3/2
  • wool sales Ap/21 4/1
  • sheep shearing season opens around Winslow, Frank Hart has begun My/5 4/1
  • International Wool Scouring Company establishes works in Albuquerque My/12 1/3
  • Daggs Bros. ships carload of wool from Canon Diablo to Eisemann Bros. of Albuquerque My/19 3/1
  • J. X. Woods will shear about 5,000 sheep this season My/19 4/1
  • Thos. McMillan will begin shearing next month My/26 3/2
  • P. P. Daggs goes east to find out condition of eastern wool market Je/2 3/1
  • outlook for sheep husbandry being upheld by Congress is small Je/9 4/2
  • 2,500 Merino sheep for sale Je/16 3/1
  • J. Salzman sells 121,000 pounds of wool to Christy & Wise Je/30 3/1
  • P. P. Daggs' clip netted $40,000 this past season Je/30 4/1
  • time to sell wool is just before new clip comes in Jy/21 4/1
  • editorial on wool tariffs Ag/4 1/5
  • C. H. Schulz says flocks doing well near Flagstaff Se/15 3/1
  • C. H. Schulz says due to free wool agitation in Congress, wool clip is selling from 4¢ to 6¢ less per pound than in 1887 Se/15 3/2
  • Hill, Bellemont, sells 1,300 head to Hull Oc/63/1
  • a weed growing in Utah foothills excudes an odor that can kill sheep Oc/6 4/2
  • wool is higher De/l 2/2
  • Smith & Wakefield, Big Springs, sell their next season's clip for 15¢ De/15 4/1

     See Transportation

     See Clubs and Organizations

     See Lumber and Lumbering


  • Lone Mountain Fe/4 1/4


  • Lousy Gulch Oc/6 3/1

     See also: Agua Fria

  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See also: Central Verde;   East Verde;   Upper Verde;   Verde

  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See also: Forests and Forestry;   Flagstaff Lumber Co. for commissary;   Business--Flagstaff

  • Flagstaff can load more cars than the railroad is able to furnish Fe/4 3/1
  • Greenlaw brothers move new machinery for new saw mill to site one mile east of Flagstaff Fe/11 3/1
  • work at the Flagstaff saw mill is impeded by heavy fall of snow Mr/3 3/1
  • Flagstaff's saw mill at stone quarry a mile east of Flagstaff began Thursday Mr/3 3/1
  • Az. Lumber Co. president D. M. Riordan, Flagstaff, replies to charge of cutting on government lands Mr/3 3/4
  • Flagstaff's Champion does not believe the report of illegal timber cutting by the Az. Lumber Co. Mr/10 2/2
  • boilers of Flagstaff's Az. LumberCo's burned mill are being repaired Mr/10 3/1
  • charge against Ayer Lumber Company is unjust Mr/17 2/1
  • Flagstaff Lumber Company's mill on the Brannen tract runs at full capacity Mr/17 3/1
  • stockholders of Az. Lumber Company meet and elect officers Mr/17 3/3
  • work on the Az. Lumber Company's new mill is being pushed to open in the spring Mr/24 3/1
  • R. W. Bell, Superintendent of Flagstaff Lumber Company goes east to buy more machinery Mr/24 3/3
  • Flagstaff Lumber Co. sells six cars to F. G. Parker of Prescott Ap/28 3/2
  • carload of lumber shipped on Arizona Mineral Belt to township 20 My/5 3/1
  • Flagstaff Lumber Co. has new planer at the mill My/19 3/2
  • Az. Lumber Co. smoke stack is raised on the new planing mill My/26 3/1
  • Az. Lumber Co.'s new mill is ready, in depth look at the new plant Je/2 2/2
  • spur is constructed from Arizona Mineral Belt to new mill built by Az. Lumber Co. Je/9 3/1
  • Zuni Lumber Company establishes mills near Gallup Je/9 3/1
  • carpenter shop, planer, five horse power steam engine are for sale by Chas. Culbreth Je/30 3/2
  • John Donavan erects new mill of Az. Lumber Co. near Charmingdale Jy/14 3/2
  • mill No. 2 of Az. Lumber Company twelve miles from Flagstaff on Arizona Mineral Belt begins sawing Jy/21 3/3
  • W. E. Pratt resigns as bookkeeper of Az. Lumber Co., G. D. Donnelly of Colorado replaces him Ag/18 3/2
  • R. S. Clark resigns his position with Az. Lumber Company Ag/18 3/2
  • O. D. Peck Lumber Company considers timber lands of Az. Cattle Company Ag/18 3/3
  • Wm. Powell and Eb. Greenlaw are in charge of Mill No. 2 of the Arizona Lumber Company Se/1 3/1
  • bill is introduced in U. S. House giving citizens of territories the right to cut timber for mining and domestic purposes Se/22 1/3
  • mill of Flagstaff Lumber is running again after several days of repairs Se/22 3/2
  • Mill No. 2 of Az. Lumber Company running full blast Oc/6 3/2

     See Lumber and Lumbering

     See Crimes and Criminals--Lynching


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Periodicals

     See Communications--Postal Service

     See Business

     See Animals

     See   Courtship and Marriage;   Women;   individuals' names


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See also: Mental Health

  • James Tate dies at Tombstone hospital from overdose of arsenic My/12 3/2
  • Philip Bigler dies at country hospital in Prescott Jy/21 2/3

     See Medicine

     See also: Advertisements--Patent Medicine;   Diseases;   Mental Health

  • John Sterling is doing well after freezing both feet Ja/28 3/1
  • Dr. D. Pentland, Prescott, is in Flagstaff Fe/11 2/3
  • Dr. D. G. Martin, dentist, will be in Flagstaff a week Fe/11 3/1, 3/2
  • Chas. Reed rapidly recovers from loss of three fingers at the mill Mr/24 3/3
  • hospital is established at San Antonio, Texas, for the cure of hydrophobia My/26 2/3
  • Thos. Howe and George Hoxworth, Flagstaff, say carrying a potato in your pocket cures rheumatism Je/16 3/2
  • Dr. C. A. Kersey, Indiana physician, studies the merits of this climate on a sanative agent Je/23 3/1
  • D. Pentland, dentist, visits Flagstaff on the 15th Je/23 3/1
  • J. J. Donahue recovers from severe burns Jy/7 3/2
  • report of ill and wounded in Flagstaff; severe hot and dry weather causes sickness Jy/7 3/2
  • C. F. Taylor, Flagstaff, recuperates from congestion of the brain Jy/28 3/4
  • Dr. Pentland will visit Flagstaff regularly, prices are given Se/1 1/4
  • William Collins recovers from rattlesnake bite; attributes his recovery to whiskey Se/1 2/4
  • Dr. J. M. Marshall, Flagstaff dentist, visits Peach Springs Oc/6 3/1
  • Dr. J. M. Marshall, Flagstaff dentist, goes on a professional trip on the railroad No/17 3/2
  • Rufe Phillips, a cowboy, goes to Kansas City for treatment after a skunk bite No/17 3/2
  • J. J. Hicks, Flagstaff, goes to Prescott to county hospital De/15 3/2

In general only the original article is entered here. Additional articles will be entered under the individual's name.

  • Dr. D. J. Brannen, Flagstaff physician and druggist Ja/7 1/1
  • Dr. P. G. Cornish, Flagstaff physician Ja/7 1/1
  • Dr. H. Hardrich, Williams, surgeon for A & P Railroad Ja/7 1/1
  • Wm. A. Olmstead, Flagstaff physician Ja/7 1/1
  • Dr. Hendricks, Winslow druggist Ja/21 2/4
  • Dr. Baar, physician Ja/28 3/1
  • Dr. Robinson Fe/4 3/4
  • Dr. Wroth, Albuquerque physician Fe/4 3/4
  • Dr. D. Pentland, Prescott dentist Fe/11 2/3
  • Dr. D. G. Martin, dentist Fe/11 3/1
  • Dr. J. M. Marshall plans to locate a dental office in Flagstaff Mr/3 3/2
  • Dr. J. M. Marshall, Flagstaff dentist Mr/10 1/1
  • Dr. Mannings, Flagstaff druggist Ap/28 3/1
  • Dr. Isabel M. Meador, graduate of Women's Medical College has office at C. T. Rogers' in Williams My/12 3/5
  • Dr. Livingston, Kingman physician My/19 1/4
  • Dr. C. A. Kersey, Indiana physician Je/23 3/1
  • Dr. Handy, Tucson physician Oc/6 2/4

     See Holidays and Religious Days


  • "Shorty" Haughton, Bellemont, wanders away after drinking spree, found suffering from exposure Ap/7 3/2
  • Arizona Gazette and the Arizonian have different opinions about exsuperintendent My/12 2/2
  • Dr. O. L. Mahoney is removed as superintendent of Territorial Asylum; Dr. J. S. Titus replaces him Je/2 4/2
  • William Allen was cook for insane asylum last week Jy/28 1/4
  • Phoenix storm blows asylum skylights off and damages the roof Jy/28 2/3

     See Mental Health

     See Cookery

     See Protestants and Protestantism

In general, only the original article containing a Spanish-Mexican surname is listed. Full information on a person may be found under the individual's name.

  • Mexican by the name of Ortiz has legs broken by an overturning derrick at Ash Fork Ja/28 3/1
  • Mexican prisoner sets county jail at Yuma afire My/19 3/2
  • Flagstaff citizens give a dance at the Grand Army hall Je/23 3/1
  • two laborers killed by a premature explosion at the Highland Canal, Phoenix Je/23 3/1
  • next Sunday is San Juan's Day, fittingly observed by Mexicans in Flagstaff Je/23 3/2
  • seven Apaches who escaped at Geronimo's surrender kill two Mexicans and drink the mescal they carried Je/30 1/3
  • Florence Mexicans arrange to celebrate their national holiday Se/1 1/5
  • Flagstaff Mexicans will celebrate their national independence September l7th; a ball will be held Se/15 3/2
  • Flagstaff citizens hold a well-attended dance Se/22 3/2
  • 46 Mexicans and their families arrive in Phoenix Se/22 3/3
  • stage for Casa Grande is robbed by two Mexicans at Dry Lake Oc/6 2/4
  • Spanish Methodist Church is established in Tucson No/17 3/2
  • "How to vote in New Mexico" No/17 3/3


  • military court of Mexico confirms sentence of death on two officers for attack on Nogales police officers in January 1887 Ap/28 1/3
  • Tucson is filled with draft evaders from Mexico Ag/18 1/5

     See also: Indians--Government Relations;   Military Service as a Profession

  • A. G. Oliver is appointed post trader at Whipple Barracks Ap/7 3/1
  • military court of Mexico confirms sentence of death on two officers for attack on Nogales police officers in January 1887 Ap/28 1/3
  • Chief Quartermaster, Department of Arizona, advertises for sealed bids for 177 cavalry horses My/5 4/1
  • party of five are escorted by a detachment of colored soldiers under Capt. Woodward to the Grand Canyon Je/16 2/3
  • several soldiers have recently deserted from Huachua Ag/4 2/3
  • Ransom Post will hold memorial services for Gen. Sheridan at the Methodist Church Sunday, August 26th Ag/18 3/2
  • Fort Thomas ordered abandoned, garrison to move to San Carlos Se/1 2/4 cavalry horses are being distributed to San Carlos, Fort Grant and Fort Thomas Se/22 4/2
  • Col. Grierson, lOth Cavalry, succeeds General Miles No/24 2/1


  • Ransom Post, Flagstaff, elects officers Ja/7 3/2
  • first encampment of Department of Arizona GAR meets in Phoenix Ja/14 3/1
  • Capt. Geo. Foster receives a pension Ja/28 3/1
  • Department of Arizona encampment elects officers Ja/28 3/2
  • Flagstaff GAR requests encampment adjourn until they get there but it had already adjourned Fe/4 2/2
  • Burns, Hoxworth & Smith cook good beans for GAR camp fire in Flagstaff Fe/25 3/2
  • TEG Ransom Post, GAR, gives camp fire for Washington's birthday Fe/25 3/5
  • Thos. Hughes, Tucson, is appointed ADC on staff of GAR Commander in Chief Mr/10 1/3
  • GAR's national encampment will take place at Columbus, Ohio Jy/21 2/1
  • quite a number will leave for GAR encampment from Flagstaff Se/1 3/1
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is site of next National Encampment, GAR Se/22 3/1
  • Patrick Ford, Prescott, is granted a pension Oc/20 3/1
  • Arizona encampment, GAR, meets in Tucson January 15th De/15 2/2
  • A. B. Sampson, Tucson, is candidate for Department Commander of the GAR of Arizona De/15 2/2

     See Military Service as a Profession

In general only the first article is entered here. Additional articles will be entered under the individual's name.

  • Gen. Miles Ja/7 1/4
  • Capt. Geo. D. Foster, veteran Ja/7 3/1
  • J. W. Francis, Deputy Sheriff Ja/7 3/1
  • First Lt. Chas. R. Wards Ja/21 2/2
  • Gen. Greeley, military Mr/24 1/3
  • Maj. Gen. Geo. Crook, military Ap/14 1/3
  • Pfc. Philip H. Mckiernon Ap/14 1/4
  • Capt. H. W. Lawton Ap/28 2/3
  • Sgt. Patrick K. Noonan Je/2 3/5
  • Capt. Woodword Je/16 2/3
  • Lt. Will Horne Je/23 3/3
  • Col. Grierson, military No/24 2/1

     See Flagstaff


  • in Huachucas Noll 4/2

     See Flagstaff

     See Railroads--Arizona Mineral Belt

     See Mines and Mining

     See Mines and Mining


  • immense coal fields south of Holbrook have been traced over 60 miles through White Mountain Apache Reservation Ja/28 2/4
  • Arizona output as reported by Wells, Fargo and Co. for 1887 Fe/4 3/1
  • United Verde Copper Mine is sold to eastern parties Fe/25 3/1
  • rumor that Tombstone will soon have a large smelter Ap/7 1/3
  • 500 men are employed in the mines at Tombstone Ap/14 1/3
  • Col. C. C. Bean organizes a strong company for operation of mines in Copper Basin country Ap/21 1/4
  • Az. Ore Company, Prescott, files articles of incorporation My/5 3/1
  • A. W. Thurman investigates mining property in Mineral Park Jy/28 1/4
  • delegates from Nevada, Arizona and Montana urge recommendation of mining bill Ag/4 1/4
  • Florence Enterprise reports on an old mine of Kaolin in Pima County Se/1 1/4
  • bill is introduced in U. S. House giving citizens of territories the right to cut timber for mining and domestic purposes Se/22 1/3
  • Nogales rich placer mines are discovered 25 miles southwest of Nogales No/3 3/4
  • Waterville Mining Company strikes big body of ore in Bunker Hill mine No/10 1/4
  • Mineral King Mining & Milling Co. incorporates in San Francisco to operate in Arizona No/17 3/2
  • Farmers' Congress of the U. S. favors the expansion of silver as a medium No/24 2/3
  • southern Pima County has many mine sales De/15 2/2
  • vein of silver ore is struck at Silver King Mine De/15 2/2
  • rich gold strike is made in Yuma County, four miles east of Harrisburg De/15 2/2


    Copper Queen Mining Co.
  • gives Mrs. Williams $2,500 to build a hall for workers with library, games and other attractions Fe/11 3/2
  • pays $70,000 in dividends Ag/18 1/5
  • cave-in kills one and injures another No/10 3/3
  • Vice President Morton is a heavy owner No/24 3/3

    United Verde

  • ships ore valued at $21,700 in two weeks My/5 1/3
  • sampling works almost destroyed by fire Je/9 1/5

    Vulture Mine

  • Supt. Cyrus Gribble and two guards are killed and robbed of $12,000 in bullion Mr/24 3/2
  • is sold to a London syndicate No/3 3/4

     See Mines and Mining

     See Mines and Mining

     See Clergy


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Chinese in the United States;   Mexicans in the United States;Negroes


  • expense for six months was $17,229 Ja/14 3/1

     See Banks and Finance


  • non-Arizona Ja/14 2/1
  • non-Arizona Fe/4 2/3
  • non-Arizona Mr/10 2/2
  • Herbert Taylor, rustler, disappears into Mormon territory Mr/24 3/1
  • non-Arizona Ap/14 2/2
  • daughter of John D. Lee of Mountain Meadow Massacre fame commits suicide Ap/14 3/4
  • non-Arizona My/5 2/3
  • non-Arizona Se/22 1/3
  • non-Arizona article Se/29 1/4
  • non-Arizona No/10 1/3
  • non-Arizona De/15 1/5

     See Livestock

     See Crimes and Criminals--Murder

     See also: Entertainment

  • Flagstaff Band under Prof. Ellmore becomes proficient Fe/11 3/1
  • Flagstaff society circles plan grand concert of home musicians Mr/10 3/2
  • Flagstaff Cornet Band has music for the 4th Je/16 3/1
  • J. B. Ellmore is presented with a cornet horn by the band boys in Flagstaff Ag/4 3/2
  • Miss Laura Fulton, Flagstaff, and others give a concert at the church, proceeds to go on the parsonage debt Ag/18 3/1
  • recital at Flagstaff Methodist Church will be Monday, not Wednesday Ag/18 3/2
  • Flagstaff boasts the best brass band in Arizona Oc/27 3/1

     See Music


  • said to be booming De/8 3/2


  • Swansy, Flagstaff porter, is involved in a mock lynching Mr/24 3/2
  • party of five are escorted by a detachment of colored soldiers under Capt. Woodward to the Grand Canyon Je/16 2/3

     See Fairs--New Mexico Exposition

     See Holidays and Religious Days


  • Albuquerque Democrat issues New Year's edition Ja/7 3/2
  • Silver Belt, Globe, refuses Prescott Courier way of thinking Fe/18 3/1
  • typographical union of Phoenix adopts scales of prices for composition Fe/25 3/2
  • Prescott Courier says two Flagstaff papers profess to believe lumber sawyers innocent Mr/10 2/2
  • Prescott Courier says three papers in the county are Republican and we hold them level, Champion replies Mr/17 2/1
  • Roma T. Jackson and A. J. Bellas say they hope to redeem the image of Phoenix Advance Mr/31 2/1
  • Tombstone Prospector wants a "newspaper trust," Champion will continue cash basis Ap/28 2/1
  • E. S. Clark replies to Signal's comments on the Champion and Clark My/5 2/2
  • Champion's contemporary mistated Van Horn as El Paso cattle shipper My/12 3/1
  • St. Johns Herald questions editorship of Winslow News by E. E. Booth Je/9 2/1
  • Capt. John T. Hogue publishes first number of Apache Review Je/9 2/1
  • Courier refers to all its contemporaries on the A & P line in uncompromising terms Je/9 2/3
  • newspapermen need a code of ethics not to mention a mans business unless paid Je/16 2/2
  • Signal gossip Je/23 3/2
  • Clifton Clarion suggests Pete Bolan's Solomonville paper be named "The Gila Monster" Je/30 1/3
  • 15 different men talk of starting a Democratic paper in Flagstaff Jy/21 2/1
  • F. A. Deatherage starts Democratic paper in Bisbee Jy/28 1/4
  • Nogales Register receives eight new subscribers in last month, making 19 in all Jy/28 3/2
  • rumor of Winslow News moving to Flagstaff to fill position of burned Frisco Signal Jy/28 3/2
  • editor jailed for criticizing judge's decision Ag/4 2/2, 2/3
  • "Our Bazoo", first number from Needles, publisher H. F. Harberd and editor J. P. Booth Se/8 3/2
  • Champion thinks devil made Democratic editors of Arizona Oc/6 2/3
  • Democratic County Central Committee of Maricopa awards financial encouragement to four papers Oc/27 3/4
  • Harry Reed, former editor of Holbrook Apache County Critic, is editor of the "Sun," San Fernando, California No/3 3/1
  • E. S. Clark leaves and J. E. Jones, Arkansas, takes charge of Flagstaff Democrat No/10 3/1
  • Our Bazoo editorial on indecent language in a paper No/17 2/2
  • posting written notices in "conspicuous place" is not safe, publish it De/l 2/1
  • Frank Reed, ex-Holbrook, suspends the San Fernando Sun De/l 3/1
  • Geo. C. Peck begins weekly at Florence De/8 3/3
  • Phoenix Gazette favors a high license law De/15 2/2
  • Phoenix and Florence are to have new newspapers De/15 2/2

    Arizona Champion

  • very large edition is and will be printed Ja/14 3/2
  • M. A. Smith sends the latest edition of the Congressional Directory Fe/11 3/1
  • A. E. Fay was editor but now the Tinker family own the paper Fe/18 3/1
  • arranges at enormous expense to receive Associated Press dispatches with news of the world up to within a month of the date Mr/10 3/2
  • Champion defends its stand on the railroad issue Mr/24 2/1
  • costs money to pay telegraph rates and publish extra editions but fresh news is worth it Mr/24 3/1
  • large consignment of job type and materials is to be added Mr/24 3/1
  • extra edition issued Tuesday morning Mr/24 3/2
  • sends sample copies east daily, suggest subscriptions Ap/7 2/2
  • Geo. H. Tinker says he will announce publicly if he ever leases or sells to anyone Ap/14 2/1
  • regular telegraphic dispatches not taken this week Ap/14 3/1
  • Winslow News prints misinformation on E. S. Clark leasing the Champion Ap/21 2/2
  • Champion never said "exports are more valuable than its imports," that was the local contemporary Ap/28 2/2
  • Gallup asks Champion to note their building costs My/5 2/1
  • Grover Cleveland favors Champion office with message to Congress My/19 2/1
  • Grover Cleveland sends 1887 message to Congress to Champion My/19 2/1
  • Prescott Courier on "Bob Ingersoll" My/19 2/1
  • circulation almost 12,000 My/26 2/1
  • Champion is enlarged a column per page My/26 2/1
  • Prescott Courier comments on enlargement Je/2 2/1
  • Journal Miner compliments Champion Je/2 2/1
  • Champion considered a 12-page paper Je/2 2/3
  • compares compliment by Hoof & Horn with a reprint in Frisco Signal Je/9 3/2, 3/3
  • Tucson Star compliments Geo. H. Tinker Je/16 2/2
  • Gallup Register comments on enlarged Champion Je/16 2/2
  • makes three comments on the Signal Je/23 2/1
  • Champion Extra reports Fort Apache fire Je/30 2/3
  • at request of readers article on the fire is re-published Jy/14 3/2
  • extra copies of this week's paper are available Jy/14 3/2
  • Champion loses a legal card, and will have to subsist on corn meal Ag/4 3/2
  • Yuma Sentinel reports that both Arizona Champion and Frisco Signal were burned, incorrect Ag/4 4/3

    Bisbee Democrat

  • F. A. Deatherage issues first number in Bisbee next week Ag/4 3/2
  • first number is well edited, poorly printed Ag/18 2/4
  • is no more De/l 3/2

    Frisco Signal

  • J. C. Vining and E. E. Booth publish first issue Ja/7 3/3
  • Bro. Vining has wrong information, switches policy in mid-stream My/5 2/1, 2/1
  • comes with four-page patent supplement Je/9 3/1
  • Champion compares compliment by Hoof & Horn with the reprint in Signal Je/9 3/2, 3/3
  • Champion calls Vining an amateur Je/16 2/2
  • J. M. Simpson is the authorized collector Je/30 3/1
  • J. C. Vining's equipment destroyed by fire Jy/7 1/3, 1/4
  • all outstanding bills must be paid to pay for new plant on order Jy/7 3/3
  • Herbert Steele wins judgement against Vining & Booth, Vining & Booth are found to have been joint owners Jy/21 3/3
  • J. C. Vining says publication will resume in two weeks Jy/21 3/3
  • is absorbed by the Yavapai Democrat Se/15 3/2

    Graham County Advocate

  • first number is published in Solomonville Oc/27 3/2
  • new paper starts in Solomonville, Graham County No/3 3/4

    Holbrook Standard

  • begins February lst under W. C. Lamonte Ja/28 2/1
  • first issue of a six-column folio paper comes out Fe/4 2/1
  • W. C. Lamonte is editor Ap/7 3/1

    Hoof and Horn

  • awarded county printing for one year Fe/11 3/2
  • Orick Jackson canvasses the territory My/26 1/5
  • Orick Jackson, manager, contributes articles on different sections Jy/21 3/2
  • Orick Jackson returns from two months' canvass for subscriptions Jy/28 3/2
  • E. S. Clark is traveling agent De/l 3/1

    Prescott Courier

  • The Flagstaff Signal (which is all wool and very narrow), says the Courier is of no account, and yet it devotes its outsides to Allan Quartermain, its inside to the Courier, giving us the inside track--Prescott Courier. What can the Courier mean? Ap/21 2/2
  • Champion hopes Courier will endorse Vorhees apology My/12 2/2, 2/2
  • adds large new cylinder press to its office Je/2 4/2

    Tombstone Epitaph

  • changes owners Ag/4 2/1
  • will be issued as a daily Ag/18 1/5
  • becomes a weekly No/17 3/2

    Tucson Daily Star

  • enters 14 vol., L. C. Hughes is manager Ja/14 2/1
  • a Democratic paper but has a big kick over the mismanagement by Governor Zulick Jy/28 1/4

    Winslow News

  • E. E. Booth publishes the first of a five-column paper, neutral in politics Ap/21 2/2
  • is enlarged to six columns Je/9 3/2
  • Gallup Register chides them for not giving credit for articles
    Ag/18 2/2

    Yavapai Democrat

  • E. S. Clark begins publication in Flagstaff Jy/213/3
  • first issue appears Jy/28 3/3
  • absorbs Frisco Signal Se/15 3/2


  • 18 miles from Vulture Mine and 40 from Phoenix Mr/24 3/2


  • Mexican side claims more metropolitan features than the American side Oc/6 2/4


  • hamlet in southeastern portion of Apache County Mr/10 3/3


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Clubs and Organizations

     See Mines and Mining

     See Chinese in the United States


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Crimes and Criminals


  • Owl Heads Ag/18 4/3

     See Newspapers

     See Communications--Postal Service

     See Prisons and Prisoners

     See Entertainment

     See Clergy

     See Advertisements--Patent Medicine


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Land and Land Tenure

Includes only magazines closely connected with Arizona, not those just advertised in Arizona.
     See also: Advertisements

  • James R. Hill, Golden Era magazine of San Diego, writes up Flagstaff Ag/18 3/2


  • a strange mad dog appears at Santa Rita ranch, Pima County, biting several dogs Je/23 4/1
  • R. Mans, Flagstaff, has a mockingbird killed by a cat Ag/4 3/3
  • Old Ring, aged vagabond dog of Prescott, dies Ag/18 1/5

     See Medicine as a Profession


  • city election results My/5 3/1
  • W. H. Landrum says Arizona Mineral Belt would raise prosperity Je/16 3/3
  • advertises for proposals of $15,000 worth of her bonds No/17 3/2
  • has Chamber of Commerce No/24 3/3


  • St. Clair, Flagstaff, takes views of business blocks on Railroad Avenue Mr/17 3/1
  • prices of photographs at St. Clair's Gallery in Flagstaff Ap/7 2/2
  • Ed A. St. Clair, Flagstaff, takes finest views ever of Flagstaff and vicinity Ap/7 3/1
  • Baer takes picture of the wheelbarrow procession, an election bet in Prescott No/24 3/2
  • J. E. Burchard, Flagstaff, takes trip on railroad to take pictures No/24 3/2


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Accidents--Firearms


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Agriculture;   Flowers and Gardening


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention
    Jy/14 2/1


  • immigration poem Fe/4 3/1
  • AMEB and Lily Lawrence contribute to Champion Fe/18 4/1
  • poem, "The Way Arizona Girls Kiss" Oc/20 4/2


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1

     See Elections and Politics

     See Communications--Postal Service

     See Communications--Postal Service

     See Anthropology

     See Livestock--Poultry

     See Banks and Finance

     See Protestants and Protestantism


  • city election held, winners given Ja/14 3/2
  • city debt is $85,000 Ja/21 3/1
  • has nine delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has ten delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • Flagstaff is depopulated due to court in Prescott No/24 3/1
  • holds city elections on January lst De/15 2/2

     See Railroads--Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • may be made A & P division headquarters, eating house and roundhouse to be built Ap/21 1/4
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Newspapers

     See Protestants and Protestantism

     See Economic Conditions

     See Catholics and Catholicism;   Clergy

     See Educators

     See also: Crimes and Criminals

  • county jail at Yuma is set afire by Mexican prisoner My/19 3/2
  • Gon Shayee, Apache under sentence of death, attempts to hang himself in Phoenix Je/23 3/2
  • Yavapai County jail at Prescott had no prisoners for awhile and now only one Jy/28 2/3
  • Gon Shayee wishes to see his two wives and three children from San Carlos before being hung Ag/4 2/3
  • James N. Walker, incest, and Jose Romero, grand larceny, escape from St. Johns jail Ag/18 1/5
  • petition asking for pardon of Phin Clanton, rustler, is being circulated, still has 15 indictments against him at St. Johns No/10 3/3
  • Governor Zulick grants a reprieve to Firminio, Papago Indian, until December 21st No/24 2/1


  • Thomas Gates, superintendent, considers resigning Ap/7 3/1
  • Mrs. Sol Barth and daughter circulate a petition for the pardon of her husband My/26 1/5
  • W. S. Head thinks Sol. Barth should be pardoned; Phoenix Arizonan says he is buying his pardon Je/16 2/3
  • Champion joins in favoring a pardon for Sol. Barth Je/23 2/1
  • Joseph Porter escaped from Yuma the 13th and was recaptured Wednesday Je/23 3/3
  • Quong Sing commits suicide by hanging at Yuma Je/23 3/4
  • Governor Zulick works for a pardon for Sol. Barth Je/30 3/3
  • cost of running Territorial Prison at Yuma is $11,749 for last quarter Jy/28 1/4
  • 130 prisoners are in Yuma Territorial Penitentiary Ag/4 1/3
  • Patrick Ford and Jerome Ford are pardoned No/17 3/1

     See Educators

     See also: Catholics and Catholicism;   Mormons and Mormonism

  • death of Rev. R. K. Dunlop, Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of New Mexico and Arizona, causes mourning Mr/24 2/2
  • tribute to Bishop Dunlop Mr/31 2/2
  • Rev. Guthrie goes to Methodist Conference in Tombstone Je/16 3/1
  • Presbyterian Indian school is burned in Albuquerque Je/30 1/3
  • Rev. L. Phil Smithey, Prescott M E Church, West, visits Flagstaff Jy/14 3/2
  • Methodist ministers are assigned Oc/6 3/2
  • Rev. J. G. Eberhart is stationed in Tombstone No/3 3/1
  • Spanish Methodist Church is established in Tucson No/17 3/2
  • first session of the Presbytery of Arizona meets at Phoenix and resolves to build a college No/24 3/3
  • Methodist-Episcopal Church is organized at Kingman De/8 3/1


  • Rev. Geo. H. Adams, Methodist, holds service tomorrow Fe/11 3/1
  • five lines on attending church My/5 3/3
  • addition is added to the parsonage My/12 3/2
  • program for missionary meeting on May 27th My/26 2/3
  • framework of new parsonage is up My/26 3/1
  • special feature of the missionary meeting is a solo by Effie Yancey Je/2 3/1
  • mum serial held to raise money for Rev. Guthrie's trip to Ohio Je/9 3/1
  • temperance meeting to be held at M E Church Je/23 3/1
  • doors of the church grained a beautiful crazy quilt shade Je/23 3/2
  • ice cream social at M E Church will assist in defraying church debt Je/30 3/2
  • no minister in Mohave County although stud poker will support a man Jy/28 3/2
  • Miss Laura Fulton and others give a musical concert, proceeds to go on the parsonage debt Ag/18 3/1
  • temperance entertainment at the M E Church was well attended Se/1 3/3
  • services at M E Church Se/8 3/1
  • Rev. G. H. Adams, superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Church Mission of Arizona, preaches Sunday, three persons join the M E Church by letter Se/22 2/3
  • M E Church is formally dedicated October 3rd Oc/6 3/3
  • Mite Society met at the Guthries' last evening No/3 3/1
  • Rev. G. H. Adams, D. D. preaches at M E Church tomorrow No/24 3/1
  • Rev. G. H. Adams preaches at M E Church De/l 3/1
  • M E Church will put on a Christmas tree for the children Christmas Eve De/15 3/2

     See Land and Land Tenure

     See Books and Publishers


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • in Sacramento Valley My/5 4/1

     See also: Mines and Mining

  • specimen of Flagstaff cut stone by G. A. Alling is exhibited at the Exchange Bank Mr/31 3/4

     See Sports

Articles relating to one or two railroads are entered under Railroads Specific Name (i.e. Railroads--Southern Pacific). If the article refers to three or more companies including Atlantic and Pacific, then it is entered only underRailroads and Railroads--Atlantic and Pacific.
     See also: Accidents;   Communications;   Land and Land Tenure--Railroads

  • special train passes through with several prominent officials aboard Fe/18 3/2
  • to be built from San Diego to Fort Yuma Fe/18 4/1
  • Wm. Powell attends railroad contracts in southern California Fe/25 3/1
  • great strike affects A & P freight traffic Mr/17 3/2
  • Geo. Parker is killed in Benson on the Arizona & Sonora road when he catches his foot in a switch frog and is run over Mr/24 1/4
  • Santa Fe buys terminal facilities in San Francisco Mr/24 2/1
  • low earnings of second week of March caused by eastern blizzards and western locomotive engineers' strike Mr/31 2/1
  • Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen are fighting to win fight over wages Ap/21 2/3
  • CB & Q announces it will not sustain pool rates Ap/28 1/3
  • rumors say Santa Fe absorbs the Frisco Line and its A & P interest My/12 2/3
  • Tombstone subsidizes the Arizona & Southeastern Railroad for an extension from Fairbanks to Bisbee to Tombstone Je/16 2/4
  • western railroads will give livestock the same rate as Burlington Company Je/23 4/1
  • grading outfit of 20 cars goes to Benson to grade Sonora road Je/30 1/3
  • advantage of Flagstaff-Phoenix railway connection would be the safe, speedy shipment of fruit Ag/18 1/3
  • the Midland and the Denver & Rio Grande fight over the right-of-way from Aspen, Colorado to Utah line Se/29 1/4
  • Monico Villa, Clifton, is killed by a wrecking train on the A & NMRR Se/29 2/2
  • J. M. McGuire is killed by the cars between Maricopa and Casa Grande Oc/27 3/4
  • movement is on foot to unite all roads west of Missouri River in a new Traffic Association No/10 1/3
  • train on Clifton road is thrown from the track by hitting a cow, Martin the fireman is killed No/10 3/3
  • Jay Gould reported to have secured control of the ATSF De/15 2/1

    Arizona Mineral Belt

  • contents of an article from a New York paper Ja/28 2/2
  • Col. J. W. Eddy goes to Boston Fe/4 3/2
  • is free of snow and does good business with cord wood Fe/4 3/3
  • report that A & P does not plan to let the Mineral Belt go Fe/18 2/1
  • engine goes off track due to an open switch Fe/25 3/1
  • Capt. Sweeney accepts position Fe/25 3/1
  • case of Arizona Mineral Belt against A & P will come up in April Mr/3 2/1
  • four cars jump the track nine miles from Flagstaff, one wrecked and track torn up Mr/3 3/1
  • Santa Fe system feels Arizona Mineral Belt is important factor in its future Mr/10 2/2
  • Arizona Mineral Belt Engine No. 1 was in repair shop five days Mr/31 3/1
  • work may resume in near future Mr/31 3/1
  • Flagstaff Cornet Band plans excursion to Mormon Dairy, washouts will be costly to repair Ap/28 3/2, 3/2, 3/2, 3/2
  • Pres. Eddy plans to arrive in Flagstaff in a week Je/2 3/1
  • Sheriff Wm. Mulvenon is in Flagstaff on business connected with the sale Je/2 3/1
  • spur constructed to new mill being erected by Az. Lumber Co. Je/9 3/1
  • Pres. Eddy comes back meaning a resumption of building Je/9 3/1
  • W. H. Landrum talks about prosperity Flagstaff and Phoenix would have Je/16 3/3
  • Pres. Eddy arrives in Flagstaff, construction will not resume until September Jy/7 2/2
  • Courier comments on bad luck Jy/7 3/3
  • Arizona Journal Miner comments on the status of the Mineral Belt Jy/7 4/3
  • advantages of road to Flagstaff when completed Jy/21 2/1
  • business complications between Arizona Lumber Company and lessees of Arizona Mineral Belt cause traffic to stop Se/1 3/3
  • engine burns Se/8 3/1
  • trains run to end of track regularly Se/22 3/1
  • J. W. Eddy works hard to resume operations on the road No/24 3/1
  • party is derailed and has to walk 12 miles to reach a conveyance No/24 3/2
  • Frank Foster and Al Doyle return from Prescott sale of the Mineral Belt De/8 3/2
  • sold at auction to Maj. D. M. Riordan for $40,440 De/8 3/4

    Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe

  • Albuquerque Democrat is full of squibs concerning its magnificence Fe/18 3/1
  • new officials elected My/12 2/3
  • annual meeting re-elects directors My/19 1/2
  • first report of new officials was incorrect My/19 2/1
  • terrible wreck in Colorado My/19 3/3
  • Albuquerque Democrat still slings mud My/26 2/1
  • has longest mileage operated by a single system Je/16 1/3
  • buys two monster locomotives for their mountain division Je/23 2/3

    Atlantic and Pacific
         See also: Businessfor eating houses;   Communications--Telegraphfor their telegraph offices

  • heavy snows necessitate snow plows on engines Ja/7 3/1
  • snow blockade is cleared Ja/21 3/2
  • Flagstaff can load 1,500 more cars every month than railroad supplies Fe/4 3/2
  • special train makes the run from Albuquerque to Holbrook in four hours and 50 minutes Fe/4 3/4
  • gave mortgage in 1880 to all its lands in Arizona, New Mexico and California to the New York Trust Company Fe/25 3/2
  • will expend $2,500,000 in repairing roadbeds and bridges Fe/25 3/2
  • a board of trade would benefit every town along the A & P Mr/3 2/1
  • new schedule for Flagstaff Mr/3 3/1
  • surveyors lay off ground for new stockyards at stone quarry near Flagstaff Mr/3 3/1
  • work on new stockyards near Flagstaff entails two miles of side track with capacity of 58 cars Mr/17 3/1
  • new time schedule brings mail into Flagstaff at 12:01 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. Mr/17 3/1
  • report of $2,500,000 to be spent by new management on repairs and enlargement Mr/17 3/3
  • burned bridge over a canyon west of Hackberry detains train Mr/24 3/1
  • another scheme to sack a train is frustrated Mr/24 3/4
  • intends to pursue a more liberal policy toward Flagstaff Ap/14 3/2
  • Journal Miner says Prescott Junction is to be made a headquarters for a division Ap/21 1/4
  • stockmen complain that employees burn carcasses causing stockmen to lose damage claim Ap/21 2/1
  • E. M. Sanford, Prescott, is appointed solicitor for A & P in Arizona Ap/21 3/1
  • appeals to Supreme Court for a reversion of Mojave County district court Ap/28 1/3
  • eastbound is late due to burned bridge on California Southern My/26 3/1
  • fire at Gallup destroys an oil and coal house Je/16 2/3
  • need to improve their accommodations Jy/21 2/1
  • bridge train repairs bridges and trestles and side tracks on Arizona Mineral Belt at night Jy/21 3/2
  • passenger trains are behind time due to accidents Jy/28 3/2
  • lays new townsite and builds new depot half a mile west of Holbrook Ag/4 1/3
  • car catches fire near Kingman, blaze put out by cutting a hole in the top and stopping under the water tank Se/1 3/2
  • large traffic in freight and passengers in Flagstaff Se/8 3/2
  • petition is sent from Flagstaff area requesting new stockyards and weighing scales Se/8 3/3
  • ships displays to Albuquerque fair free Se/22 3/5
  • Attorney General Rush believes railroad can't sell real property to pay Mohave County taxes Oc/20 3/2
  • wrecked freight train near Bellemont causes passenger train to back to Flagstaff Oc/27 3/2
  • running on miserable time lately De/l 3/1
  • sells 39 lots in Flagstaff and plans to make improvements De/l 3/2
  • Flagstaff stockyards are being removed to site near Flagstaff Lumber Co.'s mill De/8 3/1
  • westbound trains are 3 to 10 hours late due to Kansas snow storm De/8 3/1
  • contract for the new iron bridge across the Colorado River is awarded De/8 3/3

    A & P--Accidents
         See also: Accidents

  • John Moran is killed by being run over by a freight train Ja/7 3/1
  • freight train jumps the track between Bellemont and Challender Ja/7 3/2
  • two passenger cars run off the track east of Flagstaff Ja/14 3/1
  • two engines run off the track near Williams Ja/14 3/2
  • engine runs off track near Walnut Ja/21 3/1
  • two cars ditched near Crookton Fe/4 3/1
  • another passenger train is off the track Fe/11 3/1
  • engine in ditch near Williams delays passenger train Mr/3 3/1
  • boulder derails engine at Johnson's Canon Mr/10 3/1
  • a freight train runs into the rear of another three miles west of Flagstaff Mr/31 3/1
  • boiler of an engine explodes near Holbrook, injuring two and fatally injuring the head brakeman Ap/14 3/1
  • William J. Carter is crushed to death in the yard at Williams Ap/14 3/4
  • boy, age 10, falls from westbound A & P near Coolidge, seriously hurt Ap/28 2/3
  • Newton, a brakeman, is thrown from and under a freight car four miles east of Peach Springs; dies My/19 1/4
  • "Happy Jack" seems to be recovering from his collision with an engine My/26 2/3
  • terrible wreck occurs two miles from Walnut Station, one killed and several seriously injured, blame fixed on Engineer Stevens My/26 3/3
  • Thiels mangles his left arm while coupling cars, loses hand, 18 other patients are in the A & P hospital Je/23 2/3
  • one or more cars leave the track in Johnson's Canyon, no serious damage Jy/21 3/2
  • three accidents, one 7 miles west of Flagstaff, another a few miles west of Laguna, New Mexico, and the third 3 miles from Prescott Junction Jy/28 2/3
  • washout causes wreck near Holbrook, Engineer Kaufman severely injured and Fireman John Bradley killed Ag/4 3/5
  • express train jumps tracks just west of Needles and then hits a box car near Ash Fork Ag/18 3/4
  • Fireman Fields loses his left arm in Ash Fork freight wreck Oc/27 3/3
  • another wreck Thursday, two a week are not many this time of year De/15 3/2
  • passenger train goes down a 100 foot embankment with six injured, some fatally De/15 3/3

    A & P--Buildings

  • foundations are laid for spacious platform at Flagstaff depot Mr/31 3/1
  • eating house and roundhouse are being built in Prescott Junction Ap/21 1/4
  • grades near mill of Flagstaff Lumber Co. for erection of the new cattle yards No/24 3/1

    A & P--Employees
    Operators of the railroad eating houses will be found under Business and telegraph operators will be found under   Communications--Telegraph.

  • Superintendent J. H. Scott resigns and A. A. Gaddis takes his place Fe/18 3/1 J. O. Dodge, late Winslow trainmaster, is appointed division superintendent Mr/3 3/1
  • Supt. Gaddis sets flat salary for brakemen but backs down when employees threaten to strike Mr/3 3/4
  • locomotive engineers strike ends which has paralyzed business for four days Mr/24 3/2
  • Wm. Daze, engineer Ap/7 3/1
  • Maj. J. W. Donnelly is nominated as land agent since Col. Thos. S. Sedgwick resigns Je/9 3/1
  • Fitzgerald is replaced as Flagstaff agent, Flagstaffians circulate a petition to have him reinstated Jy/14 3/4
  • T. A. Brown succeeds Fitzgerald as Flagstaff agent Jy/21 3/2
  • A. A. Gaddis is made general superintendent in place of J. H. Scott Jy/28 3/2
  • Jack Brady returns from Mexico to Winslow-Williams division Ag/4 2/3
  • T. A. Brown, Flagstaff agent Se/8 3/2
  • an unvoted on cut was given the workers and only the return of the 10% averted a strike De/8 3/3

    A & P--Equipment

  • has twenty-five locomotives built Fe/18 3/1
  • furnishes plenty of cars to Flagstaff Mr/3 3/1

    A & P--Finances and Statistics

  • pay car passes through Flagstaff Ja/28 3/1
  • earnings of the A & P for January and February Fe/18 3/1
  • pay car comes through Flagstaff Fe/25 3/1
  • pay car comes through Flagstaff Mr/31 3/1
  • pay car passes through Flagstaff Oc/27 3/1
  • Judge W. C. Hazledine pays land grant taxes and Flagstaff real estate taxes but not the railroad tax De/15 3/3

    A & P--Schedules

  • new time schedule changes numbers of passenger trains Mr/31 3/1
  • Flagstaff schedule changes Oc/6 3/2

    Prescott and Arizona Central

  • Prescott people unhappy over new schedule Ap/28 3/2
  • L. H. Wilson says road will be extended south for sure My/53/2
  • Wells, Fargo & Co. refuses to do business until difficulties are settled My/12 3/2
  • new time card brings box car into Prescott at 12:00 noon My/19 3/1
  • settles difficulties with Wells, Fargo & Co. and Prescott now gets express matter Je/9 3/1
  • Courier charges the P & AC subsidy bill against the Republicans and yet he supports it Je/23 2/1
  • Prescott Courier says Clark Churchill originated the P & AC subsidy bill Je/23 2/1
  • charges $6 per 100 pounds of flour and other freight in proportion, a blessing? Jy/21 3/2
  • recent rains have caused numerous washouts Ag/4 2/3
  • raises rates again Ag/4 3/2
  • Maricopa County wants to extend to Phoenix No/24 3/3

    Proposed Arizona Roads
         See also: Railroads--Arizona Mineral Belt

  • four paragraphs comment on Yavapai County supporting railroad building Mr/17 2/1
  • a north-south road is discussed, Arizona Mineral Belt versus P & AC Mr/17 2/2
  • P & AC subsidy is advocated by Champion; not true says Champion Ap/7 2/2
  • what will Gila County and Prescott give as subsidy for Mineral Belt? Ap/7 3/3
  • Clark Churchill is falsely named as "daddy" of the railroad subsidy act Ap/14 2/1
  • Courier and Champion spar over subsidy Ap/14 2/3
  • Signal wants to know where Champion's backing of the P & AC subsidy is? Ap/28 2/2
  • Courier persists in advocating the P & AC and bankruptcy of Yavapai County My/26 2/1
  • Bro. Marion's weakness should not be imposed on, Flagstaff capital will not allow Yavapai to be robbed My/26 2/1
  • Arizona & Southeastern Railroad Co. incorporates in Cochise County to construct Fairbank-Bisbee road Je/9 1/5
  • Prescott Courier wants Maricopa County to assist P & AC south to Phoenix Je/16 2/1
  • San Diego Chamber of Commerce and eastern capitalist discuss a railroad to Phoenix Ag/18 1/5
  • Florence Enterprise believes San Diego railroad a good prospect, route given Ag/18 2/3
  • people of Salt River Valley want connection with Prescott and one from Phoenix to San Diego No/3 3/4

    Southern Pacific

  • will operate the El Paso-White Oaks line My/12 2/3
  • passenger train jumps track near Gelta Bend, one killed, several injured My/19 1/4
  • N. H. Calloway, brakeman, falls from car and dies Ag/4 2/3

     See Railroads

     See Weather


  • in Huachucas No/10 4/2

     See also: Land and Land Tenure

  • Capt. E. J. Simpson replaces H. L. Warren as manager of Aztec Cattle Co. Ja/14 3/1
  • Aztec Cattle Co. elects E. J. Simpson as general manager since Henry Warren resigned Ja/21 2/3
  • Aztec Land & Cattleman Company sends annual report to Champion Fe/18 3/4
  • range for sale Mr/31 3/4
  • Smith Carson & Co., Apache County, organize and incorporate as "Twenty-Four Cattle Co." My/12 3/2
  • Chas. Goven resigns as manager of Az. Cattle Co. or A.1 Company Je/2 3/2
  • Az. Cattle Company's managing director is Ellis Wainwright, C. C. Goven is still manager in Flagstaff Je/23 3/2
  • J. C. Hill, superintendent of Stephen W. Dorsey's ranch, selects railroad land in Mohave County Je/23 4/1
  • J. L. V. Thomas buys C. S. Howard's ranch on Oak Creek Jy/14 3/3
  • Will Bayless locates ranch 60 miles south of Flagstaff with large spring of water Ag/4 3/4
  • J. D. Houck has a ranch in Pleasant Valley known as Houck's Tanks Ag/18 3/5
  • Sam Greenwood did not jump John Hance's ranch but bought half of the property Se/1 3/1
  • John G. Houtum, Verde Valley farmer, says valley is rapidly settling up Se/1 3/2
  • H. C. Hooker, Graham County rancher, considers range in Salt River Valley Se/22 4/3
  • William O'Connell, Colorado sheepman, considers range in Flagstaff area Se/29 3/1
  • Hogan Bros., New Mexico, start their cattle on trail for Arizona to find more valuable range Se/29 4/2
  • Alpha C. Churchill, superintendent of Hatch ranch leased by Sierra Bonita Cattle Co., leaves to pick up 1,000 head Oc/20 4/3
  • Globe Silver Belt reports their ranges in very poor condition with no water No/3 4/3
  • J. S. Taylor, San Diego, purchases W. C. Watkins' ranch and cattle 75 miles north of Phoenix No/10 3/3
  • Jno. Skaggs, Winslow, takes ranch on the Mormon Dairy De/15 3/1


  • west side of the Navajo reservation Se/1 3/2


  • Flagstaff ice men are laying in a large supply of ice Ja/21 3/1

     See Holidays and Religious Days

     See Animals

     See Elections and Politics--Republican Party

     See Business


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Water and Water Resources--Rivers

     See Roads and Streets


  • corner of Grant and Church Streets in Flagstaff Ja/7 3/2
  • Yavapai County Board of Supervisors should grant the Williams road request Ja/28 2/1
  • Flagstaff and Williams people should consider repairing road since no action is forthcoming Fe/11 2/1
  • Grant Street in Flagstaff Fe/11 3/1
  • calling principal street "Railroad Avenue" is neither appropriate nor striking, Flagstaff ought to change it Mr/17 3/3
  • movement is on foot to grade and improve Railroad Avenue in Flagstaff Mr/24 3/4
  • Myrtle Avenue in Flagstaff Mr/31 3/3
  • La Rue Street in Flagstaff Mr/31 3/3
  • Grant Street in Flagstaff Ap/14 3/1
  • Church Street in Flagstaff Ap/21 3/1
  • five principal roads come into Flagstaff Je/23/1
  • Yavapai County Supervisors declare Spring Valley-Williams road a county road Jy/28 2/2
  • Prescott has Gurley, Marina, and Virginia Streets Se/8 2/5
  • W. A. Switzer fixes the road east of Flagstaff and Al Beasley the one leading to the Grand Canyon No/17 3/1

     See Crimes and Criminals--Robbery

     See also: Livestock

  • Charles McGary, Goddard, challenges Charles Meadows, Tonto Basin, to steer roping and tying contest De/l 3/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1


  • unknown location Fe/41/4

     See Anthropology

     See Crimes and Criminals--Rustling


  • Sacramento Valley My/5 4/1


  • Saguaro No/10 2/3

     See Holidays and Religious Days

     See Business

     See Business

     See Railroads--Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe

     See Education and Schools

     See Education and Schools

     See Education and Schools


  • Prof. Victor Mendeliff, Chief of Ethnological Department Mr/10 3/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Livestock--Sheep

     See Law Enforcement Personnel

     See Crimes and Criminals--Shooting


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Mines and Mining

     See Weather

     See Clubs and Organizations

     See Railroads--Southern Pacific


  • hard boiled hats were at a discount Wednesday evening; several dudes lost their starched ties in a game of football Mr/10 3/1
  • foot race of 50 yards is won by H. E. Barnett over Will Everich Jy/21 3/3
  • Floyde Blevins, alias Arizona Kid, wins over Jerry Taylor, California, in a foot race Ag/18 2/4
  • race between a horse and a bicycle is made from Silver City to Deming; horse wins Se/22 1/5
  • John 14. Howard, Palmer & Ray of San Francisco, returns from hunting
    and fishing trip to Prescott No/3 3/2


  • Flagstaff club is ready for another match with Albuquerque Mr/10 2/3
  • Flagstaff should give financial backing to its crack nine Mr/17 3/3
  • Flagstaff boys organize Ap/7 3/1
  • Flagstaff has good material for a team Ap/21 3/1
  • Winslow may organize team and try Flagstaff My/5 3/2
  • Gallup nine comes to play the Flagstaff nine on the 27th or 28th My/19 3/4
  • Santa Fe defeats Tombstone by a score of 5 to 3 My/26 1/5
  • Albuquerque baseball team defeats Tombstone nine My/26 3/1
  • first game between Tombstone and Albuquerque was won by Tombstone My/26 3/1
  • Tombstone club is defeated in Santa Fe My/26 3/2
  • Capt. Sweeny suffers from a felon on one of his fingers; bad news for Flagstaff nine My/26 3/2
  • Hapeman, Tombstone's pitcher, signs with Santa Fe team Je/2 4/2
  • Gallup and Flagstaff will play on the 4th Je/16 3/1
  • Flagstaff boys will be in uniform against Gallup team Je/233/1
  • two picked nines play in Flagstaff on the 4th Jy/7 2/3
  • A & P train men will play Albuquerque Jy/21 2/1
  • Flagstaff and Winslow will play on the grounds of Brannen addition tomorrow; Flagstaff team listed Jy/21 2/1
  • Tucson plays in 108° Jy/21 2/3
  • Yavapia Democrat captained to Flagstaff baseball nine Saturday Jy/28 3/2
  • Flagstaff nine loses badly to Winslow players; Winslow players listed Jy/28 3/3
  • Flagstaff nine go to Winslow Ag/18 3/1
  • Winslow club wins over Flagstaff nine in Winslow Se/1 2/4
  • Flagstaff boys will go to Kingman Se/8 3/1
  • Mill No. 2 organizes and proposes to issue a challenge to Flagstaff team Se/8 3/1
  • Tombstone Chinatown organizes a Celestial baseball club; players listed Se/22 3/4


  • Connors-Hennessey prize fight articles of agreement signed; Hennessey trains in Walnut Grove and Connors at Castle Creek Se/1 3/3
  • Prescott's prize fight is the 25th Se/22 3/1
  • Tom Hennesey wins prize fight with Dan Connors on a foul claimed in the seventh round Se/29 3/1
  • Tom Hennesy fights Koolidge Kid in Gallup on Thanksgiving No/24 3/1
  • Tom Hensey knocks out "Koolidge Kid" in the sixth round De/15 3/1

    Horse Racing

  • Hugh Campbell's mare wins over E. W. Crockett's bay Je/2 3/1
  • horse and pony races run in Flagstaff on the 4th Jy/7 2/3
  • Broachio and Black Horse will race in Tonto Basin August 15th Jy/28 1/4
  • Bob Lee's horse wins over George Prime's in a race Wednesday Oc/27 3/2
  • Tonto Basin horse race is won by "Crowder" No/10 3/1
  • Bob Lee's horse wins over Fred S. Sommers' in Flagstaff No/17 3/2

         See also: Animals

  • F. E. Foster and W. E. Pratt go duck hunting in Clark's Valley Mr/31 3/4
  • Johnny Francis, Tom Crockett and Al. Beasley return from duck hunting in Clark's Valley Ap/7 3/1
  • Will Bayless, Mike Ryan and M. S. Beal return from three week trip south Ag/4 3/4
  • rumored that Tom Crockett, Flagstaff, aspires to be chief of Mogollon Gun Club Ag/18 3/1
  • Wash Henry, Flagstaff, is in San Francisco Mountains Oc/20 3/1
  • five Flagstaffians return from a three-week hunt De/8 3/1

     See Crimes and Criminals--Robbery


  • Clifton Clarion says Democrats outnumbered Republicans in the Civil War; Champion demands official figures Se/8 2/1

     See Livestock--Associations


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Quarries and Quarrying

     See Building and Buildings;   Business


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Water and Water Resources

     See Roads and Streets

     See Employment and Labor;   Mines and Mining

     See Education and Schools


  • Miss Vicky Lee, age 16 of Winslow, dies from large dose of laudanum Ap/14 3/4
  • George Daves, Tombstone, commits suicide after shooting sweetheart Ap/21 3/3
  • Albuquerque Democrat is responsible for the rumor that Miss Vicky Lee died over Johnny Taylor Ap/28 3/2
  • Lionel E. Brown shoots himself at Fort Wingate My/5 3/3
  • Mrs. Geo. Frisk, Wilcox, shoots herself in fear of hydrophobia Je/2 4/2
  • Gon Shayee, Apache under sentence of death, attempts to hang himself Je/23 3/2
  • Quong Sing commits suicide by hanging at Yuma Prison Je/23 3/4
  • Phoenix Gazette reports an aged Mexican living in Neahr's addition burned herself Jy/7 2/1
  • James Murphy, A & P employee, slits his throat at Holbrook Oc/27 3/2
  • "Will Mc," passenger on train, commits suicide shortly after leaving Casa Grande No/3 3/4

     See Education and Schools;   Educators


  • F. B. Jacobs is ready to do all surveying work Jy/7 3/2


  • Tanke Jy/7 4/1


  • new treaty with Mexico aids cattle owners to avoid duties on wandering cattle Jy/28 1/5
  • Mounted Inspector H. P. Bee seizes 119 cattle of the Calabasas Land and Cattle Company for failure to report to the customs officials Se/8 4/2


  • W. C. Bashford reports on delinquent taxes for 1887 Ja/14 2/1
  • livestock interest pay over one-third of the taxes of our territory Fe/25 2/1
  • H. T. Andrews, Deputy U. S. Internal Revenue Collector, leaves Flagstaff for Apache County Mr/1 3/1
  • A & P town lots are assessed at $12,445 in Flagstaff My/19 3/1
  • information on Flagstaff justice of the peace who registers Indians can be obtained from J. M. Simpson Je/16 3/1
  • cattlemen say $12 per head is excessive assessment Je/16 3/3
  • New Mexico and Arizona cattlemen feel that cattle should be taxed no higher than $10 a head this year Jy/14 4/1
  • A & P lands are assessed at 75p, per acre by Territorial Board of Equalization Jy/21 2/3
  • Territorial Board of Equalization meets in Prescott; number of cattle and their assessed value given by county Ag/18 2/2
  • boards of equalization in all the counties have reduced the assessment on cattle Ag/18 4/3
  • H. T. Andrews, Deputy Internal Revenue Collector, is in Flagstaff Se/22 3/1
  • county and territorial taxes due third Monday in December Oc/6 3/1
  • H. T. Andrews, U. S. Internal Revenue Collector, is in Flagstaff enroute to Apache County No/17 3/1
  • Tombstone Prospector says reason for Cochise County's fall off in taxable property is leaving for Alaska De/l 2/1

    Apache County

  • St. Johns Herald of January 26th contains five pages of delinquent taxes Fe/4 3/1

    Maricopa County

  • tax levy is $2.50 per $100 Se/8 3/4

    Pima County

  • tax levy is $3.13 per $100 Se/8 3/4

    Pinal County

  • assessment roll shows increase over last year Ag/4 1/3

    Yavapai County

  • Hoof & Horn says it will take 24 pages to print the delinquent tax list Fe/4 3/3
  • Hoof & Horn publishes largest delinquent list ever Fe/11 3/1
  • M. A. Carrier, tax assessor, is in Flagstaff My/5 3/1
  • Board of Supervisors assesses A & P land grant at 25¢ per acre, registration officers appointed Jy/28 1/3
  • total value of assessable property is more than last year according to D. F. Mitchell, clerk of the Board Ag/18 1/5
  • assessor reports his valuations Ag/18 3/4
  • Board of Supervisors fixes tax levy at 3% Se/1 3/1
  • M. A. Carrier, county assessor, is in Flagstaff Oc/6 3/1
  • Dr. M. A. Carrier visits Flagstaff Oc/27 3/1
  • confusion on the compromise with A & P has caused Judge W. C. Hazledine to hold back A & P railroad tax De/15 3/3

    Yuma County

  • tax rate is $2.60 per $100 Se/22 3/3

     See Tax and Taxation

     See Educators

     See Communications--Telegraph

     See Alcohol and Drugs

     See Weather

     See Fairs

     See Prisons and Prisoners


  • townsite company formed, incorporated Mr/24 1/4
  • near Gila River Se/8 3/4

     See Holidays and Religious Days


  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3


  • finest portion of Arizona but cursed with a gang of cut throats and robbers Se/8 1/3

     See Crimes and Criminals


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See also: Grand Canyon;   Walnut Canyon

  • petrified forest is a few miles south of Holbrook Ja/28 2/4
  • two-column article on petrified forest or Chalcedony Park Fe/4 4/1
  • movement is afoot to have a series of excursions from Los Angeles to Flagstaff Mr/17 3/3
  • Phoenix and other southern citizens visit Yavapai County to cool off Jy/28 2/2
  • two carloads of Illinois tourists are vanguard to Phoenix Ag/4 1/3
  • Phoenix Arizonan says Arizona Mineral Belt will allow southern people to visit mountains Ag/4 1/5

     See Employment and Labor

     See Crimes and Criminals--Robbery

     See Railroads

     See also: Communications--Postal Service;   Railroads;   Roads and Streets

    Freight Wagons
  • E. H. Witherell is awarded freighting contract between Verde Station and Jerome and is now hiring Ap/28 3/4

    Local Transit

  • Arizona Improvement Company opens its street railway in Phoenix Ja/14 2/2
  • J. W. Weatherford establishes hack line between Flagstaff and Milton Ap/21 3/4
  • E. F. Greenlaw, Flagstaff, moves his house 20 feet to avoid line of street cars Je/2 3/1

    Wells, Fargo & Co.

  • refuses to do business with P & AC until difficulties are settled My/12 3/2
  • settles difficulties with P & AC and Prescott now gets express matter Je/9 3/1


  • becomes hot bed of monopoly My/19 1/4
  • second oldest city in the U. S., has an ice factory, three mills, sampling and other mining works Jy/28 1/4
  • municipal election contest is begun De/l 3/2


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Colleges and Universities

     See also: Central Verde;   East Verde;   Lower Verde;   Verde

  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See Holidays and Religious Days

     See Agriculture

     See also: Central Verde;   East Verde;   Lower Verde;   Upper Verde

  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/5 2/3


  • is 7 or 8 miles north of Prescott My/12 3/1


  • is on the P & AC Railroad Ap/28 3/4
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • also known as Witherellville No/10 2/2

     See Livestock

     See Transportation--Freight Wagons


  • Wallapai Valley My/5 4/1


  • Flagstaff party visits Cliffs Je/9 3/1
  • P. P. Daggs escorts former tutor and wife to cliff dwellers' ruins Ag/18 3/2
  • ten visit Cliff Dwellers Oc/20 3/2
  • three Flagstaffians visit Cliff Dwellers Oc/27 3/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3

     See also: Disasters;   Weather

  • Joe Scarbourgh engages in Flagstaff water business Fe/4 3/1
  • Flagstaff organization of a stock company considered to improve spring at Milton and conduct it into tanks and reservoirs Mr/31 3/2
  • Mat. Blakely, Flagstaff, establishes himself in water selling business Ap/21 3/1
  • J. P. Fonner is given contract for water works system; water tank will be on hill north of E. S. Clark's residence in Flagstaff Je/30 3/2
  • Phoenix Herald says enough water runs out of Arizona to irrigate every foot of land for a year Ag/4 1/3
  • gigantic scheme is proposed to block off canyons of Rocky Mountains for water storage Ag/4 1/4
  • J. M. Simpson is running pipes from the main line into stores and saloons on Railroad Avenue in Flagstaff Se/1 3/3
  • J. M. Simpson lays pipes into every business house in Flagstaff Se/8 3/2
  • J. M. Simpson will run mains down San Francisco Avenue and extend those on Gold Avenue in Flagstaff Se/22 3/2
  • location of the keys of the five plugs is given in Flagstaff Se/29 3/3
  • ranchers between railroad and Gila complain of scarcity but are not suffering Se/29 4/2
  • Jerry Sulivan, Williamson Valley rancher, installs a steam pump Se/29 4/2
  • Governor's annual report No/3 2/2
  • southern Arizona stockmen put up windmills No/3 4/2
  • west has water problems in the summer and the east in the winter No/3 4/3

    Canals and Irrigation

  • H. H. Scorse, Holbrook, is ready to construct ditch and viaducts from Little Colorado Ja/21 2/3
  • editorial on canals and water storage Mr/24 2/2
  • Florence canal company is unable to find enough teams to do the work My/12 3/2
  • Highland Canal near Phoenix is being pushed to completion My/26 1/5
  • Taos Valley canal mentioned Je/23 2/3
  • premature explosion kills two Mexican laborers at the Highland Canal in Phoenix Je/23 3/1
  • Florence canal has a good head of water, claimants may apply at company's office No/10 3/3


  • joint resolution passes House to investigate possibility of reservoirs in arid regions Mr/24 1/4
  • Territorial Surveyor-General favors construction of reservoirs Ag/18 1/5
  • bill to construct reservoirs in the mountains receives support Ag/18 4/2
  • new storage reservoir constructed by the Florence Canal will enclose 1,700 acres Se/22 3/3


  • Colorado River is 12 feet over high water mark at Yuma Mr/24 1/4
  • Little Colorado and Rio Puerco are higher than for years due to rains and snow in White Mountains Ap/28 4/1
  • Indians along lower Colorado River have poor crop prospects due to low water Jy/28 1/4
  • heavy rains in southern Arizona, Salt River is overflowing Ag/18 1/5


  • ground is broken for ditch for water mains from Clark's spring in Flagstaff Je/30 3/1
  • two companies lay pipes, J. M. Simpson from Smith's Spring and another from Clark's Spring Jy/28 3/3
  • large spring on Bayless ranch 60 miles south of Flagstaff Ag/4 3/4


  • artesian flow is believed to be obtainable at 100 feet in Holbrook area Ja/28 2/4
  • U. S. House committee favors a bill for providing a system of artesian well experiments in Arizona and New Mexico My/19 2/2
  • stockmen are sinking artesian wells De/l 2/2

     See Water and Water Resources

     See Water and Water Resources


  • heavy snows of past few days necessitate snow plows on A & P engines Ja/7 3/1
  • snow storm removes doubts of a dry season Ja/14 2/1
  • D. S. Russell says storm at Bellemont more severe than in Flagstaff Ja/14 3/1
  • 61° below zero in Colorado Ja/14 3/1
  • Flagstaff has cold nights Ja/14 3/1
  • Holbrook experiences winter blasts Ja/21 2/3
  • Winslow had very cold weather but now warm sunshiny days Ja/21 2/4
  • heavy fall of snow in Flagstaff Mr/3 3/1
  • Flagstaff has about three feet of snow fallen over three days and nights Mr/3 3/2
  • additional snow falls around Flagstaff Mr/10 3/1
  • W. A. Glassford, Lt. Signal Corps, looks for persons to receive and observe 25 rain gauges in Arizona Mr/24 1/3
  • ladies appear in Flagstaff without coats Mr/24 3/1
  • Flagstaff has several heavy showers My/5 3/1
  • whole western country receives soaking rains My/12 4/1
  • average temperature difference between Flagstaff and Yuma or Phoenix is 18° Jy/21 2/3
  • recent rains have cooled the atmosphere and caused new grass growth Jy/21 2/3
  • thermometer registers 108° in the shade at Tucson on Sunday Jy/21 2/3
  • heavy rain occurs at Peach Springs Jy/28 1/4
  • severe storm in Tempe travels southeast to northwest, some damage Jy/28 2/3
  • rain in all parts of Arizona Ag/4 1/3
  • heavy rains are reported in Prescott Courier Ag/4 3/1
  • southern Arizona has several heavy rains, Salt River is overflowing Ag/18 1/5
  • Flagstaff has showers, cooling the air and settling the dust Se/1 3/1
  • fine rains have put the grass in excellent condition in Flagstaff range area Se/1 3/2
  • Harry Melbourne says rains fell near Dry Lake Se/8 3/3
  • splendid soaking rain Se/22 3/1
  • rain has fallen for two days Oc/20 3/1
  • Gila County has heavy rains, Globe has 2.25 inches No/10 3/3
  • generous rains over New Mexico and Arizona latter part of last week No/24 1/3
  • been trying to snow for two days in Flagstaff No/24 3/1
  • lots of rain reported in Little Colorado range De/15 3/1
  • rains and snow storms throughout the territory the past few weeks De/15 4/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1

     See Transportation--Wells, Fargo & Co.

     See Communications--Telegraph


  • sixty miles north of Nogales Je/161/4


  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention
    Jy/14 2/1


  • rapidly builds up and improvements are seen Ja/14 3/1
  • report Ja/21 3/2
  • has a boon Fe/11 3/1
  • John L. Davis resigns as justice of the peace Fe/18 3/1
  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has two delegates to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1
  • voting precinct in Yavapai County Se/15 2/3
  • Andrews, Prescott, says Flagstaff and Williams grow fast Se/29 3/1


  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention of April 21st Ap/14 2/1
  • has one delegate to the Yavapai County Republican Convention Jy/14 2/1


  • report Ja/21 2/3


  • in Yavapai County Se/15 3/3
  • also known as Verde Station No/10 2/2

Includes any article pertaining to a woman or women.

  • Ja/7 sleigh ride 3/1; restaurant 3/1; move 3/2;party 3/2
  • Ja/14 ill 3/1; visit 3/1; new wife 3/1; CLSC program 3/3; newspaper slapstick 4/1
  • Ja/21 CLSC program 2/2; visit 3/1; moves 3/1; wedding 3/1; marriage 3/2; dies 3/3
  • Ja/28 visit 3/1; move 3/2; bride moves 3/2; Chautagua CLSC 3/2; marriage 3/3
  • Fe/4 child ill 3/1; party 31/; ball 3/1; visit 3/2; married 3/2; party 3/3; child dies 3/3; Chautagua program 3/4
  • Fe/11 births 2/3; ill 3/1; school 3/1; builds a hall 3/2; CLSC program 3/3
  • Fe/18 children die 2/3; injured 3/1; children die 3/1; leap year ball 3/2; celebration 3/4
  • Fe/25 CLSC program 2/2; visit Champion 3/1; moves 3/2; camp fire 3/5; two born; marriage 3/5
  • Mr/3 visit 3/1; ill 3/1; murderer 3/2; CLSC program 3/3
  • Mr/10 visit 3/1; birth 3/1; child dies 3/1; child dies 3/1; charged with murder 3/1; thanks 3/2; child dies 3/2; CLSC program 3/3; thanks 3/4
  • Mr/17 CLSC program 2/3; ball masque 3/2; moves 3/3
  • Mr/24 visit 3/3; party 3/3; social 3/4; CLSC program 3/5
  • Mr/31 Milk Maid's Convention 1/4; murder 3/2; marriage 3/3
  • Ap/7 move 3/1; ill 3/1; visit 3/1; visit 3/3; women's week in Washington 3/4
  • Ap/14 murderer acquitted 1/3; ill 3/1; CLSC program 3/3; suicide 3/4
  • Ap/21 marries 1/4; scandal 1/4; birth 3/1; home 3/2; visit 3/2
  • Ap/28 child drowns 1/3; move 3/1; marriage 3/1; marriage 3/1; marriage 3/1; marriage 3/1; suicide 3/2; marriage 3/3
  • My/5 Mormon 2/3; visits 3/1; Chautaugua program 3/1
  • My/12 visit 3/1; baby dies 3/1; son dies 3/1; visit 3/1; misdemeanors 3/2; Chautaugua program 3/3; party 3/3; nurses husband 3/3; married 3/3; party 3/4; doctor 3/5
  • My/19 aunt 3/1; Grand Canyon 3/1; Roger's Lake 3/2; visit 3/2; visit 3/2; visit 3/2; marriage 3/3; breaks leg 3/3; Chautaugua program 3/3
  • My/26 petition for pardon 1/5; missionary meeting program 2/3; ill 3/1; home 3/1; home 3/1; home 3/2; home 3/2; teacher 3/2; Grand Canyon 3/3; Chautaugua program 3/3; Memorial Day 3/4; birthday party 3/5; dead 3/5
  • Je/2 daughter sings 3/1; visit 3/2; Roger's Lake 3/2; marriage 3/2; Memorial Day 3/3; accident 3/6; suicide 4/2
  • Je/9 visit 3/1; visit 3/1; party 3/1; arrives 3/1; cliffs3/1; birth 3/1; moves 3/1; 4th celebration 3/2; amateur play 3/3; birth 3/4
  • Je/16 visit 3/2; party 3/2; marriage 3/2; speech 3/3
  • Je/23 party 2/3; marries 3/1; move 3/1; home 3/3; married 3/3
  • Je/30 visit Champion 3/2; church dinner 3/2; entertains 3/2; works for pardon 3/3; play 3/4; court case 3/4
  • Jy/7 restaurant burns 1/3; 4th celebration 2/3; CLSC program 2/4; district court 3/2; business 3/2; dies 3/2; temperance 3/3; burned out 3/4
  • Jy/14 thank you card 3/1; visit 3/2; excursion 3/2; ice cream parlor 3/3; marries 3/4
  • Jy/21 land law rights 1/5; Chautaugua Circle 3/2; visit 3/3; moves 3/3; trip 3/3
  • Jy/28 marriage 2/3; Eastern Star 3/2; teachers 3/2; visit 3/4; goes home 3/4; Grand Canyon 3/4; visit 3/4; Oak Creek fishing 3/4; moves 3/4
  • Ag/4 visit 2/3; Indian 2/3; birth 3/4; visit 3/4; move 3/4; visit 3/4; visit 3/4; father 3/4; party 3/4; party 3/5
  • Ag/18 owns building 1/5; party 3/1; music 3/1; ill 3/2; ill 3/2; visit 3/2; visit 3/2; home 3/2; home 3/2; visit 3/2
  • Se/1 marries 3/1; visit 3/1; visit 3/2; party 3/3; party 3/4; marries 3/4; kindergarten 3/4; marries 3/5
  • Se/8 visit 3/1; birth 3/1; visit 3/2; GAR encampment 3/2; visit 3/4; death 3/4
  • Se/15 ill 3/1; visit 3/1; birth 3/1; visit 3/1; visit 3/1
  • Se/22 home 3/1; visit 3/1; visit 3/2; visit 3/2; kindergarten 3/4; marries 3/4
  • Se/29 child dies 3/1; teachers 3/1; visit 3/1; home 3/1; visit 3/1; marries 3/2
  • Oc/6 visit Champion 3/1; visit 3/1; home 3/1; Catholic fair 3/1; move 3/2; Grand Canyon 3/2; home 3/2; marries 3/2; child baptised 3/3; party 3/4; Catholic fair 3/4; marries 3/5; birth 3/5
  • Oc/20 visited 3/1; birth 3/1; moves 3/1; child ill 3/2; cliff dwellers 3/2; debate 3/2; birth 3/3; Wallapai twins 3/3; births 3/4
  • Oc/27 visit 3/1; gets well 3/1; employment 3/1; Catholic fair 3/1; home 3/1; child recovers 3/2; is visited 3/2; Grand Canyon 3/2; births 3/3; Yuma Indian 3/4; CLS program 3/5
  • No/3 education 3/1; Mite Society 3/1; visit 3/1; ball 3/3
  • No/17 visit 3/1; visit 3/1; Catholic fair 3/2; social gathering 3/2; child breaks arm 3/2
  • No/24 died 3/1; Thanksgiving dinner 3/2; tourist 3/2; died 3/2
  • De/l marriage 3/1; birth 3/1; dance 3/2; masquerade 3/2; robbed 3/3; births 3/3
  • De/8 Women's Relief Corps 3/1; winters 3/2; recovers 3/2; home 3/2; marriage 3/3
  • De/15 marriage 2/2; birth 3/4


  • has a menagerie Jy/28 1/4

     See Livestock--Sheep

     See also: Boundariesfor division of county

  • Hoof & Horn accuses Yavapai of having financial affairs run by a ring Ja/28 2/3
  • Journal Miner complains about amount spent in Flagstaff precinct on law enforcement; Champion gives two solutions Fe/4 2/2
  • expenses were $104,491 for 1887 Fe/4 3/1
  • Yavapai County pays $20,000 annually for "a bob-tailed mixture of rattle-trap rolling stock" Je/9 2/1
  • lack of funds for teacher's institute due to railroad subsidy Je/16 2/2
  • meet in Prescott Friday and Saturday Jy/28 1/3
  • comment that teachers examination should be held in Flagstaff Ag/18 3/1
  • treasurer will give bond of $75,000 and the assessor $25,000 De/15 2/2

     See Boundaries


  • a Yuma justice of the peace fines the Board of Supervisors $100 each or 100 days in jail for contempt of court Ja/28 3/1

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