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We're Loving the Scholar to Death


Ever been tempted to climb up the Scholar in front of the library and put flowers, fall leaves, or even notes from a recent class in his hand? No? That’s great, we thank you sincerely. Unfortunately some of our visitors can’t resist. In the process of climbing up to reach the bronze hands, some of the limestone books on the bottom break off and crumble. We’ve continued to notice more damage as people are climbing up to place items in his hands as the stone is quite fragile.


On December 20th, a conservator will be coming to campus to repair the damage to the stone on the sculpture. We know how much you all love the Scholar. Help us keep him safe for all future NAU generations. If you see someone attempting to climb the Scholar, say something. Suggest they leave their flowers or other offering at the base of the sculpture instead. If you see someone skateboarding too close, ask them to stay clear of the base.

With your help we can keep the books on the sculpture intact and the Scholar in shape for many years to come.

New Exhibit in Special Collections and Archives


You are cordially invited to visit Special Collections and Archives to experience and celebrate the transformation of NAU into a university from 1966-2016. The 2016-2017 exhibit is free and open to the public through August 2017. It is located in Cline Library's Special Collections and Archives on the 2nd floor. A virtual exhibit is available at: nau.edu/library/exhibits/nau50

For more information contact Special Collections and Archives at (928) 523-5551.



The MakerLab Opens at Cline Library, August 29, 2016



The MakerLab at Cline Library is designed to provide users with access to making technologies such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, and 3D modeling tools. It is the first MakerBot Innovation Center in the West and provides a groundbreaking opportunity to offer the northern Arizona community access to a large-scale 3D printing environment. Everyone from the NAU and CCC communities as well as members of the public are invited to experience the MakerLab, where you can discover, design, and create products that foster your imagination and creativity.

To learn more, visit: http://library.nau.edu/services/makerlab/index.html


Researchers: Need to create a data management plan? Librarians can help!

NAU is a now partner institution in the DMPTool, an online resource that guides researchers through the process of creating a data management plan to meet funder requirements. Use your NAU username and password to log in to the DMPTool and get access to 20 different funding agency templates that provide links to funder information, suggested answers, and data management resources. Submit your data management plan for an informal review and get comments and suggestions from a reviewer at Cline Library. Our librarians are also happy to provide advice while you are writing your plan. For more information email: Librarians@nau.edu.



2016 Elizabeth M. and PT Reilly Intern- Alexandra Morris

The Cline Library and Special Collections and Archives would like to introduce the 2016 Elizabeth M. and PT Reilly Summer Intern, Ms. Alexandra Morris. Alix is a 2015 University of Akron graduate (go Zips!) and a current NAU public history student. She brings a wealth of experience and insight to Special Collections and Archives, both from her experience and education. By way of introduction, she volunteered to answer a few question we posed her that we thought might introduce her to the Cline Library and beyond…


Tell us a little bit about your background?
I was born and raised in a tiny rural township outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I discovered a passion for history through visits to museums, and decided to make history my major in college. In 2015, I graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor of Arts, and was accepted into the graduate history program at Northern Arizona University. My focus is the American West with a secondary emphasis in public history.

Why did you apply for this internship and what do you hope to gain from it?
I applied for this internship because I was excited by the prospect to create an exhibit that celebrates the 50th anniversary of NAU becoming a university. I wanted to be involved with bringing this story to life in a way that would interest and inspire viewers. I hope to gain skills in all aspects of exhibit development, but especially in interpreting history for different audiences.

What skills and experience do you bring to this internship that will help you
be successful?
Organization and time management are two very important skills that I bring to this internship. I have technical skills including HTML coding and photo editing, as well as a creative eye. I have a number of experiences that will help me in this internship, including working on the Louie’s Legacy Mountain Campus QR Code project, which is a virtual exhibit exploring the history of Northern Arizona University buildings. I have also worked on a variety of exhibits, including scanning and then selecting and transcribing Civil War quartermaster documents to be featured on Summit Memory, a website celebrating Summit County, Ohio history. I researched a collection of almost 300 antique dolls for a historical society, and then photographed them and created a book detailing their history and historical significance. I have also created several mini exhibits for classes. I am looking forward to developing the skills in exhibit creation that I have started to build.

To learn more about Alix and her exciting summer with Cline Library's Special Collections and Archives visit: http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/blog/


Louie's Legacy: The South Campus QR Code District



We hope you'll have a chance to explore the South Campus QR Code District, part of the ongoing Louie's Legacy project. The project is a collaborative effort of the Northern Arizona University (NAU) History department, its Public History classes, and Cline Library Special Collections and Archives. Students have researched and identified more than 75 sites on NAU's campus, they are now adding sites from parts of south campus. Users can visit a website via the posted QR codes placed on building across campus and learn more about the history and stories for each site.

To learn more about the project visit: http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/exhibits/louies_legacy/ .

Above image: Aerial View of Central Campus, 1967. Call # NAU.ARC.1967-68.2.2


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