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Council of Academic Professionals (CAP)

The Council of Academic Professionals consists of the employees of NAU in the category of Academic Professional.

The purposes of CAP are to:

  1. Address the professional interests and concerns of council members and be a collective voice for members on issues related to the conditions under which members practice their professions;
  2. Be the collegial body through which members participate as professionals in the shared governance of the university library;
  3. Provide for the participation of members in the shared governance of the university by the election of a Faculty Senate Representative, election to university committees as appropriate, and by recommending to the Dean and University Librarian representatives of the library to elected university committees, and in other appropriate ways; and
  4. Provide for peer participation in personnel decisions related to its members, including appointment, retention, continuing status, promotion, salary adjustments, and related professional concerns.

Officers (2016 - 2017)

Chair: Jonathan Pringle
Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Janet Crum
Secretary: Brittany Blanchard
Parliamentarian: Melissa Johnson

Policies and Procedures Committee (PPC)
Chair: Janet Crum
Members: Sean Evans, Andrew See

Committee on Academic Professional Status (COAPS)
Chair: Amy Hughes - Term 2015-2017
Members: Mary DeJong - Term 2016-2018, Renee Westphal - Term 2016-2018

Library Representatives to University Committees
Faculty Senate: Peter Runge
Faculty Grants Program Committee: Janet Crum
Liberal Studies Committee:Theresa Carlson, Amy Hughes
University Undergraduate Committee: Mary DeJong
University Library Committee: Cynthia Childrey (ex-officio)
University Graduate Committee: Brittany Blanchard

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