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Printing and Scanning in the Library

NAU students, faculty and staff can print throughout the library using their LOUIE accounts (cash/credit not accepted). CCC and community users may print 20 pages per week using the guest computers (a guest account is required).

Where are the printers located?

First floor:

  • 2 black and white and 1 color printer located in the NAU/CCC computing area (1st floor near main entrance)
  • 1 black and white and 1 color printer located in The Studios area (1st floor)
  • 1 CCC/community use printer located next to guest computers

Second floor:

  • 1 black and white printer on the 2nd floor near the Writing Commons

How much does it cost to print?

  • $.10/page for black and white
  • $.15/black and white double-sided
  • $.35/page for color

How do I print?

For black and white print jobs:

  • Select print and retrieve your job by logging in to any print release station located next to a printer.

For color print jobs:

  • Select print and choose either Library_Color1 (located in the NAU/CCC computing area) or Library_Color4 (located in The Studios area)
  • Retrieve your job by logging in to the print release station located next to the printers in these areas.

Printing from your personal laptop:

Print jobs will remain in the queue for 2 hours. Your charges will be sent to your LOUIE account. Log in to Web Print to see your print jobs or request a refund.

How do I scan or copy images?

The library has five easy-to-use scanners located next to each print station on the first and second floors.

You can scan in color or black and white. Scans will output to PDF, Microsoft Word, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats. Once your file is created you may:

  • Save to the university Z: drive
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Download to a personal USB storage device
  • Email to yourself as an attachment
  • Print (with an NAU login)
  • Scan to Smartphone

The library does not offer fax service. You may want to try using a free online faxing service such as Hellofax.

How do I report a problem?

For printer errors or basic printing or scanning help, contact the Main Desk at 928-523-2173 or AskUs.

For additional help, contact the Tech Desk.