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Cline Library MakerLab

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The Studios

3D Printing

Access iMac computers, media viewing spaces and advanced multimedia production equipment, and software.

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Lending Equipment

3D Scanning

Laptops, cameras, production equipment, and accessories available to all currently enrolled CCC and NAU students

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NAU students, faculty and staff can print throughout the library using their LOUIE accounts. The library has five easy-to-use scanners located next to each print station on the first and second floors.

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Design and Modeling

Variety of software for Mac and PC available on Cline Library's desktops and lending laptops

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The Cline Library MakerLab will allow users to access new tools and environments that foster creativity and discovery.

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Meet with a Technology Specialist

We can help with software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Create Cloud, Final Cut Pro and more.

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