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Advertising Redbooks.com

A directory of information on advertising agencies and companies in the United States and Canada that spend at least $200,000 on advertising. Company entries contain company address, products, advertising expenditures, key personnel, and advertising agency. Information on advertising agencies includes clients, specialization, personnel and approximate annual billings.Note: Limited users limits: 1 simultaneous. Please sign out when finished.

Advertising Red Books is the source for uncovering key advertiser (company) and agency relationships. All of the different formats provide you access to over 15,000 U.S. and international agency profiles and 21,000 global advertiser profiles. The Web version is updated twice weekly. A lead generation (e.g. to download marketing lists) and competitive intelligence tool, you can use to: Identify Agency accounts, specializations, gross billings by media, and contact information for agency personnel; Advertisers with significant spend on advertising annually, Specific advertising data such as approximate annual advertising spend by media and agencies retained by the Advertiser. Information on nearly 125,000 brand names¿ http://www.redbooks.com/about_us/.

Please note: due to licensing restrictions, this resource limits the number of simultaneous users. If you see the message "You have exceeded the maximum number of users," try again later.

A major resource for: Business, Economics and Hospitality (new), Communication Studies & Journalism, Marketing, Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant Management