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Mintel Oxygen Academic

Reference information relating to an academic field or profession. Mintel Oxygen provides access to state-of-the art consumer and market intelligence. First time users will need to create a personal profile using an NAU e-mail address.

Mintel Oxygen Academic provides a one-stop online platform, designed to give students and academics easy and fast access to the same best-in-class consumer and market intelligence used by professionals around the world. Oxygen provides:

  • More than 600 yearly reports covering UK, Europe, US and International consumer markets in the CPG/FMCG, financial services, media, retail, leisure and industrial space
  • Primary consumer research, unraveling key trends, behaviour and attitudes
  • Daily updates on the hottest issues affecting key consumer markets and the economy, written by Mintel experts

A major resource for: Business, Economics and Hospitality (new), Communication (new), Marketing, Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant Management
Recommended for: Business
Relevant for: Management