First floor

Cline Library, First Floor Public Entrance Book drop (outside) Scholars' Corner Room 102: Assembly Hall Access Ramp (Assembly Hall) Restrooms (Assembly Hall) Drinking fountain (Stacks) Drinking fountain (Assembly Hall) Book drop (circulation) Main Desk: Get help, Check out laptops, Study Rooms, Books, and more Black and White Printer/Scanner (Circulation) Express Computing (circulation) Room 180: MakerLab Guest Computing (main area) Black and White Printer/Scanner (main area) NAU Computing (main area) Color Printer/Scanner (main area) Color Printer/Scanner (main area) Stairwell (south) Room 169: Faculty Professional Development Drinking fountain (south) Academic Program Librarians Arizona State and Federal Government Documents Maps Government Documents Microfiche Drinking fountain (main area) Restrooms (main area) elevator to floors 1, 2 and 3 (stacks) Stairwell (southwest) Oversize Books A-Z, Folios A-Z Q through RC Books RC through Z Books Oversize M Books M (music) Books Stairwell (northwest 2) Stairwell (northwest 1) Rooms 182-186: Group Study Rooms Main stairwell, first floor Room 130: The Studios - Mac Computing Room 144: Assistive Technology Studio Room 143: Production Studio 3 Room 142: Viewing Studio Room 187: Newspaper Microfilm Room 140: Production Studio 2 Room: 139: Audio/Listening Studio Room 137: Production Studio 1 Black and White Printer/Scanner (The Studios) Room 131: Practice and Presentation Studio Service elevator to floors 1 and 2 Stairwell (north) Drinking fountain (north) Restrooms (north) Room 117: Microfilm Scanner Elevator (north) Study Room 102 location Room 130 location Room 131 location Room 137 location Room 139 location Room 140 location Room 142 location Room 143 location Room 144 location Rooms 182-186 locations Room 180 location Room 169 location Room 117 location Room 187 location Black & White Printer/Scanner locations Color Printer/Scanner locations NAU/CCC Computing Express Computing locations Guest Computing locations Book Drop locations Study locations Water Bottle Fill Stations Accessible Ramp locations