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Energy Modeling & Metering

As part of NORESCO’s energy audit of Cline Library, an initial energy-use baseline was created for the building so that increased energy efficiency and cost-savings could be analyzed at a later date. This baseline was used to perform a snapshot comparison of the modeled energy use for the library against the energy use associated with another building of similar use and size.

Electrical Monitor
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Natural Gas Meter

Energy meters were installed on site to allow for real-time tracking of energy use within the building, and the confirmation of the estimated cost savings associated with the recommended energy retrofits. Check here to see the building's current metered energy use.

Energy Mentors

Cline Library partnered with the Green NAU Energy Initiative (GNEI) to implement a voluntary energy mentorship program. Six energy mentors working in every library department have pledged to adopt and encourage energy-saving behaviors throughout the building and the entire campus.

Cline Library’s energy mentors are focusing on two energy conservation measures (ECMs), ‘Flip the Switch’ and ‘Reduce the Juice.’   These two areas have a positive impact on energy efficiency at Cline Library.

Encourage the use of natural lighting.
Turn off desk lamps when possible.
Turn off the lights when leaving your office.

Watch out for energy vampires! Unplug electrical devices after powering down. 
Place coffee pots and small appliances in common areas.
Use a power strip.