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Learning and Study Spaces

Individual Study Rooms

individual study room

Study space for one user. May be reserved for up to 4 hrs a day

Group Study Rooms

Group Study Room

Study space for groups of 2 to 10 students. May be reserved for up to 2 hours a day

Production Studios

production studio

Create and edit graphics, audio, and video using professional-grade software.

Practice Presentation Room

practice presentation room

Designed for practicing and perfecting your presentations in a classroom setting.

Viewing Studio

viewing studio

Groups of up to 4 people can view all major video formats.

Audio Listening Studio

audio listening studio

Groups of up to 4 people can listen to, edit, or digitize many analog and digital audio formats

Assistive Technology Studio

Assistive Technology Studio

Technology that helps make computing accessible to everyone.

Long-Term Carrels

long-term carrell

Carrels are available to NAU graduate students, and faculty for long-term usage

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Lockers are available to any NAU or CCC students to use for a semester.

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Scheduling Other Library Spaces