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Add Electronic Reserves to Blackboard Learn course shells:

For Course Reserves help with these instructions: Email | 928-523-9142

  1. Login to Blackboard Learn.

  2. Select the course from the Blackboard My Courses list.

  3. * If you have not already created content in this course shell, follow the on-screen instructions titled “Bb Shell Setup Info for Faculty” to begin designing your course.

  4. Choose or create a Content Folder where you want the title to appear.

  5. Select File from the Build Content menu.

    Blackboard Learn Content

  6. In the Select File section, click Browse Content Collection.

    Blackboard Learn - Select Flie

  7. Select a PDF file from the Reserves Files folder.

  8. Scroll down and click Submit in the Browse Content Collection window.

  9. In the Select File section on the Create File page, enter the Title into the Name field.

  10. In the File Options section, make sure Open in New Window is set to Yes.

  11. Scroll down and click Submit in the Create File window.

    Blackboard Learn - Submit