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Water Efficiency

In 2013, Cline Library underwent a plumbing retrofit. Low-flow toilets and urinals and new domestic plumbing fixtures decreased the water flow rate. On average the original toilet fixtures were consuming over 2.48 gallons per flush (gpf), the new high-efficiency toilets consume on average 1.28 gpf. The original urinals on site consumed an average 1.26 gpf. The new high-efficiency urinals consume only 0.125 gpf.

Water Bottle Refill Stations

In response to student requests, Cline Library replaced its aging water fountains with ten combination water bottle fill station water fountains. Installation was completed in June 2015. Each bottle-fill station can defer at least 20,000 single-use water bottles from landfills annually. Due to the library’s heavy foot traffic of 500,000+ annual visitors, we expect to defer well over 280,000 single-use water bottles annually.

Number of water bottles diverted from landfills to-date: 244693

Check back monthly to watch this number increase!