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Learning Studio - Partners and Publicity


Northern Arizona University


The Cline Library would like to acknowledge and give sincere thanks to our partners for all of their work and contributions to the Learning Studio.

NAU Facility Services
Carolyn Carr Learning Studios Project Manager
Robert BucknerBuilding Access Services and Fire, Life, Safety Supervisor
Dan FaheyPainting Supervisor
Mike HarbottleHVAC Supervisor
Jon Heitzinger Assistant Director, Utility Services
Lionel JacobsAssistant Director, Maintenance and Operations
Pat RyanProject Manager

NAU Faculty Design and Consultation Partners
Brian BeaudrieCEFNSMathematics
Elizabeth BrauerCEFNSEngineering
Judith CostelloCALComparative Cultural Studies
Brandon CruickshankCEFNS Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jennifer DuisCEFNSChemistry and Biochemistry
Larry GallagherFacultyProfessional Development
Ricardo GuthrieSBSEthnic Studies
Janna JonesSBS School of Communication
Astrid KlockeCALComparative Cultural Studies
Ellen LarsonHHSHealth Sciences
Alan LewSBSGeography
Larry MacPhee eLCeLearning Center
Pamela PowellCOETeaching and Learning
Charlie SchlingerCEFNSEngineering (ULC)
Todd SullivanCALSchool of Music
Rick SzalFCBEconomics
John TingerthalCEFNSEngineering
Linda Sargent WoodCALHistory

Inaugural Teaching Faculty
NameAffiliation Course
Mary BowersFCBBizBlock
John DohertyUCHON391 Honors Seminar
Brent DunhamCALCINE 101 Intro to Cinema and Visual Culture
Rebecca GordonCALCINE 101 Intro to Cinema and Visual Culture
Astrid KlockeCALCINE 101 Intro to Cinema and Visual Culture
Mark ManoneSBSGSP 130 Mapping the World
Chris ScherpereelFCBBizBlock
Rick SzalFCBECO 201 Intro to Business Statistics
John TingerthalCEFNSConstruction Management
Kevin TrainorFCBBizBlock

Corporate Partners