Third floor

Cline Library, Second Floor elevator to floors 1, 2 and 3 (stacks) Stairwell (stacks) GE through HC Books Stairwell (south) AC through DK Books DK through F Books Drinking fountain (stacks) F through GE Books F through GB Books Womens' Restroom (south) HC through JZ Books JZ through PG Books Rooms 327-329: Group Study Room PG through PR Books Rooms 323-326: Graduate/Faculty Carrels elevator to floors 2 and 3 (northwest) Rooms 315-321: Graduate/Faculty Carrels Rooms 311-314: Graduate/Faculty Carrels Drinking fountain (northwest) Stairwell (northwest) PR through PT Books Rooms 306-310: Graduate/Faculty Carrels Stairwell (northeast 1) Rooms 302-305: Graduate/Faculty Carrels Room 301: Graduate/Faculty Carrel Room 300: Group Study Room Stairwell (northeast 2) NAU Computing Main stairwell, third floor Silent Study (north) Quiet Study (North) Rooms 300, 329 Rooms 301-321, 323-328 M (Music) books are located on First Floor NAU/CCC Computing locations Quiet Study locations Silent Study locations Water Bottle Fill Stations