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Share Your Work in OpenKnowledge@NAU

What is OpenKnowledge@NAU?

  • OpenKnowledge@NAU is the institutional repository of Northern Arizona University. It is designed to collect and preserve the intellectual and creative output of the NAU community, while making the work more accessible to a wider global audience.
  • OpenKnowledge is part of ABOR's LiveData project in conjunction with Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, the majority of materials deposited into OpenKnowledge@NAU will be made discoverable throughResearchArizona.

What are the benefits of OpenKnowledge@NAU for authors/contributors?

  • Widens the reach of your work by making it freely accessible
  • Indexed by major search engines allowing for your work to appear higher in search results.
  • Download counts
  • Fulfills certain grant obligations

How can I contribute?

  • If you are a faculty member, staff, or student at NAU and want your scholarly works included in the repository, please contact our repository team.
    Any attached CVs will be checked for copyright and you will be contacted for any permissible articles.
  • Contributors acknowledge that content contributed to OpenKnowldege@NAU will be made freely and openly available to the world via the Internet. Authors retain their rights to all content published in OpenKnowledge@NAU unless prior copyright and/or publisher agreements stipulate otherwise.

Can I deposit my data?

Depositors are encouraged to submit data sets to designated disciplinary data archives and provide OpenKnowledge@NAU with the appropriate citation information, including the creator, title, abstract, date(s), funding agency, and link to external repository.

OpenKnowledge@NAU will accept data sets up to 1g in size. If your data set exceeds this requirement and you are unable to find a suitable disciplinary repository please contact us directly

In order to deposit data sets, OpenKnowledge@NAU will request the necessary information:

  • To create a full citation for the data set
  • To assist in user interpretation of data sets (ie, a readme file)
  • To identify associated research projects with the data, such as articles, white papers, reports, presentations, etc.

How long are files being preserved and what file formats will be accepted?

  • OpenKnowledge@NAU is committed to preserving materials in the repository for the foreseeable future beyond the minimums required by funding agencies.
  • OpenKnowledge@NAU is currently accepting most file types, however we are committed to preserving only specific format types (including pdf, doc, png, jpeg, xml and more). Contact us directly for more information or a complete list of file types.

I publish my own journal or run a conference, can I use OpenKnowledge@NAU to publish my journal or conference proceedings?

If you are affiliated with NAU we can publish your journal or conference proceedings through OpenKnowledge@NAU at no additional cost. We can also provide guidance on best practices and editing.

Do you accept student work?

  • In general, individual departments set their own policies for including student work in the IR. In general, a student work will only be accepted if there is a faculty sponsor and their department approves.
  • Exceptions to the above policy include theses, dissertations, and NAU conferences or poster sessions.