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Contact Your Subject Librarian

Subject librarians are available to assist students, faculty, and staff at the Flagstaff Mountain Campus,
Phoenix Biomedical Campus, Yuma Branch Campus, and all Extended Campuses.

Librarians by Department

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Librarians by Name

Bishop, Naomi | Blanchard, Brittany | Buzzard, Pamela | Carlson, Theresa | DeJong, Mary | Holliday, Wendy | Hughes, Amy (on leave) | Johnson, Melissa | Meeks, Amanda | Tsosie, Carissa | Westphal, Renee

Hughes, Amy928-523-6181 <

Librarians by Department

Departments Librarians Phone
Departments Librarians Phone
Accounting Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Anthropology Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Applied Indigenous Studies Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Art Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Arts and Sciences - NAU Yuma Branch Campus Westphal, Renee 928-317-6435
Athletic Training-Flagstaff Buzzard, Pamela 928-523-2974
Athletic Training--Phoenix Johnson, Melissa 602-827-2376
Biological Sciences DeJong, Mary 928-523-1267
Business Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Business and Administration - NAU Yuma Branch Campus Westphal, Renee 928-317-6435
Center for Science Teaching and Learning Blanchard, Brittany 928-523-7248
Chemistry and Biochemistry Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and Environmental Engineering Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Climate Science DeJong, Mary 928-523-1267
Communication Studies (School of Communication)
Communication--Creative Media and Film Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Communication--Journalism, Photography and Visual Communication Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Communication--Strategic Communication Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Communication Sciences and Disorders Buzzard, Pamela 928-523-2974
Comparative Cultural Studies Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Computer Science Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Criminology and Criminal Justice Hughes, Amy 928-523-6181
Dental Hygiene Buzzard, Pamela 928-523-2974
Economics Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Education - NAU Yuma Branch Campus Westphal, Renee 928-317-6435
Educational Leadership Blanchard, Brittany 928-523-7248
Educational Psychology Blanchard, Brittany 928-523-7248
Educational Specialties Holliday, Wendy 928-523-1581
Electrical and Computer Engineering Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Engineering Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
English (except University Writing Program) Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
English (University Writing Program) Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Environmental Science and Sustainability DeJong, Mary 928-523-1267
Ethnic Studies Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Finance Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
First Year Seminar Holliday, Wendy 928-523-1581
Forestry DeJong, Mary 928-523-1267
Geography, Planning, and Recreation Hughes, Amy 928-523-6181
Geology DeJong, Mary 928-523-1267
Global Languages and Cultures Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Graduate College Blanchard, Brittany 928-523-7248
Health Sciences

Hughes, Amy
Buzzard, Pamela

History Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Honors Program Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Hotel and Restaurant Management Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Humanities Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Information Systems Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Interior Design Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Journalism Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Management Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Marketing Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Mathematics and Statistics Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Mechanical Engineering Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Music Hughes, Amy 928-523-6181
Nursing Buzzard, Pamela 928-523-2974
Nursing - NAU Yuma Branch Campus Westphal, Renee 928-317-6435
Occupational Therapy Phoenix Johnson, Melissa 602-827-2376


Philosophy and Religion Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Photography Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Physical Therapy - Flagstaff Buzzard, Pamela 928-523-2974
Physical Therapy - Phoenix Johnson, Melissa 602-827-2376
Physician Assistant Studies - Phoenix Johnson, Melissa 602-827-2376
Physics and Astronomy Bishop, Naomi 928-523-3246
Politics and International Affairs Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Psychological Sciences Hughes, Amy 928-523-6181
Public Administration and Justice Studies - NAU Yuma Branch Campus    
Sociology and Social Work Hughes, Amy 928-523-6181
Teaching and Learning Holliday, Wendy 928-523-1581
Theatre Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Visual Communication Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Women's and Gender Studies Tsosie, Carissa 928-523-4345
Meeks, Amanda 928-523-6425
Writing Program (English 105 and 305) Carlson, Theresa 928-523-6849
Yuma Branch Campus    

Librarians by Names

Librarian Subjects
Librarian Subjects
Bishop, Naomi -- 928-523-3246 Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Computer Science
  Mathematics and Statistics
  Mechanical Engineering
  Physics and Astronomy
Librarian Subjects
Blanchard, Brittany -- 928-523-7248 Center for Science Teaching and Learning
  Educational Leadership
  Educational Psychology
Librarian Subjects
Buzzard, Pamela -- 928-523-2974 Athletic Training-Flagstaff
  Communication Sciences and Disorders
  Dental Hygiene
  Health Sciences
  Physical Therapy-Flagstaff
Librarian Subjects
Carlson, Theresa -- 928-523-6849 Business
  Communication--Strategic Communication
  Honors Program
  Hotel and Restaurant Management
  University College
  University Writing Program (ENG 105, 205 305)
Librarian Subjects
DeJong, Mary -- 928-523-1267 Biological Sciences
  Climate Science
  Environmental Science and Sustainability
Librarian Subjects
Holliday, Wendy -- 928-523-1581 Communication Studies
  Educational Specialties
  Teaching and Learning
Librarian Subjects
Hughes, Amy -- 928-523-6181 Criminology and Criminal Justice
  Communication Studies
  Geography, Planning, and Recreation
  Health Sciences
  Psychological Sciences
  Sociology and Social Work
Librarian Subjects
Johnson, Melissa -- 602-827-2376 Athletic Training - Phoenix
  Occupational Therapy - Phoenix
  Physical Therapy - Phoenix
  Physician Assistant Studies - Phoenix
Librarian Subjects
Meeks, Amanda -- 928-523-6425 Art
  Creative Media and Film
  English (except University Writing Program)
  Global Languages and Cultures
  Women’s and Gender Studies
  Visual Communication
Librarian Subjects
Tsosie, Carissa -- 928-523-4345 Anthropology
  Applied Indigenous Studies
  Comparative Cultural Studies
  Ethnic Studies
  Politics and International Affairs
  Women's and Gender Studies
Librarian Subjects
NAU-Yuma Arts and Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Biology & Environmental Science, Social Work, Anthropology, Spanish)
  NAU-Yuma Business & Administration (Business/Master of Administration, Business, Technology Management, Management and Marketing)
  NAU-Yuma Education - Teacher Education (Elementary Education, Secondary Education, BME/ESL), Education Psychology (Human Relations)
  NAU-Yuma Environmental Sciences
  NAU-Yuma Sociology and Social Work
  NAU-Yuma Public Administration and Justice Studies
  NAU-Yuma Nursing