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Use the Google-powered search below to look for Cline Library Web site content, or click a letter to browse library Web pages and resources arranged alphabetically by title. In addition to links to library Web pages, the browse lists include major licensed research databases and resources.

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NAU users only OneSource Global Business Browser (Avention) | More Info
Provides comprehensive company and industry information, as well as information about company executives. For companies, it has detailed descriptions, current financial data and news stories. For industries, it has market research reports, and news.
To start: On the ReferenceUSA page, move your mouse pointer over 'OneSource' under the 'Available Databases' tab. Click on 'Search' in the blue box that appears.

NAU users only OTseeker | More Info
A database that contains abstracts of systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials and other resources relevant to occupational therapy interventions. Most trials have been critically appraised for their validity and interpretability.

NAU users only Oxford Scholarship Online - Literature | More Info
Full text access to e-book(s). This resource offers select full-text access to Oxford University Press titles in literature.

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Connection Failure
Connection Failure Connection Failure
Connection Failure Connection Failure Connection Failure Connection Failure