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Information for School Groups

Cline Library

Welcome to the Cline Library! Our primary purpose is to serve the students and faculty of Northern Arizona University. We do invite school groups (grades 8-12) to visit through a general tour or targeted instruction session. We encourage you to have an actual assignment to complete or focused learning outcomes when visiting the Cline Library. Please consult with your local public library for tours for grades K-7. Some things to keep in mind during your visit:

Intellectual Freedom

Please be aware that this is an academic library with a strong intellectual freedom policy supporting research in a wide range of topics. As school administrators and teachers, you need to be aware of Cline Library's policy regarding intellectual freedom:

Cline Library does not restrict, monitor, censor, or deny access to any library materials or information, including the Internet, for any library patron, regardless of age or on the basis of content. We are committed to the level of freedom of expression and access to information characteristic of a university library.

A principal or administrator must sign a release form prior to the scheduled student visit. Please print out this form on school letterhead, sign, and fax back to 928-523-3770 or email us.    

Scheduling your visit

  • Schedule a library research session by contacting Carissa Tsosie via email or phone 928-523-4345 with Teaching, Learning, and Research Services.
  • Schedule a general orientation visit by contacting Cline Library’s Office of the Dean at 928-523-0341.
  • Provide the following details in your message:  name of your school, grade level, name of the class, number of students, and the Cline Library resources and services you anticipate using.
  • Please schedule visits at least two weeks in advance.
  • Try to avoid scheduling during peak periods of the academic semester which include the first three weeks and the last two weeks of each semester. (See current Enrollment Calendar for key semester dates and NAU holidays.) Please note that we are unable to accommodate tour groups during End of Semester and Finals Weeks during the fall and spring semesters. These are generally the end of April and beginning of May during the spring semester and the end of November and beginning of December for the fall semester.
  • Be prepared to discuss your class assignment so that librarians may design a strong learning experience for your students.
  • Supervision of school groups is required—one adult should be present for every 15 students. The chaperones assume responsibility for the behavior and activities of the students during their visit to Cline Library.
  • Be flexible in your date preferences; the library will try to accommodate specific dates, but may need to make alternative arrangements.
  • Please keep groups to 25 students or fewer.
  • Please discuss with library staff if you would like to have students in your school group obtain borrowing privileges and the process involved.

Computer & Electronic Resources

  • Librarian led research instructions sessions can be accommodated in a hands on lab that seats up to 22 students.
  • The library provides 10 computers for guest use. Individuals under 18 may request a Guest user account with a valid identification and a parent or guardian present. The guest account provides up to one hour of computer access per day.

Borrower Information

  • A parent or guardian with a current and valid Arizona photo ID indicating residency may apply for a minor community borrower account at the Main Desk.
  • Print, complete, sign and bring the authorization form with you to the Main Desk.
  • The parent or guardian assumes responsibility for all materials checked out by the minor as well as any fines that may result.
  • Teachers, counselors, teacher's aides, or principals may not substitute for a parent or guardian.
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