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Providing a Replacement for a Library Item

Depending on the item, you may be able to significantly reduce the replacement fee by providing an acceptable replacement item and paying a processing fee. 

1.  Provide an Acceptable Replacement

Item Is Still Available
  • If the item is still available:
    • Provide a brand new copy of the same edition in the same format.
  • If the item is still available but you can't find a new copy:
Item Is Unavailable
  • If the same edition of an item is no longer available:
    • Provide a brand new item that is in the same format as the original – just a more recent edition.
  • If a brand new item of a more recent edition in the same format is no longer available:
    • Provide a format that is available.
  • If you can't find an item that is brand new but is of the same format:
We Are Unable to Accept Items: 
  • With highlighting, writing, water damage, mold, or torn pages and/or cover.
  • With spine damage or otherwise showing signs of heavy use.
  • That have been withdrawn from another collection and/or have library stamps.

2.  Pay the Fee

A $35 fee per item (up to $125 maximum) is due when you deliver the item to the library's Main Desk. 
  • The fee covers the costs of cataloging, labeling, and other processing required before the item can be placed in the library's collection.   
  • Pay the fee by check, money order or credit/debit  card when you deliver the replacement item to the library's Main Desk.

Library staff are available to help. If you have questions about locating a replacement copy, paying the fee or your library account, please contact the Main Desk at 928-523-2173 or please email us.