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Cline Library Staff Directory

Content Access & Delivery Services (CADS)

Name Title Phone
Barlow, Yvonne Library Specialist 928-523-6287
Benally, Sylvia Library Assistant 928-523-6016
Burke, Damon Digital Media Technologist 928-523-0895
Glau, Trace Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-6819
Hassell, Hank Librarian 928-523-6811
Headlee, Pat Librarian 928-523-6823
Hernandez, Diana Library Supervisor, Sr. 928-523-6833
Lahtinen, Sandra Librarian 928-523-2330
Lopez, Stephanie Library Specialist 928-523-5829
Mahalick, Casey Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-1875
Nuñez, Sofia Library Specialist 928-523-6882
Rankine, Trey Library Specialist 928-523-6815
Ryan, Caitlin Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-4498
Shanholtzer, Patty Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-7081
Swann, Julie Head, Content, Access & Delivery Services 928-523-4939

Library Technology Services (LTS)

Name Title Phone
Angerbauer, Alan Systems Programmer 928-523-1370
Crum, Janet Head, Library Techology Services 928-523-4956
Hillock, Jeff Support Systems Analyst, Sr. 928-523-1458
Hoffman, Craig Support Systems Analyst 928-523-6949
Johnson, Bryan Support Systems Analyst, Sr. 928-523-6913
Roazen, Andrew Applications Systems Analyst 928-523-6764
Taylor, Mike Systems Administrator, Sr. 928-523-0944

Office of the Dean

Name Title Phone
Braswell, Linda Assistant to the Dean 928-523-6838
Budzinski, Lauri Building Coordinator 928-523-5887
Childrey, Cynthia Dean and University Librarian 928-523-6802
Covington, Carol Administrative Associate 928-523-6707
Friedmann, Jill Assistant Dean 928-523-3253
Pitz, Nancy Administrative Director 928-523-6804
Schmand, Kathleen Director of Development and Communications 928-523-0341
Taylor, Laura Assistant Dean 928-523-6189

Special Collections and Archives (SCA)

Name Title Phone
Evans, Sean Archivist 928-523-4395
Muñoz, Delia Library Specialist 928-523-6840
Phillips, Kelly Archivist 928-523-5038
Pringle, Jonathan Archivist 928-523-6856
Runge, Peter Head, Special Collections and Archives 928-523-6502
Summers, Cynthia Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-9539
Vogelsang, Jess Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-9149

Teaching, Learning, and Research Services (TLRS)

Name Title Phone
Bishop, Naomi Librarian 928-523-3246
Blanchard, Brittany Librarian 928-523-7248
Buzzard, Pamela Librarian 928-523-2974
Carlson, Theresa Librarian 928-523-6849
DeJong, Mary Librarian 928-523-1267
Hughes, Amy Interim Head of Teaching, Learning, and Research Services 928-523-6181
Meeks, Amanda Librarian 928-523-6425
Tsosie, Carissa Librarian 928-523-4345

User Services

Name Title Phone
Burden, Chelsey Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-7954
Fogelberg, Heidi Librarian 928-523-9564
Hall, Ian Librarian 928-523-5085
Katenay, Bahe Library Specialist 928-523-6929
McLean, Greg Library Supervisor 928-523-6828
Patrick, Jason Library Supervisor 928-523-6658
Rowan, Bridget Library Specialist, Sr. 928-523-7162
See, Andrew Head, User Services 928-523-9229
Van Ness, Stephanie Library Supervisor 928-523-2064