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Los Recuerdos del Barrio en Flagstaff (from the Special Collections and Archives Blog)

In 1997, with the encouragement of Hispanic community leaders, local scholars, and NAU historians, Delia Ceballos Muñoz, a life-long Flagstaff resident and well-respected community member, began conducting oral history interviews with local families.

 Today (2014), there are nearly 70 interviews that continue to expand our understanding of the families, communities, history, and culture of northern Arizona’s Mexican, Mexican American, Spanish, and Basque people. Learn more about the Los Recuerdos del Barrio en Flagstaff project in this blog post in the Special Collections and Archives blog.

Alejandro Vergara

Alejandro Vergara came to Flagstaff in the early 1920s from Topia, Durango, Mexico.

Researchers: Need to create a data management plan? Librarians can help!

NAU is a now partner institution in the DMPTool, an online resource that guides researchers through the process of creating a data management plan to meet funder requirements. Use your NAU username and password to log in to the DMPTool and get access to 20 different funding agency templates that provide links to funder information, suggested answers, and data management resources. Submit your data management plan for an informal review and get comments and suggestions from a reviewer at Cline Library. Our librarians are also happy to provide advice while you are writing your plan. For more information, contact Academic Programs Librarian Meg Eastwood.


Cline Library Receives Photographic Treasure

When Tom Hanks, a USGS Seismologist, discovered a collection of original historic photographs of the Colorado Plateau taken by his father in the 1920s, he acted quickly to preserve this treasure and called Karen Underhill at Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library Special Collections and Archives.

“Cline Library is a ‘high octane’ place,” Tom explains. “I knew this would make a safe and permanent home because the people at NAU know what they are doing.” Additionally, he appreciated the university’s proximity to the location where the photographs were taken, some of which were in the more remote areas of the Navajo Nation. Originally, Tom donated just the pristine negatives, but that was just the beginning. Learn more about Hanks' gift and the library's first Hanks Scholar.

Hanks Scholar Tyler Wade

Tyler Wade was the first Hanks Scholar.

Borrow an Electricity Meter to Test Your Energy Use

Want to know your energy usage and environmental impact? You can now check out an electricity meter to:

  • See how much your appliances and devices use
  • Learn about the environmental impact of your devices.
  • Find the cost of operating your devices.
  • Discover ways to reduce your environmental impact or utility bill through conservation.

Visit the Main Desk in the library to check one out today!

Belkin Energy Meter

Meet 2014 Reilly Intern Cinda Nofziger (from the Special Collections and Archives Blog)

Cinda Nofziger is Cline Library's 2014 Elizabeth M. and P.T. Reilly Intern. Learn about Cinda's travel to Flagstaff (much of it by bicycle) and her first impressions of the John Running Collection that she'll be working with this summer in her blog post in the Special Collections and Archives blog. Welcome, Cinda!

Cinda Nofziger June 2014

Second Floor: Construction Underway on Classroom Project

On the second floor of the library, construction has begun on a 70-seat high-end technology classroom that will welcome its first classes in Fall 2014. The classroom will include one 85" 4K ultra-high definition display; 10 student workstations (each seating seven students) with 55" displays; 70 laptops; wireless infrastructure for a "bring your own device" support; a document camera; fixed and mobile tables for flexible group work; video conferencing; and more.

Instructors will be able to push content from a lectern computer or their own device to any or all of the displays in the room seamlessly through the room interface. They will be able to easily share student work from one student group's display to the displays of other groups around the room. Several NAU classes are already booked in the room for Fall 2014, including classes in film, construction management, geography and business.

Please pardon our dust and noise as we transform this space over the summer. If you need help identifying an alternative study or work space, staff at the Main Desk on the first floor are available to assist you.

cline library classroom image

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